Low Rise – The Underwear Under the Formal Wear

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The men’s low rise underwear has been doing rounds since the low waist jeans came into the trend. However, now they are being included with the formal attires as well. There are many reasons behind this inclusion. Few of them are – No popping waistbands, their pouches are crafted in a good way, the skimpy construction keeps the wearer airy and breathable etc. Underwear brands like Obviously has taken it to the next level. One of their products Obviously Basics Low Rise Brief is what we are going to discuss about in this blog. Read on to know more about the product.

Obviously Low Rise Brief
The above men’s underwear features a sexy low rise brief cut that stays low on your waist. The contouring pouch at the front takes the shape of the manhood and allows a “no more adjusting” experience down there while the back features a conventional coverage. The pouch also presents an impressive front profile down there. The small construction has a light weight fabric composition that stays very soft on the skin while the waistband completes the structure of the attire.

The fabric composition includes a blend of 90% Modal and 10% LYCRA that ensures the best of stretch and comfort down there. Grab the pieces from the online stores of Wyzman.com to project the best of yourself.

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