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Daddy Slip Thong Black | Wyzman.com

You can’t convince every man to wear men’s thong unless and until it is as appealing and masculine as the thongs of Daddy. Keeping the innovative approach and unique designs unaltered, the brand has come up with Daddy Slip Thong Black.

Daddy Slip Thong Black

The underneath articles feature a pouch that covers the manhood and keeps it away from the body. This can even reduce the problem of excessive sweating keeping the manhood dry. This ultimately reduces the skin related problems such as chafing, rashes and others. At the same time, the gentle elevation enhances the visibility of the front profile. The rear side of the underwear is very similar to men’s jockstrap underwear featuring a strap that hugs the conventional cheeks. The ample skin show is not for the faint of hearts. However, the combination of white and black with red can adorn every personality. Made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, this underwear for men is ideal for every season and occasion.

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