Tempt your Taste Bud with Daniel Alexander G-string

Daniel Alexander G-String Black | Wyzman.com

Featuring a light-weight fabrication, Daniel Alexander offers a masterpieces of men’s underwear. Comfort, support and sensuality is the basic requirement that every individual looks for when it comes underneath fashion. There is no denying that men’s g-string underwear offers it all. The collection of Daniel Alexander g-strings is all about bold pouch, innovative pouch as well as eye-catchy color combination.

Daniel Alexander G-String BlackThe blog specifically talks about Daniel Alexander G-String Black. This is one of the most appealing and statement making piece in the gamut of the brand. The tiny pouch of the skivvy is holds and covers the male genital. The rear of the underwear just features a string-like structure that sit right in crack allowing ample skin show. The pouch has an adjustable string that can holds the package in place. You can pull the string to keep the manhood at an elevated position, thus, enhancing the entire visibility of the front profile. The velveteen fabric feels soft and smooth

The fabric includes 85% polyamide and 15% spandex. Take your style to new heights with the erotic style of Daniel Alexander. Find your style at easy and pocket friendly prices at Wyzman and flaunt your look in the tasteful cuts.

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