Jockstraps: 5 inevitable reasons for incorporating it

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Men want the same thing from their underwear as they want from their partner, a little bit of support and a little bit of freedom. Thus, jockstrap underwear qualifies to be a staple in the wardrobe of every man around. Ever since it’s invention in the mid 1870s, this particular style of underneath article is a must-have for every athletic personality. In fact, Mfesports Blog has even named it as the unsung hero of sportswear.

Taking you back to its time of inception, according to Wikipedia, men’s jockstrap underwear was eventually designed to protect the genitals of the cyclists in particular. The first ever jockstrap was named The Bike Jockey Straps. The word Jockey refers to riders. This underneath article style gradually became popular among horse rider and other athletics. The initial jockstraps were designed with a supportive pouch in front and straps at the back. The pouch would hold the package of the wearer and straps would add to the support of the undergarment. The pouch even had protective cups for the additional protection. The protective layer of the underwear prevented any external injury to the privates of the wearer during rigorous physical activities.

The design of this underwear style later changed from hockey jocks to windproof jockstraps as per the requirement of the athletes. The 2000s have seen a resurgence in the design with the introduction of Fashion Jocks. Despite the huge demand, the reasons for its incorporation has always popped up. Do you wonder the reasons that made it’s use inevitable? Here are some of the logic in this regards.

Reason 1.

As mentioned above, the protection of the genital of the adventure seeking men was the main reason for the popularity of jockstraps. The flat fronts of the conventional styles of men’s underwear kept the manhood in between the thighs. This sometimes led to serious internal injuries. This made it inevitable for designing something that can protect the testicles. Initially, the undergarment was designed with protective cups. However, these cups led to overheating of testicles and hence they were later perforated for ventilation. Even today, athletes and sports persons use the protective shield made of soft and airy material.

Reason 2.

Men's Jockstrap Underwear

It’s not just about protection, a supportive construction for the junk of an individual is equally important. You can’t manage to concentrate on what you’re doing when everything is hanging out freely. The pouch of the underwear is specially designed keeping in mind the rigorous leg movement of the sports person. With the right amount of lift and elevation, the jocks provides the perfect support to your manhood.

Reason 3.

The unique cut and style of the underneath apparel may be embarrassing for some in the locker room, but it serves a practical purpose. Sporty activities, workouts and other physical actions upsurges sweating, especially in the crotch area. The revealing back aid ventilation. Allowing more air to flow in freely, the underneath article wicks away the moisture at a greater pace. This even reduces moisture retention which is probably the biggest problem of athletes.

Reason 4.

Wearing jockstrap underwear has medical benefits as well. Cutting down the moisture content in the pelvis area, it reduces the possibility of rashes and fungal infections. Not only this, the conventional pouch raised the temperature of the testicles of the wearer. This led to problems such as low sperm count. Modern jockstraps are particularly designed to pamper the manhood of men. Their front contour keeps the anatomy away from the body. The free air flow balances the heat and thus lowers the risk of such medical conditions.

Reason 5.

This underwear style is not just restricted to basic functionality. The fashion jockstraps are designed to rejuvenate your intimacy. Crafted in see-through fabric such as lace, sheer and mesh, these jocks can entice your partner. Some of the outrageously revealing undies even offer open pouch option that leaves nothing to the imagination. Hence, the need of sex appeal among modern men made it inevitable to revamp the conventional style into a fashion piece. The uncelebrated hero of the sportswear category is now making a mark in the fashion segment as well.

Life’s too short to wear a mediocre underwear. So, try out the blend of support and sensuality and stay bang on trend without compromising comfort.

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