Slip In the Comfort of Kyle Underwear

Kyle Slip Bikini Turquoise |

The bikini underwear of Kyle are mostly subtle and simple. However, the temptation is caused by the cuts and conspicuous color combinations. The skivvies of the label allows you to show off your skin as well as the style, but in an elegant way. The Kyle Slip Bikini Turquoise is one such product of the label that embodies sex appeal, functionality as well as a discernible design.

Kyle Slip Bikini Turquoise

The sophisticated high rise cut of the underneath apparel can sensationalize your partner. The contemporary style of men’s underwear leaves the sides for the show and covers the rest. The soft textured fabric at the back stretches a bit more to cover major portion of your butt cheeks. The attractive piece is quite pleasing with a tiny looking pouch and cheeky rear coverage. Powerful by look as well as function, the underneath article easily puts forward the intention of the wearer. The bikini underwear is crafted in nylon that provides moisture resistent properties to the manhood. While the blend of spandex provides limited flexibility. Both the material is mixed in the proportion of 85% and 15% respectively.

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