Pamper Yourself with the Sensuous thongs from Edipous

Thong Underwear for Men

Edipous, the men’s underwear brand has always been stupendous in crafting sexy underwear for men. Well, Edipous Hot Thong, one of the products by them has won the hearts of many men around. It is one of the unique pieces that enhances your sex appeal in every possible way.

Thongs for Men

In terms of the construction, you would find a structural pouch at the front which holds your manhood. This exotic thong underwear does not fail to provide the needed support to your genitals. The waistband that holds the pouch is more like a thin string that extends to the rear to keeps the assets in place. The rear has minimum fabric that leaves your butts for the show. Well, the triangular fabric at the rear covers a part of your butt crack.

The fabric composition of this underwear is 96% modal and 4% spandex to give the best of comfort and resilience. Grab one of these from to make yourselves feel special.

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