Strip Off with Intymen Briefs

Intymen Stripe Sheer Brief

The image on the top might come across as an old men’s underwear by the popular brand Intymen, but the pair is still one of the most loved by its wearers. The collection of men’s brief underwear by the label is one of the bestseller assortments among others available, but this product is loved for some other reasons. What can they be, you might ask?

Well, the Intymen Stripe Sheer Brief is what this blog talks about and what makes it so special.

Intymen Stripe Sheer Brief Royal Blue

The biggest reason that men love in this pair is the sheer underwear feature. The see-through property of the sexy underwear style is what appealed the male population. Probably one of the first pieces by the sporty brand that has such a feature. With a combination of solid/sheer design throughout the piece, it lets the others also see what you’re holding in there.

With a waistband that holds a strong grip on the manhood, the contouring pouch with a center seam lets you stay at comfort without any movement. Coming down to the next feature that makes it an ideal pair is the fabric composition. Made of 5.94% Nylon – 24.06% Spandex, you get to feel absolutely comfortable and a lot flexible than you think it would be.

Available in two handsome colors is what makes the third and the last feature that is loved by men. Royal blue and violet are two extremely wonderful colors. Check them out at

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