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As the name depicts, See through underwear for men allows full or partial visibility of your assets. It also depends upon the type of fabric that comes with the underwear. Different types of fabrics are used for the see-through purpose like lace, sheer and mesh. Intymen’s classic mesh boxers adapts to the mesh fabric for the above purpose. The below blog provides you the description of the product.

Intymen Mesh Boxer

Description of the outfit:

This underneath apparel for men features mesh fabric construction throughout the underwear except the pouch. The pouch envelopes your manhood and is enough supportive. The conventional cuts makes it essential for daily use. It also holds a shiny waistband with the brand name and the logo on the left.

Where can you wear them?

You can wear these luxurious undergarments to your daily workouts or to your workplace. The tiny pores in the fabric helps in fanning away your sweat and keeps you cool down there. These can also be worn as a cozy nightwear.

What makes them comfortable?

The fabric of this underwear is a fusion of 78% nylon and 22% spandex, which gives the needed flexibility and comfort. Nylon is a good option for summers as they help in wicking away the moisture. Apart from that, mesh itself has little pores to fan away your sweat, so this combination can help you to keep it ventilated down there.

Grab one of these from to double your benefits with their exciting colors.

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