Go Unconventional with Intymen Briefs

Intymen Stripe Sheer Brief | Wyzman.com

You must have heard a lot about the tighty whiteys being so conventional and also the after effects of the same. However, men who are in love with men’s brief underwear are head over heels for the men’s underwear style. With the constant emergence of technologies and newer fabrics, they are no more called as tighty whiteys.

Intymen Stripe Sheer Brief Royal Blue

One of the most popular innovations that make the conventional style not-so-conventional is sheer underwear. The Intymen Stripe Sheer Brief is one-of-a-kind by the brand that equally functional and sexy. Featuring a delectable combination of solid and sheer stripes throughout the pair, there’s not a lot left to the imagination. Coming from a brand that showcases athletic pieces for the male population, this product is more sensual in comparison to the others available at Wyzman. With a bold waistband, the contouring pouch lets the masculinity hang low in a way that it prevents from chafing.

With a defining fit below the belt, the next feature that makes it an ideal pair is the fabric composition. Made of 75.94% nylon and 24.06% spandex, you get to feel absolutely comfortable and a lot flexible than you think it would be. Every product by Intymen has a larger amount of spandex compared to other brands for a stretch.

You can take a closer look at the product on wyzman.com.

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