Valentine’s Day- 5 Fantastic Ways to Surprise your Man

Valentine’s Day- 5 Fantastic Ways to Surprise your Man | Wyzman

Your man man might not expect you to shower all your money on buying him a 100-roses bouquet or even a lavish dinner date which you pay for, but that definitely doesn’t mean that you can’t share your love with him. There are a thousand ways with which you can actually show him that you care with a small gift that reveals your idea of love for him.

We asked a few women and men their idea of celebrating the Valentine’s Day and here we’ve laid out some of them to make your day of love even more happening.

A collage of flirty photographs

When he takes you out for some classy champagne and fancy dinner, make sure your gift is also worth it. Hence, you can bring together all the flirty moments as photographs and either frame it on your wall (if you live together) or send it to him so that he can keep it, cherish it and be excited to meet you every time to create more.

Spend time watching the sunset on a boat

Who doesn’t like doing something like this? Well, it’ll be a memorable experience for your man to share an evening with you where you are together (sans crowd) in a boat watching the sun go down and the moon come up. Oh!! How romantic!! Would you want to do something like this?

Postcard signs

Postcards are the conventional way of giving the other person some important information. What you can do it paste your moments together on the postcard and write the memory you shared with it. You can make a trail out of it and take it the room you want him to come. For example, if you’ve kept his gift like boxers or any kinds of men’s underwear to make your plan clear to him for the night.

Cook a meal for him

When it is about men, the way to their heart is through their stomach. Let him know that you love him by cooking a lavish meal for him. With everything of his choice on the plate, he should know that he’s special to you and his choices matter. You can include sweets as well to make even more special.

Tell him that his efforts matter to you and it’ll be his best Valentine’s Day gift. There are innumerable ways to tell him that you appreciate, what’s yours if it’s not up here?

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