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Things no man should have in his Summer Wardrobe

As per quoted by Saint Laurant, “Fashion fades, but the style is eternal”. Fashion is one thing that never lasts long. Every season comes up with something new. Hence, every year you need to clear your wardrobe and make room for the new trends. Do you think that men are not supposed to worry about the trend? Then, you need to reconsider. The world is changing and the way you look and carry yourself is now one of the deciding factors. This is the reason why you need to stay in line with the current trend.

Just like every season brings in the new trend, there are certain things that you need to get rid of this season as well.

Paneled shirt

Paneled Shirt

The paneled shirt occupied a portion in the wardrobe for men for a very long time, but it now time for you to bid it goodbye. This season calls for shirts in solid color or the ones with stripe and checks pattern. Pairing this shirt with the formal suit is now considered a fashion blunder. So, make sure that you get rid of it, this Summer. You can instead go with the stripe patterns or the solid color shirt that has plaid patterns in the collar and cuffs.

Cargo trousers

Cargo Trouser

The athletic style of the cargo pants is still a usual sight among the youngsters. However, anything that is very baggy is unacceptable in the time to come. This is definitely a functional apparel for occasions such as trekking or any other adventurous trips. However, this is not an ‘in’ statement for other casual occasions. Instead you can go with the chinos. Even the laid back pajamas are expected to be back in fashion.

Deep v-neck t-shirt

Deep v-neck t-shirt

T-shirts with deep v-shaped neckline is not an accepted style anymore. The neckline should not be too deep to reveal your chest hairs. The tee in solid colors or horizontal and vertical stripe patterns are perfect for the upcoming season. Moreover, the funky slogan tees and funny messages appear way to immature and should be definitely cleared off from your wardrobe.

Pointed-tip shoes and sandals

Pointed-tip shoes and sandals

The shoes with pointed toes was once a statement making footwear for all the fashion connoisseurs. However, this season it is probably best avoided. In fact, it is the shape pointed toes that are out-of-fashion. The subtle points can still be used. The lace-ups are the most basics and the most useful footwear for men. Along with this, even the sandals should be cleared off from the closet this Summer. Instead, flip-flops for the laid back outings are expected to be back in fashion.

Beaded jewelry

Beaded jewelry

The irresistible fashion of late 90s and early 2000s is not ‘in’ anymore. So, it is time to replace your funky beaded jewelries with the elegant and sophisticated accessories. A subtle pendant hanging from the steel chain is perfect. Instead of the beaded bracelets, you can go for the timeless timepieces. Elegance is the key to staying on-trend this season.

Conventional styles of men’s underwear

Daniel Alexander G-String

This is high time that you ditch your ever-favorite tight-whiteys and try some modern styles of men’s underwear. In fact, trying something like extremely sexy men’s g-strings or thong underwear is even a practical option for the humid weather of Summer. With the changing trend, the underneath fashion for men is going places as well. So, revamp the top drawer of your wardrobe and get some contemporary styles of undies.

Are you all set to make a style statement this Season? What’s your fashion hacks for Summer? Share your view in the comment section below.