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The new Wrinkle by Pikante: Spider Thongs

Men's Thong Underwear | Wyzman.com

Pikante is one fascinating brand with a plush collection of men’s underwear style. They usually give a lot of attention to high visibility. Their styles usually feature detailed designs to show a sexy glimpse of the skin. The vibrant colors and designs make them an inevitable part of your wardrobe. Pikante Spider thong is one such product by them, that possess all the above features. Let us have a look about them.

Pikante Spider Thong

This thong underwear for men is a cool way to seize an exceptional front profile. The spider pouch at the front gives you the snug and cozy fit. It features minimal fabric both at the front and back. These low risers are 93% cotton and 6% spandex which increases the flexibility and the stretch of the underwear. Slip on these eye catchy underwear to get the instant attention from your partner.

Grab one of this sensuous underwear from wyzman.com to check how sexy you can look.

Highlight your Masculinity with Pouch Thong

Cover Male Thong | Wyzman.com

The taboo for enhancing undergarments has gone and the trend has been engrossed by every individual who priorities an attention grabbing personality. Cover Male has created it’s name in the field of underneath fashion with the wide assortment of practically functional and eye-popping styles of men’s underwear.

Cover Male Thong

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong is one of the product in the assortment of the brand that can provide you with a blend of style and enhancement. The sexy thong cut allows you to show off your butt cheek, yet covers the crack and spares you from the embarrassing situations. What makes it a must-have for every man around is the contouring pouch in the front. The enhancement contraption of the pouch enhancing underwear protrude the manhood outward. Keeping it away from the body, it highlights the front profile and reduces certain skin related issues such as sweating, rashes and itching. The minimal coverage and maximum accentuation will leave your girl awestruck at the date night. The fabric blend includes 86% polyamide and 14% spandex that is just appropriate for every occasion and season.

Enhance your personality with the Cover Male thong. Shop from the collection of Wyzman and boost your confidence at reasonable prices.

Cover your Tracks with the Zestful Thong Underwear

Cover Male Thong

An erotic style of men’s underwear can effortlessly deck out your appearance for the special occasion. Thong underwear is one of the sexiest apparel that has become the wardrobe staple for every one who has higher regards for sex appeal. This underneath article is like business in front and party at the back. The erotic piece is a functional option, especially, for the hot weather.

Cover Male Thong

The blog has cherry picked Cover Male Curious Slip Thong from the huge assortment of Wyzman.com. The subtly stylish, yet sexy apparel features a wide band to keep the pieces of fabric together. The front pouch hugs you masculinity and holds it in center. The back covers the crack and major portion of your cheeks, but still allows you to flaunt your asset. The fabric composition includes 85% nylon and 15% spandex. The ventilating properties of the sexy cuts coupled with cozy material blend makes it an apt option for the heat of summer. You can procure your piece from the collection of shades namely red, blue, white and others.

Check out the collection of the online store and find your piece at easy and affordable prices. Don the sexy apparel and grab all the attention at the date night.

Spill the Beans with Good Devil Thongs

Good Devil Thong Underwear | Wyzman.com

Good Devil is an enticing brand with a ritzy medley of men’s underneath apparel. They promote sexy underwear which concentrates on high visibility, support and vital colors which tempt all the men around to have one of the pieces in their cupboards. Good Devil thong is one such product that possesses all the sexy features which makes it an inevitable part of your wardrobe.

Good Devil Zoom Thong

The Good Devil Zoom Thong is one sensational way to possess a better front profile. They are made from shiny microfibers which help them to stretch around your body to give you a cozy fit. It features minimal fabric, though it covers your manhood in an appealing way. The out of the ordinary pouch lifts your manhood up and keeps it away from your body to facilitate your bulge. If you’re a guy who loves flaunting the assets, then, Good Devil thong is the apt way to zoom into your finest goods.

It is a recommended undergarment style for all the smoking hot guys out there. Bringing the lights to comfort, it is made of a combination of LYCRA/spandex to feel flexible down there. Grab the sensuous underwear to check how sexy you can look.

Hide No More with Miami Jock Thongs

Miami Jock Thong Underwear | Wyzman.com

It has always been that men got confused with which men’s underwear brand to opt for when it comes to men’s thong underwear. While there are some that are intended to please the manhood while there are those that aims at adding sex appeal to your kinky personality. One of the brand that masters the art is Miami Jock Underwear. Available at Wyzman, the label has provided men with bestseller assortments of men’s jockstraps, bikinis, and g-strings.

Miami Jock Thong Underwear

Bringing your attention to the product featured in the image, it is the Miami Jock Cock Thong. Isn’t it erotic? When you take a look at it for the first time, all you can think is- how will my manhood adjust in the pair? Well, that’s the beauty of the erotic underwear style. It might look tiny but comforts the shaft leaving the balls bare. With a unique technique, the cock ring underwear holds the manhood up and above for a longer while. The magic is that the pouch fabric elongates with the size of the manhood. Made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex this is surely going to be comfortable for you.

The string waistband looks fragile yet keeps on holding the pair to make you look and feel sexy. Though it looks like g-string underwear for men because of the skimpiness, it, however, is a thong. Find out more from the brand at the online store.

Keep it Riding Low with Good Devil Thong

Good Devil Thong | Wyzman.com

With summers soon approaching (or at least we can say that winter is coming to an end), it will soon be the time to hit the beach and get yourself tanned. All you would need is a pair of correct men’s underwear that’ll let you get tanned equally. Whether you choose a pair of men’s thong underwear or men’s g-string, make sure it is sexy. These days sexy is said for sheer underwear and Good Devil has numerous products in the same category.

Good Devil Hose Mesh Thong Black

The Good Devil Hose Mesh Thong is a pair that is right for men who want to keep their underneath subtly sexy as well as for those want to experiment sexy underwear. With an extremely low rise fit on the body, the see-through properties are what makes it even sexier. The pouch of the fashion underwear style contours and well as hangs the masculinity low for a subtle appeal. The sleek design showcases nothing except what you’re carrying inside. The 95,58% Nylon and 4,42% Spandex combination keeps everything comfortable down there.

Whether you plan to wear it at the beach or on a regular day at work, this suits both the situations providing sexiness, support, and see-through properties.

Planning a Date?- Consider Cover Male Thong

Cover Male Slip Thong | Wyzman.com

With Valentine’s Day almost there, it is must to have a date! Well, if you are someone who’s on the lookout for someone special, you can surely be successful if you follow these tips. In addition, having a functionally sound dressing sense, inside-out is also what one needs apart from the tricks and tactics. The collection of men’s underwear at Wyzman is meant for the different personalities of men. The collection of male thongs at the online store is meant for all occasions from regular to romantic times.

Cover Male Slip Thong Black

The Cover Male Slip Thong is one of the recently added products at the store and is a pair that suits best for romantic evenings. Featuring a bikini underwear coverage in the front, the back is worth the complement. The sleek design holds the everything together with a pouch that keeps the masculinity front and center. The broad fabric turns into stripes from the sides to make the back look revealing and erotic.

85.29% Polyamide and 14.71% Spandex is what comprises to be the fashion underwear. The fabric composition makes sure you can wear the style as men’s swimwear as well. The front also has a CM logo that looks appealing to see.

Intymen Thong – Time to Wear Less

Intymen Sport Thong | Wyzman.com

From conventional to the kinky, Intymen has covered it all for the fashion oriented laborers. The high-end label features an inventory of thong underwear for men that ranges from sporty style to the sexy ones. Regardless of the taste and preference, the assortment of the brand can appeal to every individual.

Intymen Sport Thong Turquoise

Men are a bit hesitant when it comes to wearing something as feminine and skimpy as a thong underwear. If you are that kind of person, then, you need to check out Intymen Sport Thong. The underneath article is made of mesh fabric and offer many different qualities like moisture wicking, sweat absorbency, supportive pouch as well as sexy looks. The signature detailing of the brand gives a modern touch to the classic piece. The mesh provides ventilation down there, thus, keeping you cozy. It provides full coverage in the front, but the thong cut at the rear allows you to flaunt your skin. The sporty style of the men’s underwear is anything, but feminine. Th combination of masculine finishing of Intymen and thong makes it a perfect apparel for the modern male population. The fabric composition includes 78% nylon and 12% spandex.

Shop from the online store of Wyzman.com and cling to your kinky side.

Enhance your Sex Appeal with Good Devil Thong

Good Devil Roleplaying Slip Thong | Wyzman.com

When it comes to intimate fashion, the ordinary doesn’t fit the need because it is what makes your feel regular. Regular is only regular and not meant for occasions that need something more than just support. It is then when the collection of men’s thongs is what’s needed for the masculinity. In addition, when it is the Good Devil thongs, the sex appeal doubles.

Good Devil Roleplaying Slip thong Green Jade

The Good Devil Roleplaying Slip Thong is something that counts to be both sophisticated (not literally) as well as erotic at the same time. With a lot of fabric covering the lower portion of the assets as well as the sides and the top of the back, the front top features something worth taking a look at. The cut-out below the waistband lets you see the top of the shaft while the lower covering stays like a cradle. The overlap design has a thick piping that is also seen on the waistband as well as the leg bands.

The pouch provides support (not the absolute support but just what’s needed) with a lot of sex appeal added to it. The seat is left bare but the top area has a broad fabric to make a sturdy grip on the waistline.

Find the color variants in the Good Devil Thong at wyzman.com.

Cling to the Kinky Side of your Personality with Intymen

Intymen Fill-It Mesh Thong | Wyzman.com

The high-end men’s underwear styles of Intymen caters to the personal taste of every individual. The designs of the brand can accentuate your masculinity. However, if you want to trigger the kink and wild side of your personality, then Intymen Fill-It Mesh Thong is an ideal option for you. You need not jeopardize your manliness, in order to try something as skimpy and revealing as men’s thong underwear.

Intymen Fill-It Mesh Thong Grey

The mesh fabric of the underneath article is not at all transparent and keeps everything covered. However, the open weave wicks away the moisture and allows you to stay dry. The chic shaping contoured pouch keeps the entire package together. The hang free pocket of the underwear is made of ultra soft microfiber that feels smooth against the manhood. The lift and support that it provides make you look confident as well as commanding. The rear allows a lot of skin show, thus, giving a bait for your partner. The underneath article is made of microfiber that ensures durability as well as quality. While the pinch of spandex provides limited stretch.

Checkout the various men’s underwear styles at Wyzman and discover your underneath fashion.