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Are G-String limited to Pleasure? – Know here

Are G-String limited to Pleasure?

The majority of the time when I see men’s g-strings I often think – would they be comfortable or not? Talking to my partner about her experience with the same and also with some of my other friends, I’ve always had mixed feeling for the men’s underwear style UNTIL I chose to try them myself.

Now I know that they ARE meant for pleasure purposes only. But you know what? The pleasures are many and that’s exactly what this blog will lay down for you.

  • 1. For the pleasure of the eyes:

    When you talk about the pleasure, the eyes are the first & the foremost thing that needs the approval. When something pleases the eyes, the process of pleasures starts to work. The pleasing designs are quite important when you really want others to approve of you and that’s exactly what the style does for you.


  • 2. For the pleasure of the touch:

    Have you ever felt that instant love for something when you touched it? The fabric of a g-string can make you feel on top of the world if you choose the right one. When it comes to the touch, the pleasure means that your manhood is at comfort as well after being luxurious. Hence, when you seek a pleasing touch with pleasurable feeling, check the fabric composition.

Pleasure of Touch

  • 3. For the pleasure of the sexy feeling:

    The next in queue after the touch is the feeling of sexiness that automatically steps in when you feel the confidence-boosting with the minimal fabric below the belt. The feeling of sexiness is what pleasures the manhood as well as makes you (as a person) a happy one.

Sexy Feeling

  • 4. For the pleasure of the support:

    Who said anything about g-strings not being supportive? Have you seen the collection of exotic underwear by brands like Pistol Pete, Miami Jock, Cover Male, Daniel Alexander and some more? They are some names which have been offering a combination of support and fancy products together.


  • 5.  For the pleasure of the enhancement:

    Who doesn’t like enhancement down there? If you want a pleasing personality in today’s time, enhancement is one important feature that you need. With techniques like c-ring, pouch enhancing contraptions and more you get to have the pleasure of enhancement down there as well.

Do you still feel that they’re meant for only pleasure?

Feel the Feel Thong for the better feeling

Feel the Feel Thong for the better feeling

What is that one thing that pulls you close to your men’s underwear?? Would it be the comfort level, the breathability or the stunning look that comes on when you wear the same? I guess it’ll be a little bit of every feature. Wouldn’t you agree?? What pulls you closer to men’s thongs? Well, there are numerous features that would but Feel Underwear is one brand that gives you that feeling of being invincible.

Feel Thong Underwear

The Feel Thong available at Wyzman is one of the many examples that you’ll find to prove this statement right. The mesh underwear covered with the respective fabric in & out, you’re up for the day-long breathability that your assets need for the ultimate level of comfort. What adds to the same is the 72.21% nylon 18.56% spandex 9.23% poly blend. With the moisture-wicking features, you get the stretch and comfort complimentary.

Feel Thong Underwear

The sleek design covers the front while the back of the sexy underwear is as it should be. Whether you want to thong or not to is your decision but this pair definitely needs to be checked out for a better profile and a stunning feeling down there.

Find the color options and other such products at wyzman.com.

Basic Questions on the Modern Men’s Thongs

Basic Questions on the Modern Men's Thongs

Men’s thong, one of the popular underwear style has seen a good rise in the industry. When compared to the initial products that were launched long back, the modern ones have been well versed in terms of cuts, fabrics, designs and much more. They have secretly made a way to every fashionable men’s wardrobe out there.

However, apart from the popularity, the style also has major controversies as well. Some say they ride up while the others say they have comfort issues. The below blog is all about major concerns about the attire that the customers have been facing. Read on to find out.


1. I always have size issues. In spite of buying my regular size, the thongs always stay tight on my waist. It doesn’t leave any space for breathability. What’s happening?

This is one of the most common questions that we bloggers get to answer. Well, returning back to your query, usually skimpy attires like thongs have a short construction, which can be tighter in regular sizes. In such cases, opt for the next size which can solve the issue. If you do not believe then, practically, you can try it yourself. Grab a cheaper thong of the next size, you’ll find that they are more comfortable when compared to the former ones.

Apart from that, measurements take different turns in different countries hence, ensure to take a look at the size chart of the online stores before you place an order for the article.

Size Issue

2. The thongs always rides up in my butt crack when I bend down. It needs a constant adjustment when I come back to the original position. Why does this happen?

This happens when the undergarments are smaller in size. Opting for the next size can help you in such cases. You can say “This is my regular size, why would I go for the next one.” Because, thongs are skimpy in structure so, they can be tighter even after opting the exact regular size. Therefore, go for the next size which would stay firm on the waist while eliminating the ride problems.

If you still face the same, then you could also try the men’s cheeky thong underwear that covers a little bit of the back while leaving the butt cheeks for the show. They also allow a rounder and plumper view of the butts.

Daniel Alexander Emotion Slip Thong Red

3. I was scrolling through one of the online stores where the products were very revealing. It gave me an impression that the products were only meant for date nights. Is it true? Are they not functional?

This is a true fact that the above mentioned men’s underwear are one of the must attires for the hot nights because of short structure, revealing fabric, cuts, and coverage which add to the sexiness of the attire. Hence, people prefer it for the special occasions. However, it is not true that they are not functional.  You can don them for the below-mentioned purposes as well.

a) No underwear lines embarrassments.
b) No popping waistbands.

Cover Male Slip Thong Black

c) Some of them include a structural and a strong pouch like the Agacio Thongs, that keeps things in place. In fact, you can don them to work as well.
d) Sports thongs are also available in some of the stores that provide a strong foundation for the exercises.

Intymen Sport Thong Red

Sometimes, it depends on the store as well. Some brands craft products that are sexy and revealing because they concentrate only on date night attires while the others concentrate on other factors as well. Stores like Wyzman.com has a huge assortment of products where you can find different styles of the same.

4.  What is the difference between thongs and g-strings? Both of them look the same

G-strings are branched out from thongs. So, it can be said that g’s are a  sub group of the t’s. Although, both of them look the same but, there are differences in the construction.

a) The former has a lot more fabric than the latter (both at the front and back).
b) The g-strings have a T-shaped rear (string) while the thong might or might not have a broader fabric piece that goes in between the butt crack.
c) Thongs can be worn for any occasions like sports, everyday, parties, or any while g-strings for men are skimpier which are meant for one sole purpose that is, sexual intimacy.

Above were some of the common questions by the consumers. If you guys also have queries regarding the same, please post your comments on the section below.

Lace underwear : The Peek-A-Boo Attire

Lace was earlier considered to be a feminine fabric but, later made a massive entry into the men’s underwear industry as well. Have you ever imagined, why a feminine cloth would be incorporated in the men’s section? It is because of the incredible comfort and luxury that this soft material provides to the assets. They stay very soft on the skin that you feel like going commando when you slip into these. Many labels have come forward with impressive styles of the above material that is doing rounds on every men’s wardrobe. Apart from the comfort, what can be the other reasons to consider this fabric. Scan on to find out.

1. Focuses on fashion as well as functionality

The assortment offered by many of the underwear brands ensures to keep up the phrase “fashionable and functional as well.”  The attire’s provides the best of the fit to the body. Apart from that, they feel comfortable as it presents a soft feel to the sensitive skin down there. The feathery fabric allows a good air circulation to keep your assets and ventilated throughout the day.

2. Relief from rough materials

Lace is assumed to be extremely smooth and flexible in contrast to the other fabrics.  There are times when we explore for something that pampers the assets below the belt. In such cases, this sexy outfit can do the work for us. They incorporate fabric compositions like nylon and polyamide with a lot of spandex that allows flexibility as well as comfort down there.

Relief from Rough Materials

3. Say no to the “riding up or down” problem

Whether you are donning white pants or are afraid of the material riding up, then lace comes to the rescue. They are available in every possible style from boxer brief, thongs, trunks, bikini and much more that will befit every personality and situation. So, if you are looking for something that doesn’t bother you, every time while bending or stretching then, the above respective fabric is a great option.  Underwear Problems

4. A perfect nightwear

Though, many of us feel very comfortable and free to sleep naked. However, it has some of the disadvantages as well. Below -mentioned are some of them.

 a) Sleepwalking is not very common in the general population but a person who suffers from it can be a victim to the embarrassments.

b) Clothing protects your assets from dirt and bugs. Exposed skin can cause problems such as skin allergies due to the above problems.

Underwear Problem

c) The temperature drops at night, therefore it is important to remember that being exposed to excessive cold limits the flow of blood within the body.

Hence, to avoid such fiasco’s it is better to opt for a cozy underneath attire that offers enough breathe-ability, relaxation, and rejuvenation to your skin. The suppleness and softness offered by these remain unmatched by other outfits.

5. A perfect attire for special occasions

The men’s lace underwear is well known for this main reason as it acts as a sprinkler for the date nights. The peak a boo attire allow a glimpse of the naughtiness hidden behind the fabric which raises the temperature of the intimate occasions. Some of them are skimpy as well that can leave your partner perplexed for the night.

6.Low maintenance

What more could a person expect from an apparel which requires less maintenance? The instructions are very simple which are as follows.

a) Ensure to use a warm water.
b) Clean the fabric by using a good detergent
c) Run it under the tap.
d) Dry it in the sun

With the above perks, the fabric ensures that it is not only restricted to women only. The lightweight material is available on many of the online stores like Wyzman.com. Grab your pieces to pamper your assets down there.