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Enhancing Underwear – Variants you should know

Gone are the days when looking good was just a dream. Technology and sciences have made available the numerous resources that can make you go from barely-noticed to the most pleasing personalities anywhere.

You must be thinking what am I even talking about.

Well, I am talking about enhancing underwear for men that can pick your personality from the no-visibility zone and place it somewhere where you’d be absolutely visible.

Have you ever tried the men’s underwear style and felt good about it? Some time back I wrote a blog on the various ways with you can gift your manhood visibility. As an extension to that blog, this one would be the different enhancing underwear styles that would help you fit in for the visibility.

Contouring pouches

Contouring pouches

If you take a look at the products available on the men’s underwear online store, you’d find that majority of them are made with a contouring pouch option. Meant for a slight visibility keeping the comfort of the manhood in check, this one is the commonest among all the others available. However, this quite loved by one and all for the perfect personality boost.

Piping pouches

Piping pouches

The next in the queue is the subtler and softer version of enhancement that is all about a thick piping going under the pouch to lift the manhood without any hassle. They are the most gentle way of lifting the manhood and are perfect for men who like to keep it comfy down there.

C-ring pouches

C Ring Pouches

C Rings

Last but not the least (probably the raunchiest) in the queue are the c-ring pouches that are either inbuilt in the styles like bikini underwear or men’s thongs or are available as mere rings that go about lifting the position of the male anatomy. The c-rings are generally painful when they are made to curb the blood flow for a more visible erection in the pants. Hence, it is always advisable to wear it for a limited duration and then changed to something more comfortable.

What matches your taste buds?? Which pouch option would you want to slip into and come up with? Do let us know in the comments below.