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Things no man should have in his Summer Wardrobe

As per quoted by Saint Laurant, “Fashion fades, but the style is eternal”. Fashion is one thing that never lasts long. Every season comes up with something new. Hence, every year you need to clear your wardrobe and make room for the new trends. Do you think that men are not supposed to worry about the trend? Then, you need to reconsider. The world is changing and the way you look and carry yourself is now one of the deciding factors. This is the reason why you need to stay in line with the current trend.

Just like every season brings in the new trend, there are certain things that you need to get rid of this season as well.

Paneled shirt

Paneled Shirt

The paneled shirt occupied a portion in the wardrobe for men for a very long time, but it now time for you to bid it goodbye. This season calls for shirts in solid color or the ones with stripe and checks pattern. Pairing this shirt with the formal suit is now considered a fashion blunder. So, make sure that you get rid of it, this Summer. You can instead go with the stripe patterns or the solid color shirt that has plaid patterns in the collar and cuffs.

Cargo trousers

Cargo Trouser

The athletic style of the cargo pants is still a usual sight among the youngsters. However, anything that is very baggy is unacceptable in the time to come. This is definitely a functional apparel for occasions such as trekking or any other adventurous trips. However, this is not an ‘in’ statement for other casual occasions. Instead you can go with the chinos. Even the laid back pajamas are expected to be back in fashion.

Deep v-neck t-shirt

Deep v-neck t-shirt

T-shirts with deep v-shaped neckline is not an accepted style anymore. The neckline should not be too deep to reveal your chest hairs. The tee in solid colors or horizontal and vertical stripe patterns are perfect for the upcoming season. Moreover, the funky slogan tees and funny messages appear way to immature and should be definitely cleared off from your wardrobe.

Pointed-tip shoes and sandals

Pointed-tip shoes and sandals

The shoes with pointed toes was once a statement making footwear for all the fashion connoisseurs. However, this season it is probably best avoided. In fact, it is the shape pointed toes that are out-of-fashion. The subtle points can still be used. The lace-ups are the most basics and the most useful footwear for men. Along with this, even the sandals should be cleared off from the closet this Summer. Instead, flip-flops for the laid back outings are expected to be back in fashion.

Beaded jewelry

Beaded jewelry

The irresistible fashion of late 90s and early 2000s is not ‘in’ anymore. So, it is time to replace your funky beaded jewelries with the elegant and sophisticated accessories. A subtle pendant hanging from the steel chain is perfect. Instead of the beaded bracelets, you can go for the timeless timepieces. Elegance is the key to staying on-trend this season.

Conventional styles of men’s underwear

Daniel Alexander G-String

This is high time that you ditch your ever-favorite tight-whiteys and try some modern styles of men’s underwear. In fact, trying something like extremely sexy men’s g-strings or thong underwear is even a practical option for the humid weather of Summer. With the changing trend, the underneath fashion for men is going places as well. So, revamp the top drawer of your wardrobe and get some contemporary styles of undies.

Are you all set to make a style statement this Season? What’s your fashion hacks for Summer? Share your view in the comment section below.

6 Grooming mistakes you’re not aware of

6 Grooming mistakes you're not aware of

How good does it sound – you wake up in the morning, go for shower, trim your beard (if need be), clothes are kept on the bed for you to come out and wear them, toenails are chopped off, you take the final bow in front of mirror and move on to your day’s schedule/

Sounds good? But is it all for real??

Let’s come back to reality with the fact that grooming is definitely the holy grail of looking good. It has always been the focus since when our mothers trimmed out nails and got our hair cut to make us look like good boys. The trend hasn’t changed but the grooming includes a lot more things now than it was when we were kids. With such hectic schedules, we need to ask ourselves a question – are we doing enough to look and feel good?

Let’s take a look at the bigger picture that goes beyond brushing & flossing your teeth. Because there are so many mistakes which we’re making in the course of grooming ourselves.

Get your eyebrows trimmed

Man trimming eyebrows

Starting from the top, don’t take your eyebrows too lightly. For you, it might be okay to have two joined in the center but it is an obstruction which you express what you say. The cleaner the better and for that, you have to get it trimmed.

Stop bathing in your cologne


We know the etiquette of using a cologne but still manage to apply so much that the other person gets allergic and falls prey to sneezes as soon as you cross him/her. DO NOT apply the entire bottle of deodorant or cologne at once and in fact, a few sprays are enough to make you feel fresh and smell even better.

Body hair (nostrils, back, ear, chest, and masculinity) are a big no

Body Hair

Having hair on any of these body parts is a punishable offense. Jokes apart! Having so much of hair on your body, you would surely come in an Ape’s or Bear’s category. The hair on these parts are of no use and you must get rid of them. Where below the belt won’t be able to sport the trends for men, other parts look ugly with the same. If you really want to sport men’s thong underwear or bikinis this summer, you must get rid of the hair.

Control the use of hair products

Control the use of hair products

Just like we mentioned above that using a lot of cologne would not any good to you, excessive use of hair products will leave you bald. This came quite blunt? Well, because if it wasn’t blunt, you wouldn’t understand the intensity of the aspect. Hair products cause hair fall! After all, they are made of chemicals as well. What would you expect from them?

Haircut must suit you – but don’t go, hippie

Weird Hair Cut

You know the drill – you get a haircut every 6 weeks or so before someone points out to you. Dude, your hair has actually grown long! You wouldn’t like that comment/compliment from someone else. In fact, if you’re working, it will not be a beneficial idea for your personality there as well. So, unless you’re a part of some rock band, get a haircut.

Trim your nails

Trim your nails

If you think that toenails are not visible so you’ll be a little lazier in trimming them up, please don’t up at any gathering wearing open toed footwear. People will be mortified. Being a social professional who likes to keep tidy, this is one area where you need to take care of yourself.

There are a lot more hacks for you and your personality. Find them here and lead a life that is fashionable, sexy and appealing.

Social etiquette – Rules that redefine modern manners

Social etiquette - Rules that redefine modern manners

Have you ever heard the elders saying kids today have lost their etiquette? Probably you’d just listen and move on with it being a statement from the elders who aren’t very happy, but somewhere along the line, this is something that has caught a lot of attention.

What is social etiquette?

The term “social etiquette” is referred to the defined behavior in the presence of the others. With the laid down etiquette, they’ve changed through the generations but the basics are still the same. You might just mold them according to your situation, but the crust of it would remain the same.

So, what are the rules that redefine modern behavior with the social etiquette?

Find them below.

Promising and not showing up

Don’t you just hate it when others ditch at the last minute when you were actually looking forward to having a company? This is practical both in the professional and personal set up. Being an active member in one of my work group, it gets highly difficult to bring all the members together for the same meeting.
Disregarding others invitations and being ungrateful by not showing up is not acceptable. Keep your word and show up when you are asked to.

Being punctual

Another irritating problem that has taken the world by its effect is the being late for whatever it may be. You might reach before the time for your first date but when it is required by any other elder person, being punctual is not what guys do. Being punctual is not just a duty but a basic sense of courtesy and responsibility towards anyone who is expecting you to do be there – on time.

Dress well

This has to be one of the most important ones when it comes to being social. Why? The reason of this being most important is that the very first thing others notice about you is not how you communicate but how you look. Are you groomed well to look presentable? Are you wearing outfits that fit in the idea of the occasion or not? If you think that you look out-of-the-box, then you can consider looking up for an outfit that suits the occasion. Showy men’s underwear waistbands, wearing men’s bikini underwear rather than swim bikini at the beach or any other problem, can be avoided. Moreover, get your grooming problems fixed to look appealing.

Clean up after your pet poop in public

Being a social person, it is your responsibility to keep your surroundings clean. Carry a bag or something to pick up the litter that your pet does on the roadside or pavements. This is what a socially sound person would do in any situation.

Be polite

You don’t have to be rude to everyone around you. They’ve not anything to get that from you. Being polite won’t take your riches with you and will not do any harm. It will, in fact, make you a better person in the eyes of the people around you who are watching.

Are there any other social etiquette that the readers must know? Do let us know.