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  • Joe Snyder Briefs: Masculine and Exciting
    When you work all day long, you should make sure that what you wear is comfortable. Made of breathable silk, Joe Snyder briefs will not make you feel sweaty under your pants. Each brief is made of amazing materials and is created with the highest quality, at an affordable cost...
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  • JM Underwear: Comfy and Conscious
    Since its debut, the JM brand has distinguished itself by its unique design vision and its commitment to offer products that provide the best possible quality/price ratio. JM Skinz underwear line is the ultimate in stretch and style. Made out of Microfibre / Spandex materials, it is soft and silky...
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  • Why Gregg Homme is so Slinky and Sexy
    Audacious and bold, Gregg Homme is always pushing the limits of innovation and seduction. This provocative men’s underwear from Canada uses the latest technology and fabrics to ensure a signature fit. Every design is ultra comfortable, soft and sensual: from thongs and strings to shorts, briefs, jockstraps, trunks and boxers...
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