Get your Assets Super Charged with the Lace Underwear

Men's Lace Underwear |

Lace was introduced some time back in the underwear industry. It started to be accepted widely by the men’s population. It has found it’s placed in the heart of fashion connoisseur in the recent past. Joe Snyder Bulge Boxer Lace is one such product that is making rounds on all the men’s wardrobe. Read on the below blog to know more about the product.

Joe Snyder Lace Underwear

The above men’s underwear features an anatomical construction that highlights a pouch to carry the male anatomy. It holds the package together to create a visible bulge below the belt. The conventional coverage keeps you comfortable throughout the day. Apart from providing an impressive front profile, the men’s lace underwear provides full ventilation down there. It allows a good air circulation that keeps the assets airy and dry.

The fabric composition is a blend of  80% polyamide and 20% spandex that ensures a good stretch and comfort down there. Grab the pieces from the online stores of to jazz up your underwear collection.

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