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Think g-string underwear is outrageously revealing and not an apt option for everyday use? Think again. Actually there are a number of reasons that makes this underneath style worth trying. The skimpy underwear for men can effortlessly make the sex appeal shoot through the roof. Feeling the erotic apparel so close to your body is an erotic sensation for the wearer. However, if you are still not comfortable in flaunting your assets, then, try the subtle style of Daniel Alexander New Way G-string.

Men's G-String Underwear

With the same sensual feel, the sexy style of men’s underwear covers the basic essentials. The contouring pouch hugs the package and keeps it together. Not only does the pouch enhance your front profile, it also boosts the self-confidence of the wearer. Other than the front pouch, the underneath article features a string waistband that goes all the way to the back and slips right into the crack. The eye candy color combination can lighten up you every day look. Wearing the lightweight and revealing style of men’s g-string underwear is as good as going commando. Yet, the assets are held in the right place. The fabric composition includes 85% Nylon and 15%Spandex for incredible comfort and reasonable stretch.

Update your closet with the contemporary styles and tempt your taste buds with the Daniel Alexander g-strings.

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