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Men's Jockstrap Underwear |

Jockstraps were originally made as an accessory for sports lovers and athletic men. However, with time they have become a popular choice for the style-conscious male population as a daily wear to keep a fashionable hold. Pistol Pete offers a range of trendy and stylish jockstrap underwear for men. The fashionable undies can be carried off by any guy and can effortlessly add loads of confidence as well as attitude to the wearer. Pistol Pete Varsity Lace Up Jock is one such option that lighten up your underwear collection.

Men's Jockstrap Underwear

The incredible men’s underwear features lace up style in the front. You can adjust the lace of the pouch as per the requirement. Keeping the entire package together and in place, the underneath apparel enhances the visibility of the front profile. The wide waistband and the straps at the back provides full support to the manhood. The modern style and see-through cuts takes your sex appeal to the next level. So, whether you are getting ready for an early jog or you are heading for a romantic date night, this jockstrap can accompany you at every place. The fabric composition includes 55% cotton that keeps the manhood cozy, 42% nylon that makes it durable and 3% spandex for limited stretch.

Reveal the mystery with the never-seen-before style. Get your piece now and tantalize your partner.

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