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Jockstraps: 5 inevitable reasons for incorporating it

Men's Jockstrap Underwear | Wyzman.com

Men want the same thing from their underwear as they want from their partner, a little bit of support and a little bit of freedom. Thus, jockstrap underwear qualifies to be a staple in the wardrobe of every man around. Ever since it’s invention in the mid 1870s, this particular style of underneath article is a must-have for every athletic personality. In fact, Mfesports Blog has even named it as the unsung hero of sportswear.

Taking you back to its time of inception, according to Wikipedia, men’s jockstrap underwear was eventually designed to protect the genitals of the cyclists in particular. The first ever jockstrap was named The Bike Jockey Straps. The word Jockey refers to riders. This underneath article style gradually became popular among horse rider and other athletics. The initial jockstraps were designed with a supportive pouch in front and straps at the back. The pouch would hold the package of the wearer and straps would add to the support of the undergarment. The pouch even had protective cups for the additional protection. The protective layer of the underwear prevented any external injury to the privates of the wearer during rigorous physical activities.

The design of this underwear style later changed from hockey jocks to windproof jockstraps as per the requirement of the athletes. The 2000s have seen a resurgence in the design with the introduction of Fashion Jocks. Despite the huge demand, the reasons for its incorporation has always popped up. Do you wonder the reasons that made it’s use inevitable? Here are some of the logic in this regards.

Reason 1.

As mentioned above, the protection of the genital of the adventure seeking men was the main reason for the popularity of jockstraps. The flat fronts of the conventional styles of men’s underwear kept the manhood in between the thighs. This sometimes led to serious internal injuries. This made it inevitable for designing something that can protect the testicles. Initially, the undergarment was designed with protective cups. However, these cups led to overheating of testicles and hence they were later perforated for ventilation. Even today, athletes and sports persons use the protective shield made of soft and airy material.

Reason 2.

Men's Jockstrap Underwear

It’s not just about protection, a supportive construction for the junk of an individual is equally important. You can’t manage to concentrate on what you’re doing when everything is hanging out freely. The pouch of the underwear is specially designed keeping in mind the rigorous leg movement of the sports person. With the right amount of lift and elevation, the jocks provides the perfect support to your manhood.

Reason 3.

The unique cut and style of the underneath apparel may be embarrassing for some in the locker room, but it serves a practical purpose. Sporty activities, workouts and other physical actions upsurges sweating, especially in the crotch area. The revealing back aid ventilation. Allowing more air to flow in freely, the underneath article wicks away the moisture at a greater pace. This even reduces moisture retention which is probably the biggest problem of athletes.

Reason 4.

Wearing jockstrap underwear has medical benefits as well. Cutting down the moisture content in the pelvis area, it reduces the possibility of rashes and fungal infections. Not only this, the conventional pouch raised the temperature of the testicles of the wearer. This led to problems such as low sperm count. Modern jockstraps are particularly designed to pamper the manhood of men. Their front contour keeps the anatomy away from the body. The free air flow balances the heat and thus lowers the risk of such medical conditions.

Reason 5.

This underwear style is not just restricted to basic functionality. The fashion jockstraps are designed to rejuvenate your intimacy. Crafted in see-through fabric such as lace, sheer and mesh, these jocks can entice your partner. Some of the outrageously revealing undies even offer open pouch option that leaves nothing to the imagination. Hence, the need of sex appeal among modern men made it inevitable to revamp the conventional style into a fashion piece. The uncelebrated hero of the sportswear category is now making a mark in the fashion segment as well.

Life’s too short to wear a mediocre underwear. So, try out the blend of support and sensuality and stay bang on trend without compromising comfort.

My Dream Jockstrap

Men's Jockstrap Underwear | Wyzman.com

I have always looked for jockstraps for men that can provide me the right support and sex appeal as well. I tried extending my search to various online stores and websites to check if I can find my piece but it all ended in vain. Finally, Wyzman.com was able to help me out. It had a wide assortment of underneath fashion for men that I ended up buying a bunch of products. However, the product that impressed me a lot was the Intymen fill- it Jockstrap.

Men's Jockstrap

The above is an image of the same. This respective men’s underwear highlights a cradle-like pouch is roomy, breathable and stretchable. It elevates the manhood and gives the perfect shape. With an inbuilt c-ring, it acts as an enhancement for the underneath article. The waistband keeps a sturdy grip while the leg bands make your butts look rounder and plumper that allows a sexy appeal to your personality.

Comprised of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, you know how this is going to make you feel inside the pants. Sport the pair even on a hot summer day as it helps your genitals to breathe easy. Grab one of these from Wyzman.com at affordable prices.

Breathe Easy with Mesh Underwear

Men's Mesh Underwear | Wyzman.com

Have you been searching for any new alternatives in men’s underwear styles that serve the dual purpose of providing an exceptional support and fans the sweat as well?  Well, the reputed underwear brand Intymen is here to make you feel like a king with one of their products, Intymen mesh jockstrap white. These jocks are capable of performing both the tasks at the same time.

Men's Jockstrap

This men’s jockstrap provides a structured pouch at the front which envelopes the manhood. It provides the needed support even for the toughest workouts. The fabric used here is mesh which provides a heavenly breath to your genitals. It waves a goodbye to the sweat down there. The rear part has two bands which are similar to a conventional jockstrap. The bands pass below your butts and keep them supported. The revealing design at the back can keep you airy and free. Apart from that, it also provides a sexy defining fit below the belt that enhances the bulge as well. With supreme support, comfort, moisture wicking capacity it also provides a kick to the sex appeal.

Grab one of these from Wyzman.com to double your benefits.

Get Naughty with the Net Jockstraps

Men's Jockstrap Underwear

If you are planning to surprise your better half with something special and intimate, then see-through underwear is the splendid option for you. Good Devil, the high-end label is known for crafting erotic underwear for men. Most of the products in their stock pile are made of appealing fabric like mesh or sheer which is semi-transparent. One such product is the Good Devil Net Jockstrap, which is capable of giving a good contrast to your masculinity.

Men's Jockstrap

These underneath apparel for men provides a snug fit for your assets in the front. The structured pouch at the front keeps your genitals centered. The flimsy fabric of this underneath article with small knitted holes is an excellent way to reveal the mystery. The glimpse of the manhood will drive your partner crazy for the night.

The fabric composition of this fashionable piece is made up of 97% polyester and 3% spandex that provides comfort along with limited stretch. Check out the assortment of the brand at the online stores of Wyzman.com for ample comfort and ultimate sex appeal.

Raise your Glamourous Appeal with Jockstraps

Men's Jockstrap Underwear

Miami Jock is one of the sexiest brands known for the men’s underneath fashion.The assortment provided by this label all about presenting yourself in a voluptuous way. The erotic touch provides a sexy modernisation to the most conventional styles. This racy garment is an apt option for the hot men around.

Men's Jockstrap

The jockstrap underwear, one of the men’s underwear styles, was popularly identified as sportswear. However, the brand has made its way to the wardrobe staple for its convincing style, fashion, and kink. Miami Jock Agility Jockstrap is one such product by the brand. This glossy underwear provides a supportive pouch at the front which holds up the structure. It has a revealing back which can spice up your intimate affairs.

The fabric composition of this men’s underwear includes 91% polyester and 9% spandex, so, you need not worry about the comfort or flexibility. Check out the assortment of Wyzman.com to don an exotic look.

Spring Ahead with the Supportive Intymen Jockstrap

Intymen Jockstrap | Wyzman.com

Spring is here and it is time for you to brighten up your underwear collection with some colorful apparel. Intymen is one such brand that offers a wide range of intensely hued underwear for men. The splashy undies can boost your poise without negotiating the comfort and support.

Intymen Jockstrap

Intymen Sport Pouch jockstrap is one such option in the assortment of the brand that offers everything that you look for in your undergarment. The pouch of the jockstrap underwear provides enhancement contraption. It elevates the manhood and accentuate the front profile. The ventilation of the mesh fabric reduces sticking and sweating during the heat of summer. This lowers the temperature and reduces sweating as well as the problems related to it. The conventional designs of the jockstrap covers absolutely nothing at the back. The wide waistband and intimate low rise fit makes it an apt option for every occasion. The fabric composition of the underwear includes 93% nylon and 7% spandex. The sexy cut allows you to show some skin. While the material provides breathability along with limited stretch.

Be prepped for grabbing all the attention at the next game of super bowl and soccer with the sexy jockstrap. Check out the assortment of Wyzman and find your piece.

Turn On Your Patriotism with Cover Male Jockstrap

Cover Male Jockstrap Underwear | Wyzman.com

Jockstraps are an essential category of men’s underwear. It plays a vital role in keeping you covered and yet raising your sex appeal. The jockstrap underwear with flag printed on them is one of the latest and enticing products in the underwear industry. With the fashion updating trends, it has gained immense popularity among the male population. The below picture is a fabulous piece from Cover Male and below them are the reasons to own the same.

Cover Male Jockstrap

1. Raise the spirit of patriotism for your Country

The essential motive of this fashionable underwear is that they help you in provoking your patriotism during a soccer match. Raise the bass for your team with this sexy piece of article.

2. Will never let you down

If you are looking forward to an instant help for your gym, then these enhancing underwear will never fail to impress you. It features a pouch that holds your manhood and provides the needed support and comfort during your workout.

3. Comfort and support

The 85% nylon and 15% spandex combination allows complete stretch, comfort, and sweat-free feeling down there. Your comfort checkbox on the list would go up a level once you slip into it because of the unique combination of fabrics that can provide you the needed luxury. A must have for all the innovative guys out there, grab one of these at wyzman.com.

Be Prepped for the Game with Intymen Jockstrap

Intymen Jockstrap | Wyzman.com

Are you prepared for the big game? Well, that’s what one asks when there’s Super Bowl, Basketball matches or any other game coming up. This is also a common question asked when you are not a spectator but also a player in the game. Intymen Underwear is the ones that intend to add support down there. On the other hand, when it is time to wear less, the label brings forth a collection that sexy, sporty and highly functional.

Intymen Game Jockstrap White

The Intymen Game Jockstrap (shown in the image) looks absolutely stunning and is equally functional as well. The mesh underwear style is popular for its increased breathability and hence, Intymen incorporates a lot of mesh in its offerings. This, in particular, is a men’s jockstrap underwear that keeps everything together providing the best of support and stretch to the manhood with 67.51% Nylon, 20.14% Spandex, and 12.35% Cotton. The thick waistband holds the entire piece in one place while you involve in rigorous activities. The leg bands are attached in the front to the waistband and in the back to the pouch. The butts are left bare but the elastic leg bands make them look rounder.

Find out the sexy colors at wyzman.com.

Play Hard with Daddy Jockstrap

Daddy Jockstrap | Wyzman.com

Well, you might think that Daddy Underwear has been introduced in the men’s underwear quite recently, but the label has earned its name in the erotic underwear list with its offerings. Daddy Underwear brings forth a collection that is inspired by the playful and naughty activities that add zest in a relationship. Having looked at the collection at Be-Brief, you’d be visually satisfied yet the urge of slipping into them would drive you crazy.

Daddy Jockstrap Grey

The Daddy Jockstrap is one of the most revealing and innovative pair which makes sure that your sex appeal goes up and up without any efforts. All you need is the confidence to sport it at the right occasion and you’re good to go. With a minimal construction, you’d find a waistband that holds the pair, two short straps that connect to the pouch and a sturdy pouch that looks extremely tiny but covers the shaft for the good. In the back, you’d only find leg bands that hold up the pair giving a rounder look to the butts because that’s what conventional men’s jockstrap underwear do.

The fabric composition of 85% nylon and 15% spandex gives you the comfort to be confident in minimal coverage. Where would you sport something like?

Avoid Chafing with Daddy Jockstrap

Daddy Jockstrap | Wyzman.com

When you’ve been looking for a pair of men’s underwear that holds your manhood in a way that it supports and also makes it look fancy, men’s jockstrap is what you should adopt. The stylish apparel style is both supportive and sexy on the manhood. The newly introduced apparel brand Daddy Underwear features a collection that is erotically supportive.

Daddy Jockstrap Navy

The Daddy Jockstrap that we’re talking about is solid product with a pouch that looks tough. On a closer look, you’d find that the lower portion of the pouch is crafted with sheer fabric. Fancy isn’t it?? Well, the designer underwear has a pouch designed in the shape of manhood. The strong waistband keeps it soft on the skin while holding everything together. The leg bands hold their position strong enough to keep the pouch from moving here and there. The positioning of the bands help the butts look rounder and more enhanced.

With a combination of nylon and spandex, you get absolute comfort with ample stretch for the leg movement or any athletic activity. Hence, whether you plan to wear it for the next game or sport it as a regular pair to work, the decision is yours.

Take a look at the collection of Daddy Jockstraps here.