Keep the Attention where needed with See Through Underwear by Intymen

Intymen Pouch Brief |

What does see through underwear do for you? Do they let your partner see through? Or let you leave it bare below the belt? Well, sheer pieces are the best to do both the above-mentioned things are they do it quite well. However, there are varieties of styles that depends on the brand to allow the visibility down there. Intymen is one brand that gives sheer but doesn’t allow the visibility aspect which compromises with the support.

Intymen Brief

The Intymen Sporty Pouch Brief is the pair shown in the image above that is one example of the kind we talked about above. The sexy underwear definitely features mesh construction throughout but the double layer of the same prevents see-through ability and adds to the support of the same. With the conventional cuts, Intymen makes sure that the pair doesn’t lack on the “trendy” aspect. The shiny waistband with the brand name as well as the logo on the left hip is what adds to the sex appeal whereas; the rest is kept conventional. The pouch as the name of the product signifies is sporty by nature and is equally supportive.

Look and feel masculine with the nylon/spandex combination that has its own benefits. Find out the color options at

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