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6 Grooming mistakes you’re not aware of

6 Grooming mistakes you're not aware of

How good does it sound – you wake up in the morning, go for shower, trim your beard (if need be), clothes are kept on the bed for you to come out and wear them, toenails are chopped off, you take the final bow in front of mirror and move on to your day’s schedule/

Sounds good? But is it all for real??

Let’s come back to reality with the fact that grooming is definitely the holy grail of looking good. It has always been the focus since when our mothers trimmed out nails and got our hair cut to make us look like good boys. The trend hasn’t changed but the grooming includes a lot more things now than it was when we were kids. With such hectic schedules, we need to ask ourselves a question – are we doing enough to look and feel good?

Let’s take a look at the bigger picture that goes beyond brushing & flossing your teeth. Because there are so many mistakes which we’re making in the course of grooming ourselves.

Get your eyebrows trimmed

Man trimming eyebrows

Starting from the top, don’t take your eyebrows too lightly. For you, it might be okay to have two joined in the center but it is an obstruction which you express what you say. The cleaner the better and for that, you have to get it trimmed.

Stop bathing in your cologne


We know the etiquette of using a cologne but still manage to apply so much that the other person gets allergic and falls prey to sneezes as soon as you cross him/her. DO NOT apply the entire bottle of deodorant or cologne at once and in fact, a few sprays are enough to make you feel fresh and smell even better.

Body hair (nostrils, back, ear, chest, and masculinity) are a big no

Body Hair

Having hair on any of these body parts is a punishable offense. Jokes apart! Having so much of hair on your body, you would surely come in an Ape’s or Bear’s category. The hair on these parts are of no use and you must get rid of them. Where below the belt won’t be able to sport the trends for men, other parts look ugly with the same. If you really want to sport men’s thong underwear or bikinis this summer, you must get rid of the hair.

Control the use of hair products

Control the use of hair products

Just like we mentioned above that using a lot of cologne would not any good to you, excessive use of hair products will leave you bald. This came quite blunt? Well, because if it wasn’t blunt, you wouldn’t understand the intensity of the aspect. Hair products cause hair fall! After all, they are made of chemicals as well. What would you expect from them?

Haircut must suit you – but don’t go, hippie

Weird Hair Cut

You know the drill – you get a haircut every 6 weeks or so before someone points out to you. Dude, your hair has actually grown long! You wouldn’t like that comment/compliment from someone else. In fact, if you’re working, it will not be a beneficial idea for your personality there as well. So, unless you’re a part of some rock band, get a haircut.

Trim your nails

Trim your nails

If you think that toenails are not visible so you’ll be a little lazier in trimming them up, please don’t up at any gathering wearing open toed footwear. People will be mortified. Being a social professional who likes to keep tidy, this is one area where you need to take care of yourself.

There are a lot more hacks for you and your personality. Find them here and lead a life that is fashionable, sexy and appealing.