Why does Justin Bieber always flaunt his Calvin Klein?

Calvin Klein

Justin Bieber is no stranger to stripping down and showing off his underwear, but on certain occasion, we were not really sure about his intention! Apparently, he is quite fond of showing people his underwear, regardless of whether or not they want to see it.

According to a report of The Daily Telegraph, he was spotted wearing a bizarre ensemble of a white tank pulled up as a crop top, red tracksuit pants, spectacles and a necklace while on the beach in Brazil. His signature Calvin Klein underwear was visible under his red trackies along with his well-chiseled six-pack abs.

Justin Bieber
Earlier this year, he was seen strolling in Toluca Lake as his low, sagging pants revealed his butt and underwear. His trousers fell below his waistline, putting his backside on full display. Turns out, what is generally considered to be wardrobe malfunction is a style statement for him.

Justin Showing Underwear
The singer seems to be very intrigued with his underwear collection. His love for Calvin Klein is evident by a shocking revelation of Mark Wahlberg. On Conan, the Boogie Nights star who was himself an underwear model for Calvin Klein said that Justin, who’s been the face of the brand since 2015, send him his modeling shots in which he was wearing nothing more than his boxer underwear.

So, the question is why does Justin Bieber always flaunts his underwear?

Well, find the answer from the horse’s mouth. Nothing stops Justin from showing off his love for the brand. He posted his pictures on Instagram revealing what allures him about the brand.

1. I “Flaunt” in Calvin Klein

Justin Flaunt Calvin Klein
Yes, this is true. The subtle patterns and for the form-fitting style of the brand is the best way to flaunt your masculinity as well as fashion statement. The anatomical pouch elevates the manhood and you can show off the best of your assets.

2. I “Dream” in Calvin Klein

Dream of Calvin Klein
There is nothing as comforting as the high end fabric of the brand when you get back to bed. Wearing something as soft and airy as the underwear of the luxury label, feels like going commando. So, you can now dream of your wild fantasies without compromising comfort.

However, unlike Bieber, you need not switch to the sagging pants for flaunting your well-chiseled physique. There are better ways of doing this. In fact, it is not just the brand name inscribed in the waistband that matters. The way your apparel projects your masculinity is more important. Men’s enhancing underwear is one such option that can enhance the visibility of your manhood. You need not take off your clothes anymore in order to show off what’s hidden behind.

What’s your fashion statement when it comes to underneath apparel? Are you an admirer of Justin flashing his butt or do you it as a serious wardrobe malfunction? Do leave us a comment below.

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