Keep your Manhood less Sweaty with Thongs

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Being a sports person, I totally understand that how uncomfortable it feels when the manhood gets sweaty during the sports. You cannot concentrate on the exercises which result in winding up the things and head straight to home. However, Intymen, the men's underwear brand seems to have understood our issues in a better way. One of their products called as the Intymen sports thong serves as the solution to above-mentioned problems. This blog is all about the description of the same. The above men's thong comprises of a structural pouch at the front that keeps the junk in place. The minimum fabric at the rear keeps your assets dry and ventilated during the workouts. Talking about breathability, the mesh fabric used in the construction allows the manhood to breathe. It also fans away the sweat down there. 78% nylon and 22% spandex is what that contributes to the best of....[Read More]

Sheer Underwear: As Sexy as it Sounds

Men's Sheer Underwear |
Sheer, one of the soft fabrics used in the men's underwear industry has taken the sales by storm. Many men are opting for the style for an ample number of good reasons like breathability and revealing capacity(which can be a catalyst for date nights). This blog is all about of sheer underwear for men, which is making the male population crazy. The Cover Male Brazilian Bikini Sheer is what we will be taking as an example.  Scan on to know more about the product. The above men's underwear is a fusion of sexy bikini cuts and see-through fabric that can make your date nights even hotter and erotic. The construction incorporates a featherweight pouch that allows a glimpse of your assets. Additionally, the low rise fit and the supportive waistband holds the structure of the underwear. The Brazilian cut at the back presents a rounder and plump view of your....[Read More]

Bikini: The Passionate Update to your Wardrobe

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Men's underwear industry has had an awesome development in the last few years. They have updated their styles in a fashionable way that ensures the best of two different worlds - sex appeal and comfort. The Intymen Colorful mix Bikini Brief is an example of the remarkable update that is doing rounds at all the online shopping websites.  Read on to know more about the product. The men’s bikini highlights a construction that comes with a contouring pouch to keep things in place. The pouch does not squeeze the manhood as it presents a bigger room for breathability.  This keeps the privates dry and ventilated. Keeping the coverage conventional, the attractive color combination completes the look of the above men's underwear. This construction makes it a perfect attire for all sorts of occasions - from work to date nights. To present the best of luxury and flexibility, the fabric includes....[Read More]

Tone up the Bulge with Enhancement Underwear

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Enhancing underwear for men is one of the latest craze among the male population. The improvisation provided by these is just awe-striking. Many underwear brands like Cover Male have gains an expert crown in crafting the above article for men. One of their products called as the Cover Male Pouch Enhancing thong has caught the attention of the crowd. Read on to know more about the product. The above men's underwear has a unique construction that sketches out a structural pouch at the front while the sexy cuts at the back allows to flaunt your butt cheeks. The pouch projects the male anatomy outwards to present the perfect bulge below the belt. This accentuation can also be a catalyst for the hot date nights. Additionally, the protruding feature also reduced the skin related issues such as sweating, rashes, itching and so on. 86% polyamide and 14% spandex blend is the....[Read More]

Caress Your Privates with Lace Underwear

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Lace underwear for men is the hot topic of town nowadays. Many men are grabbing the luxurious fabric as the comfort provided by these cannot be matched by any other material in the industry. Many underwear brands like Good Devil have crafted sexy pieces that include the above fabric. The Good Devil Lace Bikini Grey is what we are going to discuss in this blog. The above men's underwear has a contouring pouch that takes the shape of the male anatomy at the front while the conventional coverage at the back completes the underwear. The light-weight fabric has strong benefits that one gets to embrace. 1. It offers a heavenly breath to the assets that keeps them dry and ventilated for the day. 2. The revealing nature allows a flash of your assets that can add some spice to your love life. The 92% nylon and 8% spandex fabric blend....[Read More]

Get Jazzy with Sheer Underwear for Men

Men's Sheer Underwear |
What can be more relieving than wearing a breathable fabric down there on a hot summer day? Earlier, only a limited no. of materials were used in the construction of men's underwear. However, now, we have ample options which offer the best of comfort and sex appeal. The Good Devil Zoom Thong Sheer is what we will be discussing about in this blog. Hop on to know more. The above sheer underwear for men incorporates a breezy fabric that stays like a feather on the waist. The smoothness of the material and the breathability provided by the same feels like wearing nothing down there. This doesn't mean that support will be compromised. The structural pouch at the front keeps the male anatomy in place without promoting any movement. Additionally, the zoom feature presents an impressive profile below the belt. The revealing nature of the cloth can raise the temperature of....[Read More]

Sheer Underwear: Grab the Sizzling Experience

Men's Sheer Underwear |
When it's about donning a sexy attire for hot nights then why not try the sheer underwear for men. Many underwear brands like Good Devil incorporate the sheer fabric in their products that allows a flash of the naughtiness hidden behind the fabric. One of their merchandise called as the Good Devil Net Jockstraps. The below blog talks about the description of the same. Read on to know more. The above men's underwear offers a snug fit while the structural pouch at the front hides your junk in a mischievous way. The revealing nature of the pouch can tease and tantalize your partner for the rest of the night. The firm waistbands on the sides hold the structure of the article. Additionally, in terms of comfort and stretch, the fabric composition includes a blend of 97% polyester and 3% spandex. Add some spice to your intimate affairs with these hot....[Read More]

Basic Questions on the Modern Men’s Thongs

Basic Questions on the Modern Men's Thongs
Men's thong, one of the popular underwear style has seen a good rise in the industry. When compared to the initial products that were launched long back, the modern ones have been well versed in terms of cuts, fabrics, designs and much more. They have secretly made a way to every fashionable men's wardrobe out there. However, apart from the popularity, the style also has major controversies as well. Some say they ride up while the others say they have comfort issues. The below blog is all about major concerns about the attire that the customers have been facing. Read on to find out. 1. I always have size issues. In spite of buying my regular size, the thongs always stay tight on my waist. It doesn’t leave any space for breathability. What’s happening? This is one of the most common questions that we bloggers get to answer. Well, returning....[Read More]

Low rise Bikini – The Best Bang for your Bucks

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Low rise underwear cuts are one of the hottest trends in the city. Many men's underwear styles come with the above cuts that present an impressive profile. The functional purpose of these cuts is they help us to hide the embarrassment due to the popping waistbands. Apart from that, on the fashionable hold, they assist in flaunting the sexy body as well. One of the underwear products called as the Daniel Alexander Naval Warfare Slip Bikini White offers a classic style coupled with modern cuts. This provides a refined update to your underneath wardrobe. The blog discusses the features of the above attire that makes it a must have. The men's low-rise bikini is a blend of 85% nylon and 15% Spandex that ensures the stretch and the comfort down there. The Nylon material is well known for its absorbing capacity in summers. This feature helps in fanning the sweat....[Read More]

Enhancement Underwear: The Perfect Personality Booster

Enhancement Underwear: The Perfect Personality Booster
Enhancement underwear has been on the go for a very long time now. The pieces are purchased every now and then which has increased the online market rate effortlessly. Have you ever wondered that why people are going crazy about them? To answer the above question it is important to understand the concept or the definition of the above attire. The Men's Enhancement underwear helps in improvising the overall personality of the wearer. It upholds the bare essentials and keeps them an elevated position avoiding the dangling feeling down there. In some cases, it pushes the male anatomy out, which creates a visible bulge below the belt.  This boosts the personality while making the individual more confident about himself. Apart from the functionality of the underneath attire, what benefits does the attire provide? Read on to find out. 1.Presents an impressive front profile As discussed above, the enhancement attires provides....[Read More]

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