Pep up your underneath with Kyle G-String

Men's G-string Underwear |

The Kyle G-String features a low rise fit that lets the string waistband stay low. The pouch is the next big thing that comes to the sight. Being elongated with the shaft, it is designed to make your junk stay in the trunk with a bigger bulge in the pants. The top of the pouch features solid fabric while the next half is crafted in sheer fabric. Providing the best coverage and support to your assets, it is only the front that is covered whereas; the rest features a conventional men’s g-string design.

Kyle G-String Underwear

The brand name in the center of the pouch top stands out and provides the assurance of the support. Made of 91.47% polyamide and 8.53% spandex, this calls for a unique fabric composition that makes the pair to be moisture wicking and breathable (because of the sheer).

Fancy? The pair has a lot more to offer and you can check it out at

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