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Get Playful in Caged G-string of Good Devil

Caged G-String Black/Red Wyzman.com

The barely-there fabric, unique construction and the erotic revealing style of g-string underwear for men can adorn the personality of every individual. The contemporary style of the underneath article is a must have for you if you have a physique worth flaunting. The assortment of Good Devil is a stop destination for you if you are the kind of person who constantly seeks extra attention.

Good Devil Caged G-String Black/Red

The Good Devil Caged G-String Black/Red is one such underneath article that can give you a notch sexier look. The classic g-string has a tiny pouch in the front to hold and keep the manhood in front. It is attached to the waistband with caged piping and provides ultimate support to the male anatomy. The airy construction allows a lot of airflow, thus, providing the best ever ventilation to the manhood. The rear of the underwear for men feature a thin string that slips in between the conventional cheeks. The cozy, lightweight and airy underneath apparel is a substitute for going commando. It is made of 91% polyester and 9% spandex that offers maximum comfort along with limited stretch.

Check out the inventory of Wyzman.com and find the perfect size of your first g-string underwear at easy and affordable prices.

Win Hands Down with the Jockstrap of Daddy

Daddy Jockstrap White | Wyzman.com

The online store of Wyzman has got a unique assortment of jockstrap underwear for men. The inventory of jockstrap ranges from the conventional supportive and protective styles to the fashionable options that can even be used for the date nights. However, if you are looking for a piece that is versatile enough to be used for sports as well as for pleasure purpose, then, the Daddy Jockstrap White is an ideal option for you.

Daddy Jockstrap White

Daddy is one of the newest launch in the men’s underneath fashion industry. However, the functional construction and eye-catchy designs of it’s underwear for men has made it popular among the modern male population. The jockstrap of the label feature a contoured pouch that lifts the manhood. It provides protection to the male genital during the strenuous physical activities. The multiple straps adds to the support on the butts. The functional piece provides ultimate visibility of your front profile. The fabric composition of the underwear includes 85% nylon and 15% spandex.

Flaunt your sex appeal with the sporty styles of jockstrap. Wyzman.com has other color variants and plethora of varied styles of men’s underwear. Check out the inventory and find your piece at reasonable prices.

Keep it Sleek, yet Stylish with Cover Male Pouch Thong

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong Red | Wyzman.com

Cover Male is one of the most versatile brands that has got little something for everyone. Whether you are looking for the basic supportive option, erotic eye-catchy styles or for enhancing contraption, the brand has covered it all for you.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong Red

The Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong Red is one of the most versatile options of the assortment. The thong for men is an ideal option for all those who wants to feel the comfort of the body defining fit. The snug fit size hugs the body of the wearer. The underneath article covers the male genital, but a thin fabric slides between the butts. Thus, the coverage is minimal at the back. The low-rise fit and lightweight construction add to the male anatomy. Along with sex appeal, men’s underwear provides functionality to the wearer. The enhancing contraption of the thong will improve your profile. The contoured pouch keeps the manhood in front and in an elevated position.

Made of 86% polyamide and 14% spandex, the underneath article provides ultimate comfort as well as flexibility. Tempt your partner with functional and sexy undies of Cover Male. The pouch enhancing underwear is available in other varied colors namely turquoise, yellow and white, at the online store of Wyzman. Shop from the site and get your style at affordable prices.

Sunbathe Yourself with the Devilish Style of Good Devil

Good Devil Sheer Striped Brazilian Bikini White/Purple | Wyzman.com

If you aspire to look great and feel sexy down there, then, you can try the erotic underneath articles of Good devil. The crotchless sheer underwear is an ideal way to tempt and tantalize your partner by revealing a little or a lot. The mesh fabric ranges from being very transparent to barely transparent. In case, you want to add a flare of sex appeal to your personality without going over the board, then, you can try the Good Devil Sheer Striped Brazilian Bikini White/Purple. This is a perfect choice for all those who are comfortable with the outrageously revealing men’s underwear.

Good Devil Sheer Striped Brazilian Bikini White/Purple

The ultra erotic Brazilian cut with the blend of see-through fabric makes it one of the sexiest bikini underwear for men. The low rise cut keeps the coverage minimal. While the enhancing pouch provides extra room for your bulge. Keeping the manhood up and away from the body, the underneath apparel enhances the visibility of the front profile. The white color blends perfectly with your skin tone. The bikini cut at the back covers the bare essentials of the wearer. The material is a composition of 95% nylon and 5% spandex.

The sheer underwear offers ample benefits to the style conscious men. Shop for the erotic underwear of high-end brands at Wyzman and stylize your masculinity.

Feel Special with the Playful Colors of Good Devil Bikini

Good Devil Zoom Bikini Orange | Wyzman.com

The collection of the exotic brands, Good Devil, features all the eye-catchy colors and playful designs of men’s underwear. The brand promises to add fun factor in your life with ample comfort. The ultra-sexy pair of Good Devil Zoom Bikini Orange can help you show off your best asset. The vibrant color, cozy fabric and supportive option can effortlessly transform you into someone with irresistible charisma.

Good Devil Zoom Bikini Orange

The contoured pouch of the bikini underwear for men zooms into the right place. The cool sophisticated style of the underneath article covers the bare essentials of the wearer, still allows a lot of skin show. The vibrant color can take your style to the next level. The low rise cut looks great and the cozy fabric feels awesome. The bikini cut at the back covers the conventional cheeks, but provides coverage at the right place. Made with 85% nylon and 15% spandex, the undies hold up for a long time. The online underwear store of, Wyzman, offers the piece in varied colors pink, blue, lime and others. The colors can blend with any type of skin tone. So, you can effortlessly flaunt your sex appeal.

Check out the huge assortment of the online store and give a colorful update to your personality.

Tempt you Partner with Cover Male Bikini

Cover Male Exclusiveness Bikini Brief

With Cover Male, you cannot be very certain what the next segment of men’s underwear styles will hold. Whether you’ll get a subtle pair of bikini underwear for men or a sheer underwear that probably lays out everything on the table. Something happened with the recently introduced pieces. While male thongs are the bestsellers, but this product looks tastier when you look at it once than the thongs.

Cover Male Exclusiveness Bikini Brief White

The Cover Male Exclusiveness Bikini Brief is what it is called but for us, it is one of the fanciest pieces that keeps a sumptuous balance of sexiness and sophistication is what lays in front of you with the exotic underwear. Featuring an innovative design, this is sure to catch your attention at once. With a solid seat (in a different color), the sides are too show off nothing and the same color stretches to the front. Boring?? Well, the sensation begins when you find out that the top of the pouch is made with delectable see-through fabric. Not just an insert but a triangular piece that shows off a lot.

Absolutely masculine to the eyes, 86.19% Nylon 13.81% Spandex adds to the icing on the cake. Whether you wear it everyday or for special times, you’re gonna rock the look.

Find out more about it at Wyzman.com.

Strip Off with Intymen Briefs

Intymen Stripe Sheer Brief

The image on the top might come across as an old men’s underwear by the popular brand Intymen, but the pair is still one of the most loved by its wearers. The collection of men’s brief underwear by the label is one of the bestseller assortments among others available, but this product is loved for some other reasons. What can they be, you might ask?

Well, the Intymen Stripe Sheer Brief is what this blog talks about and what makes it so special.

Intymen Stripe Sheer Brief Royal Blue

The biggest reason that men love in this pair is the sheer underwear feature. The see-through property of the sexy underwear style is what appealed the male population. Probably one of the first pieces by the sporty brand that has such a feature. With a combination of solid/sheer design throughout the piece, it lets the others also see what you’re holding in there.

With a waistband that holds a strong grip on the manhood, the contouring pouch with a center seam lets you stay at comfort without any movement. Coming down to the next feature that makes it an ideal pair is the fabric composition. Made of 5.94% Nylon – 24.06% Spandex, you get to feel absolutely comfortable and a lot flexible than you think it would be.

Available in two handsome colors is what makes the third and the last feature that is loved by men. Royal blue and violet are two extremely wonderful colors. Check them out at Wyzman.com.

Please you Manhood with Otzi Thong

Otzi Beautiful Paradise Slip Thong

If you have been looking for something that offers ample support down there without losing the sex appeal, Otzi is definitely the men’s underwear brand for you. Offering exceptional comfort below the belt and raising the bars of designer underwear offered at Wyzman. The bestseller assortments include male thongs, bikini underwear and more.

Otzi Beautiful paradise Slip Thong Jade Green/Coral

Focusing on the product displayed in the image which is called as the Otzi Beautiful Paradise Slip Thong, this blog would lay down its features.

To start with how it feels, what do you think a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex would feel like? Well, it is an absolutely amazing feeling have such a combination underneath with all the comfort, stretch, breathability and more. Spandex in such a lower amount is just right because the sides do not even fabric.

Coming to the features, a different colored pouch, different shades on the sides and a completely different back is what you get. Colorful panels look stunning at once and eventually you’ll feel energized with the variety underneath. The piping on the edges keep it from riding up whereas; the waistband is strong and comfortable on the body.

Check it out at Wyzman.com.


Flaunt your Sex Appeal with Good Devil Jockstrap

Good Devil Oriental Art Jockstrap

Good Devil can be very surprising with its collection of male underwear styles. You never know when the piece would turn out to be subtle for the regular days and when you won’t expect it to be revealing, it’ll blow your mind away. The recent arrivals at the store are sensuously subtle. This applies to every collection whether it is the bestseller assortment of thong underwear for men or the conventional briefs.

Good Devil Oriental art Jockstrap Green Jade/Black

This blog talks specifically about the jockstrap that is in the image on the top. The Good Devil Oriental Art Jockstrap is one of a kind that gives all the support you seek on the sides and back but leaves the front prey for your partner. The sex appeal provided by the same is what you need down there to please your partner and leave her craving for more. Featuring a sexy pouch that makes it a sheer underwear with a single layer of fabric to give a proper view. The sides and the back is what conventional jockstrap has. The fashion underwear is all you need to play the games between the sheets.

85.98% Nylon 14.02% Spandex is what lies as the basis of the apparel style leaving ample room for comfort and flexibility. Wyzman.com has other color variants in the collection.

Add Support down there with Daniel Alexander G-String

Daniel Alexander Great Seas G-String

When the idea is to have a pair of men’s underwear that is revolutionary and doesn’t even lose you on the support end. Daniel Alexander is one brand that was introduced in the industry with the aim of providing males with comfortable and supportive pieces that move around with you. Talking about the Daniel Alexander Great Seas G-String, it is one of the newest arrivals on Wyzman.com.

Daniel Alexander Great Seas G-String Turquoise/Navy

Featuring a triangular shaped pouch in the front that is equally supportive and comfortable, the back is fully meant to be shown. The pouch contours the manhood and covers everything that’s essential. The uniqueness about it is that divided into two halves, the pouch features two colors. The top left corner features a DA logo while the string waistband holds it in one place. The string looks fragile but it is solid enough to carry the load you have down there.

Nylon/spandex combination is what the fabric holds for you which comforts your assets and also lets you feel supported below the belt. What do you think about it? Do let us know about the pair in the comments below. You can even check out other new arrivals here.