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Show some love to the manhood with Good Devil Lace Bikini

Show some love to the manhood with Good Devil Lace Bikini

If you really think that lace is for women, you should actually stop right here and take a look at the various men’s underwear styles offered for men. It is then you’d come to know that lace underwear for men has been around for quite some time now. At Wyzman, you’d find a lot of pieces that are crafted in lace and are absolutely masculine by the feel. Good Devil Underwear is one brand that offers a wide variety for you to choose from.

Good Devil Lace Bikini Grey.jpgThe Good Devil Lace Bikini is what this blog talks about and is meant to make you feel stunning down there. Made of 95.58% nylon and 4.42% spandex, the men’s bikini underwear provides the best of comfort, breathability (because of the net-like fabric), right stretch and more. The sheer underwear lets you see through to your skin in bits because of the intricate detailing that covers the entire fabric.

Good Devil Lace Bikini Grey.jpg

In terms of looks, you’d find a conventional bikini that covers the assets to the best and reveals what you have at the same time. The pouch contours the manhood to the best and holds the place without being too constrictive. Hence, you get the comfort and support at once in one pair.

Choose yours at wyzman.com.

Raise the bar and the visibility with Pistol Pete Accessory

Raise the bar and the visibility with Pistol Pete Accessory

Do you have any doubt about the fact that Pistol Pete Underwear is one of the sportiest men’s underwear brands available in the industry? With the sexiest of the collection being introduced at Wyzman, the label has gained a lot of popularity with its sexy underwear that is equally meant for the athletic activities.

Pistol Pete Accessory Black.jpg

The Pistol Pete Accessory is one of the recent ones that have created quite a buzz in the industry. You can slip into this men’s enhancing underwear and find yourself just in an elevated position because it is all that the pair has. Just a pouch that intends to take your personality high, it is the waistband that gets the credit for holding up all the weight and still manage to look good. The pouch sucks in the manhood while covering it to the best it is the piping on the pouch edge and the waistband that do the work of getting it all together.

What can be better than having a fabric composition of 93% viscose and 7% spandex? You get the breathability, comfort and moisture absorbency of modal whereas; the latter provides stretch, shiny appeal and durability of the fabric.

Get yours at wyzman.com.

5 New arrival Thongs to definitely try – Now

Try them all

Wyzman recently displayed the collection of new arrivals and the men’s underwear styles available have raises the bar of sexiness as well as visual appeal. These pairs are worth flaunting in front of an audience or probably save them for the most intimate moments with your partner. You just need a reason to show them off and score some points.

Hence, we’ve compiled a list of men’s thong underwear that you should definitely try and serves as a personality booster for you.

  • 1. Pistol Pete Thong:

    Just what you need for the winter months and for the subtle choices, the Pistol Pete thong is all that you need. With the warmth of the nylon and stretch by spandex, the solid masculine color is what you need when the mood asks you to be authoritative. With a broad coverage in the front as well as on the back top, this is your solution for the sexiness on the regular days.

Pistol Pete Thong

  • 2. Daniel Alexander Thong:

    Coming to the more of the sensual part and the party-like feels, the Daniel Alexander Thong is what makes the best of it. The low rise underwear makes sure that you get that fit for the perfect you with the shimmer fabric being icing on the cake. Moreover, the pouch underwear has a front which gives you the gift of visibility as well. What else can you ask for when you talk about a sexy intimate wear?

Daniel Alexander Thong

  • 3. Feel Thong:

    Feel Underwear might be new, but the products are enough to leave a long-lasting impression. The mesh underwear provides ultimate breathability with the sporty looks to your personality. An ideal piece that you can wear to the gym, office or even to a party, the design will not let you down. The cheeky coverage in the back ensures comfort to the first time wearers as well and to top it off, a blend of nylon, spandex, and polyamide is all you get.

Feel Thong

  • 4. Good Devil Thong:

    Do we really need to say anything about thongs by Good Devil? Being the best seller category among g-strings for men and bikini underwear, the collection of thongs has always been applauded. This pair in specific is the height of being skimpy with your thongs. With sheer pouch and it’s all about the strings that you have. But as they say – the lesser the sexier, this is something you need to make things hot this winter season.

Good Devil Thong

  • 5. Secret Male Thong:

    With the introduction of men’s panties by Secret Male, the men’s underwear industry has witnessed a huge revolution. This pretty floral thong with lace underwear features makes sure you don’t steal your woman’s lingerie again. The stunning looks with the support that the manhood needs, this is a combination of everything that you need in a men’s lingerie.

Secret Male Thong

With these must-try exotic underwear styles, let us know which one pleases your eyes.

Enhancing Underwear – Variants you should know

Gone are the days when looking good was just a dream. Technology and sciences have made available the numerous resources that can make you go from barely-noticed to the most pleasing personalities anywhere.

You must be thinking what am I even talking about.

Well, I am talking about enhancing underwear for men that can pick your personality from the no-visibility zone and place it somewhere where you’d be absolutely visible.

Have you ever tried the men’s underwear style and felt good about it? Some time back I wrote a blog on the various ways with you can gift your manhood visibility. As an extension to that blog, this one would be the different enhancing underwear styles that would help you fit in for the visibility.

Contouring pouches

Contouring pouches

If you take a look at the products available on the men’s underwear online store, you’d find that majority of them are made with a contouring pouch option. Meant for a slight visibility keeping the comfort of the manhood in check, this one is the commonest among all the others available. However, this quite loved by one and all for the perfect personality boost.

Piping pouches

Piping pouches

The next in the queue is the subtler and softer version of enhancement that is all about a thick piping going under the pouch to lift the manhood without any hassle. They are the most gentle way of lifting the manhood and are perfect for men who like to keep it comfy down there.

C-ring pouches

C Ring Pouches

C Rings

Last but not the least (probably the raunchiest) in the queue are the c-ring pouches that are either inbuilt in the styles like bikini underwear or men’s thongs or are available as mere rings that go about lifting the position of the male anatomy. The c-rings are generally painful when they are made to curb the blood flow for a more visible erection in the pants. Hence, it is always advisable to wear it for a limited duration and then changed to something more comfortable.

What matches your taste buds?? Which pouch option would you want to slip into and come up with? Do let us know in the comments below.

Buying bikini underwear? – Do’s and Don’ts to consider

Buy bikinis now!!

Do you walk in the park and find those tiny but quite visible hoardings that mention rules and regulation of how to behave while in the park? They are the dos and don’ts that one must abide or will face the consequences. Likewise, every clothing article has some instructions with them, including the men’s underwear too. These dos and don’ts are quite necessary for you to check and follow in order to keep the pieces longer and stronger with you.

For men who are accustomed to briefs or boxer brief underwear, bikinis for men are the next stop. And, this style too has its its rules.

Thinking about the reasons for which the style is everyone’s favorite, you still should be aware of the pros and cons while you buy it for yourself. After all, they’re worth it.

      • DO’S

        • 1. Buy with confidence – and wear em’ too

          When you know you’ve got the looks, why not flaunt it to get the best from the same? If you go by the cuts & coverage, you have such a wide variety available that you wouldn’t have to settle for the ordinary. Whether you find comfort in the conventional coverage that shows off the sides subtly or something that shows off a lot to you in Brazilian cuts or string waistbands, you can wear them. But, if you lack the confidence, it’ll all be in vain. Confidence comes in with the right choices or coverage. Hence, do choose well.

        • 2. Do measure yourself – at least thrice

          There’s always a reason to do something and repeat it. Measuring yourself is one of them. Do it once and note it down with your underwear on. Then take off your men’s briefs off and measure it once again and note it down. Lastly, once again to reassure yourself the correct size.

        • 3. Do understand the fabrics

          It is essential to understand the variety of fabrics that a bikini is available in. Whether you’re looking for the ballet-kind stretch or the breathability or even the moisture-wicking features in order to raise up the heat, you have it all. Fabrics like cotton, nylon, polyester, polyamide and more with spandex that makes the perfect combination for the stretch, comfort, and style are available online.

        • DON’TS


          • 1. Do not be afraid to wear them

            Bikinis have no thorns implemented in them that will come up and prick in your skin. You don’t have to be skeptical or afraid in donning them. If you’ve made the right choices in the first place, you won’t have to regret later on. Give the new style time and you’ll be okay with it.

          • 2. Do not buy the wrong size

            You don’t even have the idea of how wrong can this decision be for you. Chafing, rashes, abrasions, itchiness, pouch adjustment, and so many other problems can be your everyday situation if you pick the wrong size.

          • 3. Do not compromise on quality

            This again is one of the most commonly made but saddest mistakes in men’s apparel. One gives preference to the money rather than the comfort and quality. If once properly bought, a pair of bikini would be very durable and would last really long.

What’s your idea of wearing these? Do let us know in the comments below.

Get to know your G-Strings better with these

Men are too quick when it comes to shopping for themselves. No wonder they pick anything that comes their way. When it comes to shopping the most basic of their clothing articles i.e., underwear for men, it is that hush-hush situation which makes them reach out to what they wear on the regular basis. For sure they would not go ahead and think about something like men’s g-strings. It certainly won’t be their forte for sure.

Getting to know the sexy underwear style includes everything from sizing your first g-string to getting the best of the feelings from experimenting the newer & hotter designs, is what you need to know.

If you find that tiniest feeling that tells you to go ahead and try the g-strings, this place is for you. Find the pros and cons of the skimpy cum erotic underwear style before you make your decision and hit the buy button.

Advantages of g-strings

1. They are meant for pleasure

Pleasure Gify

Some of you would be aware of the fact that g-strings were brought in the industry from the conventional parent thong underwear for men. While the parent style served to be the supportive one, the latter is meant for pleasure purposes. You can wear them for romantic evenings, fashion shows (if you are a model), or any such place where you don’t need a lot of support.

2. Seamless design

This comes up to be the most practical advantage that one gets in both parent-child styles is that they have a seamless design. A seamless underwear is when the fabric doesn’t pop out of the body-hugging fit. The logic is – with no fabric in the back, there won’t be a problem of lines visible outside the pants.

3. An ideal option for low waist trousers

Low Waist Trouser Gif

With nothing as the seat coverage and a string to hold the waist, another advantage of the pair would make it perfect for you. The g-strings are merely strings or have a very thin waistband that sits low below the waistline, giving you a no-show fit. If you find the string riding up, make sure you pick a bigger size and that problem will be solved.

4. Enhances your manhood as well as the sex appeal

With a pouch being the only broad fabric on the entire piece, the brands make sure that they lift and enhance the visibility of the manhood. The pouch enhancing underwear brings up the visibility and with it the sex appeal as well as the confidence of your personality.

Disadvantages of g-strings

1. Infections – in some cases

If you aren’t very careful, your skimpy style can cause you bacterial infection. That happens when you don’t change your dirty wear, continue to wear it when you’re leaking and so on. So, DO NOT wear dirty g-strings and read the tags that come along with the pair.

2. Minimal support

As mentioned above g-strings are designed intentionally for no support; you must wear the erotic underwear style at specific occasions where you need no support and no coverage at all. Meant for pleasure purposes, g-strings should be kept for special times.

3. Discomfort

Discomfort Gif

Nobody likes fabric riding up in the back. You SHOULD NOT let it bother you. Give it time and pick the right size to avoid such problems.

How do you feel with g-strings? Do let us know in the comments below.

To Thong or Not to Thong?

To Thong or Not to Thong

There are always two kinds of people in the world. Android or iOS, dog lovers or cat lovers, morning person or night owls, tea fans or coffee lovers and so many others You would certainly be one from each of them. Likewise, when it comes to men’s thong underwear, men choose sides – whether to thong or not to thong.


And, if you are someone who chose the latter category, you would probably have done the same because the basic question about the men’s underwear style has not yet been answered. On the other hand, there’s also a possibility that you would have made a mistake choosing the style and you wouldn’t want to return to the sexy underwear style.

Well, no matter what happened, there are chances that you would have made up some myths in your mind. Well, myths are supposed to be busted or else, the outcome will be bad and equally sad.

  • Thongs CAUSE infection:

    Thongs causing infection and thongs worsening the already-there infection are two different aspects. You should know that no study stated that the style gives you an infection. In fact, it is the dirty habits of wearing the same pair for more than two days is what cause bacterial or fungal infection. Yes, it is suggested that wearing the style during the infection may cause some issues, but make sure you don’t confuse between the two different contexts.
    Adopt cotton fabric and you won’t face the problem of itching or anything else as well.


  • Thongs belong to the young and chiseled physique:

    Now, if you believe this to be true, you should be the one who should spend most of the time in boxers once you cross 40. Shouldn’t you be?? Where do these myths even come from?? They are plainly baseless and illogical. Whether it is the respective style or g-string underwear for men, they are meant for outfits like super skinny jeans, leather pants or probably anything that you love to wear.
    There’s such a wide variety of the barely-there style available at the online store that every physique, every stature, every height will have ample of options to pick up from.

Fat Man

  • Thongs are ONLY meant for pleasing – others:

    Now that made me laugh so hard that my stomach started to hurt when I was reading one of the emails that had come to me. The myths are getting funnier with every step. Why would you wear something to please anyone else first even before you aren’t happy with the same? You should be focusing on your sex appeal and pampering of the assets rather than alluring someone with what you’re wearing down there.
    Thongs make you feel sensual and sexy and it also brings the oomph in the attitude.

Treat Yourself

  • Thongs are uncomfortable:

    Last but not the least is the most common myth that the exotic underwear style is absolutely uncomfortable. Well, like I mentioned above, the style is certainly uncomfortable in the beginning (because of reasons), but eventually, they turn out to be the best and then, there’s no turning back from them. Just make sure you pick a variant that doesn’t pinch your skin or is either very small or larger than your size.

Now, the decision will be yours to thong or not to thong!!

Love enhancement? – What are possible ways to give your manhood the gift of visibility?

I’m in love with the protruded bulge!!

With so many types of men’s underwear emerging every now and then, one of my favorite that came to many men’s rescue (including myself) is the mens enhancement underwear. You might think that it works wonders for you (thanks to the numerous articles and blogs talk about), but you need to pick the one that would (work) for you. And, trust me, it isn’t any child’s play to find out the pouch underwear that would give you visible results.

Stylish Man
There are so many benefits of loving enhancement. From being the personality booster for yourself, the various options keep you looking like you should for others as well.

However, what is the possible ways to give your manhood the gift of visibility? Let’s have a look at the laid down options.

  • Enhancing underwear:

    The first and the sure shot way to give you what you are looking for is with the collection of is magical fashion underwear that looks stunning (in general) and makes sure you look (to others) pleasing as well. With a variety of options available from the cock ring underwear to inbuilt bikini underwear and so much more. You have a gamut of options to choose from.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Cheeky Boxer

  • Gels or cremes:

    The next and the easiest option that men come across is applying gel and cremes on the shaft to increase the length of the same. Easily available in the market these products do claim for 100% results but at the end of the day, you can’t be very sure about they’ll work for you. But, who said anything about not trying them? You should go ahead and get that peace of mind by using it for a certain time-span to figure out how things work. Just keep NOTE of your sensitive skin and make sure it doesn’t get hampered.

  • Medical surgeries:

    One of the most expensive and guaranteed ways to get what you are looking for is going under the knife. A team of expert doctors who have the experience of getting the job done is responsible for carrying out the task and give visible results. Medical surgeries provide 100% satisfaction (exceptions excluded) with the guarantee that it won’t have any side effects.

  • Gym and workouts:

    Oh yes!! The longest yet safe way is to indulge in exercises that would allow your shaft to grow better and healthier. With the help of certain exercises and supplements provided, you would be able to see the fruitful results. But, you cannot be very sure of how long will it take to actually see those results.


Which way would you adopt? Do let us know in the comments below.

4 Mistakes everyone makes in Thongs for Men

Learn from the mistakes!!

Everyone makes mistakes. Men make mistakes. Whether it about life, career or dressing, mistakes are the commonest things that happen in our lives. Whether it is about the outfits or the men’s underwear, mistakes are made so that you can learn something from them. But, if these mistakes are done in the most basic of your dressing, they can cause you a lot of trouble. That’s why it is recommended that one must get all the possible knowledge about a respective style before experiencing it.

One of the aspects that you can learn from is the mistakes by others. After all, if you have live examples, you’ll be able to understand better before hand. Focusing on one style, this blog would talk about thong underwear. Men in thongs have been criticized, loved, adored and looked down as well, but at the end, everything has its time and place. Hence, the style has made its place in the industry as well as in the hearts of many men.

  • Wrong measurement

    The very first mistake that men have made and are continuing to make is the measuring themselves wrong before they pick the sexy underwear style for themselves. Don’t buy a thong that is too tight or too loose for you. The key for the appropriate selection of the right undergarment is to select the right size. It plays a key role in comfortable movements like sitting, walking, running or other activities. In this particular style, you can always opt for a bigger size rather than a smaller one.

Wrong measurement

  • Adjusting pouches

    How would you feel when you would have to consistently keep adjusting your manhood to stay in the pouch? Pouch adjustments are bad and very bad for your reputation. Think about the time when you’re walking around and you would have to make the adjustment after every few steps. Wouldn’t that be bad for you? So, make sure you choose a pouch underwear style that offers containment for the manhood.

  • Wrong fabric

    Who would want their manhood to suffer in rough fabric? But, there are stores which claim to provide comfortable fabrics but end up giving a fabric blend that causes abrasions on the delicate area. Choosing first, make sure you settle down with cotton rather than opting for a fancy fabric that would more bad than good to you.

  • Wrong occasions

    Thongs are not meant for everywhere. Being a luxury like g-string underwear, they too should be worn for occasions that they are made for. With a plentiful of styles in terms of cuts and coverage, you must choose the right one for the right time. For example, cheeky thongs offer a wider coverage in the back and look sportier hence, you can use them for light workouts or regular office wear. On the other hand, tangas are skimpy and deserve to be worn only on the pleasing days.

Have you committed a mistake with thongs? Or if you have any basic questions about the style, do let us know in the comments below.

6 Ways to master Lace Underwear without breaking a sweat

9 Ways To Master lace Underwear Without Breaking A Sweat_Wyz_WB_10th Aug

You might be someone who’s just started to explore the world of men’s underwear as you’ve come to that age or someone who’s constantly on the lookout for a pair that sizzle up the intimate fashion. Have you taken a look at lace underwear for men lately? The respective fabric style has been in the men’s fashion industry for a while and men have been looking up to them for the feeling that men’s panties provide.

Being the sultry, sexy, sensuous and obviously supportive, wearing lace inside the pants has never done anything wrong to anyone. But, if you are still suffering or wanting to try your hand at lace, you need to do it like a master. Master the art of having lace underwear without breaking a sweat or stressing yourself to the core with the following ways.

1. Find right size

The utmost important thing to remember is finding the right size for yourself. Without getting this aspect cleared smoothly, you aren’t going anywhere positively. The wrong size would not only end up in you feeling robbed and miserable, it would make your manhood cringe and cry about the same. The feeling of par luxury would turn into a burden that’ll be difficult for you carry on the inside through the day.

2. Start with a subtle one

DO NOT opt for something that fancies your eyes till the description also appeals you. Everything that glitters is not gold and you need to understand this when it comes to your below the belt fashion. Go for the subtle options which look pleasing to the eyes and aren’t even tacky for your manhood to handle. After all, adjusting with the sheer underwear is what matters first and then you can go step by step to the exotic underwear styles. For example, if you are a men’s brief kind of a guy, you can choose bikini underwear for men at first, but going skimpier than that would be foolishness. The same applies to the fabric as well.

3. Fabric blend

Focus on the fabric and you’ll love the fabric till the end of the time. You choose the wrong fabric, you’ll end up scratching your balls and by the end of the day, your assets would be chafed and red marks would cover the entire area. The fabric is essential to give peace of mind and a comfortable feeling for the entire day.

4. Get used to it

When you try anything new, it takes the time to settle with you. Likewise, you would need to have some patience when you slip into the fabric for it to make you feel comfortable. If you choose the style that you wear on the everyday-basis, you wouldn’t find it unusual, but when you go skimpy with thong underwear or g-strings, you would have to be patient with the style and the fabric.

5. Right style for right occasion

Keep the occasions right when you choose lace as your intimate style. Lace is a luxury and not meant for you wear day-in-day-out, it is meant for times when you want to feel empowered and confident in the suit. Moreover, you can have them your companion on romantic evenings as well to brighten and sizzle your between-the-sheets courtship.

6. Choose the cuts carefully

If you don’t know, the cuts make a lot of difference when it comes to lace or any sexy style. You can keep the broad cuts that cover a larger area for the board meetings whereas; the skimpy ones are for the special intimate affairs. So, if you choose the cuts with care, you wouldn’t have to look back.

If you got any basic questions related to the men’s underwear styles, do let us know in the comments below. You can even share your experience with us.