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Have you lately heard about the pouch underwear for men? I’m sorry for asking this question like a typical gossiping lady but, the question is worth it. For quite some time, I have been donning the fabulous attires which always presented me in the best way. However, most of them would come in full coverage which disappointed me. That’s when my eyes fell on Daniel Alexander Protrude Pouch Bikini. The image on the website had a skimpy construction that impressed me.  But, did it serve me the same functionality as my previous underneath apparel? Read on to find out.

Daniel Alexander Pouch Bikini

The above men’s underwear incorporated a small pouch at the front that gave my genitals a gentle rise to present an impressive profile. The sides and the back had less fabric which was perfect for the scorching summers or sizzling date nights. The back construction also allowed me to flaunt my butt cheeks, it made them look plumper and rounder.

The fabric composition incorporated in them is 86% polyamide and 14% spandex which ensured the best of stretch and comfort. What more does a person need from his underwear? If you are also my type, who prefers functional yet fashionable underneath attires then, this article should be in your wardrobe. Grab the pieces from at reasonable prices.

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