Take your Style to New Heights with the Thongs of Daniel Alexander

Daniel Alexander Emotion Slip Thong | Wyzman.com
The reasons to try men’s thong is ample. The lack of underwear line in this skivvy style allows a guy to wear tight jeans and trousers. However, those who think that thongs cannot be used on daily basis needs to check out the collection of Daniel Alexander. The thongs of the brand are lightweight and feature a superbly functional front pouch that firmly hugs you manhood and provides gentle elevation, thus, enhancing the visibility of your front pouch. The Daniel Alexander Emotion Slip Thong Purple provides the coverage and support exactly where you need it. The fine fabric sits right in the crack and allows your cheek to peep out. The purple underwear is available other colors as well, namely red, cyan and navy. You can choose the one that matches your taste and preference. Made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, it feels soft against the skin of your....[Read More]

Christmas is Around the Corner- What are You Actually Shopping for?

Christmas is Around the Corner- What are You Actually Shopping for?
Christmas is about to come and with it comes endless opportunities for shopping. Yes, don't be surprised at all. The festive occasion of Christmas comes with a bounty full of shopping activities for shopaholics. Starting from the shopping events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday till the end of New Year occasion, there are a lot of good days for shoppers ahead. If you are looking to satisfy your shopping urge, Christmas is the right time for you to shop freely. There are a variety of shopping options available for people during the auspicious Christmas occasion. It is definitely the right time to utilize the great festive shopping bonanza during Christmas. Take a quick look at some of the areas which offer great shopping offers during the Christmas time. 1. Apparels- There are numerous big apparel brands that are offering amazing shopping deals on various clothing items. These big bang offers....[Read More]

Keep a Low Profile with Joe Snyder Bikini

Joe Snyder Bikini ELA White | Wyzman.com
The men’s bikinis of Joe Snyder is for men who likes to keep a low profile, without compromising style. You need not go any extra mile for donning an exotic look. Joe Snyder Bikini Ela White can give an on-trend look without revealing anything. The underneath clothing is surprisingly lightweight and it’s contoured pouch is it’s most noticeable factor. The cupping action of the pouch gently lifts the manhood and enhances the look of the entire package by projecting perfect bulge. You just need to refer to the size chart and carefully choose your piece. The fabric at the back hugs your butt and covers the conventional cheeks. The bikini is crafted in a fabric blend that includes 80% polyamide and 20% spandex. The underneath article is available in other colors namely pink, red, and yellow. The white waistband, the signature logo of the brand at the side and the....[Read More]

How to Size Your First G-String Underwear?

How to Size Your First G-String Underwear | Wyzman
You’ll find a lot of material online in regard to how to buy men’s underwear, what aspects you must look for when you plan to shop and a lot more. One of the most important aspect that you’ll find in every piece of article or blog that’s about male thongs or men’s g-string underwear is the mention about the correct size. However, very few of them talk about how one should actually measure their body to get the right fit. This blog would lay out the steps with which you can easily measure yourself and sport the sexy, skimpy and erotic g-strings. 1.Wrap around the measuring tape: The first step that you must take is to shed all your clothes and pick up a measuring tape. Wrap it around your waist where most of your underwear waistbands actually rest. It must be the widest area of the lower body so....[Read More]

Men’s Underwear Styles at Wyzman

Men’s Underwear Styles at Wyzman | Wyzman
With the growing awareness among men about their underneath fashion and their intimate health, the men’s underwear industry has done a lot of hard work and introduced a gamut of apparel styles that are perfect for the different occasions. At Wyzman, you’d find a variety of products that go all the way from conventional styles to the modern ones that reveal a lot about you. This blog lays down the different men’s underwear styles available at the men’s underwear online store. 1.Briefs: Keeping the most conventional first on the list, men’s brief underwear is the most worn, loved and adored the style. Providing ample coverage everywhere, men’s brief underwear starts keeps your junk together. Available in a variety of waistline positions (low waist, mid waist, and high waist), the low waist is the most popular among the ones available. 2.Boxer briefs: The next most popular style that men know is....[Read More]

Pre-Thanksgiving Tips for this Year

Pre-Thanksgiving Tips for this Year | Wyzman
You must be out of the Halloween spirit and would have started the rush towards Thanksgiving. If you sit down to rest for a few days, the time would fly and you’d have no time for the preparations for the Thanksgiving Day. With all the hustle-bustle, you’d remember some things and forget some and that’s exactly what this blog comes for help. We believe that you’re the man who’ll help his partner in hosting the best Thanksgiving dinner this year or else if you live alone, this will be entirely your job. This blog would talk about the preparations for Thanksgiving way in advance for you to feel stress-free and relaxed. Few weeks before the holiday Just after Halloween, you must make a list of guests you’d be inviting at your place for supper. In addition, make sure you call them and ask for their availability. In accordance with the....[Read More]

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