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Buying bikini underwear? – Do’s and Don’ts to consider

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Do you walk in the park and find those tiny but quite visible hoardings that mention rules and regulation of how to behave while in the park? They are the dos and don’ts that one must abide or will face the consequences. Likewise, every clothing article has some instructions with them, including the men’s underwear too. These dos and don’ts are quite necessary for you to check and follow in order to keep the pieces longer and stronger with you.

For men who are accustomed to briefs or boxer brief underwear, bikinis for men are the next stop. And, this style too has its its rules.

Thinking about the reasons for which the style is everyone’s favorite, you still should be aware of the pros and cons while you buy it for yourself. After all, they’re worth it.

      • DO’S

        • 1. Buy with confidence – and wear em’ too

          When you know you’ve got the looks, why not flaunt it to get the best from the same? If you go by the cuts & coverage, you have such a wide variety available that you wouldn’t have to settle for the ordinary. Whether you find comfort in the conventional coverage that shows off the sides subtly or something that shows off a lot to you in Brazilian cuts or string waistbands, you can wear them. But, if you lack the confidence, it’ll all be in vain. Confidence comes in with the right choices or coverage. Hence, do choose well.

        • 2. Do measure yourself – at least thrice

          There’s always a reason to do something and repeat it. Measuring yourself is one of them. Do it once and note it down with your underwear on. Then take off your men’s briefs off and measure it once again and note it down. Lastly, once again to reassure yourself the correct size.

        • 3. Do understand the fabrics

          It is essential to understand the variety of fabrics that a bikini is available in. Whether you’re looking for the ballet-kind stretch or the breathability or even the moisture-wicking features in order to raise up the heat, you have it all. Fabrics like cotton, nylon, polyester, polyamide and more with spandex that makes the perfect combination for the stretch, comfort, and style are available online.

        • DON’TS


          • 1. Do not be afraid to wear them

            Bikinis have no thorns implemented in them that will come up and prick in your skin. You don’t have to be skeptical or afraid in donning them. If you’ve made the right choices in the first place, you won’t have to regret later on. Give the new style time and you’ll be okay with it.

          • 2. Do not buy the wrong size

            You don’t even have the idea of how wrong can this decision be for you. Chafing, rashes, abrasions, itchiness, pouch adjustment, and so many other problems can be your everyday situation if you pick the wrong size.

          • 3. Do not compromise on quality

            This again is one of the most commonly made but saddest mistakes in men’s apparel. One gives preference to the money rather than the comfort and quality. If once properly bought, a pair of bikini would be very durable and would last really long.

What’s your idea of wearing these? Do let us know in the comments below.

Summers- It’s all about the Sun, Sea, and Surf!

Men's Printed Underwear | Wyzman.com

The summers are incomplete without the beach and bikinis. The warm climate allows us to relax with our beach chairs. It is also the perfect time to shop for swim wears as they allow you to flaunt your well-chiseled body. The underwear brand Intymen crafts sexy bikini’s for men which adds a pinch of sexiness to your physique. One of their products is the Intymen Floral Swim Bikini Blue which has lovely flowery prints on its rear.

Intymen Floral Swim Bikini

The above men’s underwear has a contouring pouch at the front to hold your manhood. It has enough fabric both at the front and back which makes it perfect for the beach, pool or water parks. The sexy low rise cut allows you to flaunt your toned body. The fabric is a composition of  83% Polyester 17% Spandex which is the sole reason for comfort and stretchability.

Intymen Floral Swim Bikini

Grab one of these electrifying styles from Wyzman.com

Stay on Cloud Nine with Agacio Bikini Underwear

Agacio Dominant Bikini Brief Navy/Grey | Wyzman.com

The name Agacio is derived from a Latin word “Agassio” which means good. As the name suggest, the brand is aimed at offering nothing, but the best to the fashion oriented male population. The brand is designed by man and is aimed at catering to the needs and wants of every style-conscious male population.

Agacio Dominant Bikini Brief Navy/Grey

This write up in particular discusses about Agacio Dominant Bikini Brief Navy/Grey. The subtle sophistication of men’s underwear can glamorize your masculinity without revealing your assets. The pouch of the bikini brief underwear is built with a sack lifting technology that lifts the manhood. It is designed to make your package look bigger. It, thus, contours the crotch area to give a fuller and rounder profile. The fabric includes a mixture of 80.60% Nylon, 16.91% Spandex and 2.49%Polyester. The moisture wicking and color retention property of nylon ensures comfort as well as durability. While the right proportion of spandex provides limited stretch. The underneath article can add a flare of sophistication in your everyday closet.

The online store of Wyzman.com offers range of Agacio at easy and affordable prices. Check out the inventory and find your piece in varied color combinations.