At Wyzman, you get the widest selection of underwear for men. The assortment ranges from the basic supportive options of briefs, jockstrap, boxer briefs, boxer shorts to the contemporary styles of men’s thong, bikinis as well as the outrageously revealing G-strings, C-strings, sheer and lace underwear. There is a piece for every personality. The inventory of the site never fails to satisfy the taste bud of modern men. Adding more flavor to your closet, the site offers a range of men’s underwear with flags of various nations printed on them. The vibrant and attention grabbing prints of the Flag underwear can help you kick off your day with the best way possible.

How is flag underwear different from others?

You will find an ample number of options available in the category of men’s underneath apparel. Every style has got its own significance and serves a unique functionality. You have a multitude now in underneath fashion, unlike decades ago when the options were limited. Owing to the difference in their construction, the use of the varied underwear style is restricted to a particular occasion. For instance, you just can’t use a C-string underwear at your workplace. Similarly, men’s thong should not be worn during workout sessions at the gym or while undergoing other strenuous activities.

However, when it comes to flag underwear, you can wear it any place or occasion. Regardless of your taste and preference, these underneath articles can effortlessly complete your wardrobe. The dynamic prints and eye-catchy patterns provide them an edge over all the other undergarment for men. Check out the collection of Wyzman and you will find a piece for every occasion, event and place. The best part is that you need not change your regular style, in order to, try the modern flag underwear. This print comes in the basic cuts and designs.

Listed below are some of the styles of flag underwear available at Wyzman.

Flag Jockstrap

You can now hit the gym in the most stylish way. You will find men’s jockstrap underwear with the flag of your country printed on it. It provides the same support and protection as any other jockstrap. The back of the undies allows complete skin show, thus, adding to the comfort and ventilation.

Flag Boxers

The flag boxers can adorn your personality at the workplace. The support and comfort of men’s boxer are complemented by the print that can trigger the patriotism within you. You can cut a dash with the confidence that the dynamic underneath apparel adds in your personality. The boxers feature an adjustable drawstring that can provide you with a snug fit.

Flag Briefs

The body hugging fit flag briefs can give you a notch sexier look. With ultimate support and unmatched sensuality, you can get ready for a date, client meeting or even for an extended weekend trip. This underneath article is all those who like to keep the coverage minimal, but support and comfort at par.

Flag Trunk

The trunks featuring the dynamic prints can get you perfectly ready for grab all the attention at the beach. The underneath apparel will be an eye candy for everyone around. Whether you are getting ready for a beach outing, pool party, or for the water park, the flag trunk underwear can give you a head turner look. The fabric of the undies has moisture wicking properties that keep your manhood dry and cozy, no matter what you are doing.

Flag Bikini

You will find options for every requirement. The bikini underwear for men can get you perfectly ready for date nights. The low rise cut and vibrant prints and color combination can tantalize your partner. Dress to kill with the sexy underneath article. The Flag bikini briefs can be considered a decent version of bikinis. With the same amount of exotic looks, it provides a bit more coverage.

Flag Thongs

Take your patriotism and sensuality to new heights. Try the skimpy as well as revealing styles of men’s thongs and give a feminine touch to your masculinity. The low rise fit covers the front but leaves nothing to the imagination at the back.

This category of men’s undergarment provides you an option for every requirement of yours.

The site deals in the products of all the reputed brands of the industry. You will find over 50 well-known names. Even this section of the site is marked with the presence of some of the eminent underwear designers. Labels like Cover Male, Pistol Pete and few others offer the best ever flag underwear. The gamut is filled with numerous options namely flags of America, Canada, and much more.

The catalog of Wyzman is perfect for every season and occasion. Check out the plethora and choose your piece that channelizes the love for your country.

Cover Male

Cover Male CMG012 Canada Flag Boxer Trunk Print

Item #:
  • Cover Male CMG012 Canada Flag Boxer Trunk Print
  • Cover Male CMG012 Canada Flag Boxer Trunk Print

Price: $33.00

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Product Description

The structural pouch of this sexy underwear helps to keep the things in place while the conventional coverage completes the construction of the underwear. And yes! The flag prints helps you to show off your style and patriotism.

  • Brand: Cover Male
  • Contour pouch
  • Canada Flag Boxer Trunk Print
  • Low rise fit
  • Fabric: 83% Polyester 17% Spandex
  • Imported
Small (S) 27 - 29 68 - 73
Medium (M) 30 - 32 75 - 80
Large (L) 33 - 35 83 - 88
Extra Large (XL) 36 - 38 90 - 95

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