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Briefs are Back with a Bang!

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Men’s Briefs, the conventional underwear style has been the favorite attire of many people. They stay comfortable on our body despite any occasion. Slowly, the style lost its fame with the upcoming styles and fashions. However, now briefs are back with a bang with a much-reversed version of the conventional fashion. One such example is the Intymen Burnout Pouch Brief. Read on to know more about the product.

Intymen Pouch Brief Navy

The above men’s underwear features a traditional construction with a protruded pouch to present an impressive front profile. In terms of coverage, you’ll find that the fabric stretches back to the rear which provides a complete coverage to your assets. The waistband is also a part of the fabric which stays soft on your waist. This underneath attire is a fusion of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, to ensure the flexibility and comfort down there. Additionally, to add to style statement the attire is also available in attractive shades.

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Show off what lies beneath with PetitQ Lace Underwear

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Have you ever slipped into lace underwear before? PetitQ Underwear provides the best opportunity for all men to slip into the luxurious lace fabric and support the manhood. The men’s underwear brand is quite known for its fancy designs and the unique support to the manhood.

PetitQ Lace Underwear

The PetitQ Floral Lace Hipster Brief is one of the fanciest and most lingerie-styled men’s sheer underwear that is crafted to make you feel absolutely stunning below the belt. With low waist fit on the body, the lace men’s brief underwear is designed with intricate detailing throughout the fabric. The see-through feature of the designer underwear lets you see what you’re holding inside. A perfect pair for your romantic evenings, the (un)covering pair pampers the assets. With a pouch that contours, it helps the assets to stay chafing-free.

The fabric composition used in the pair is 82% polyester and 18% spandex that stretches to the best and fits sleek and snug below the belt. Wyzman has many more products in the lace category. You can explore them and pick your favorites at affordable prices.

Play hide & seek with Pistol Pete Brief

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Do you seek fun and play while making love to your partner? Every partner looks out for occasions and reasons to pep up their romantic moments and go ahead to doing things that actually would. Buying sexy men’s underwear is a part of doing the same. Pistol Pete Underwear features a new collection that carries a gamut of products that work on the principle of letting you and your partner have fun between the sheets.

Pistol Pete Brief Underwear

The Pistol Pete Apollo Brief is one of such products that are perfect to be worn on the days when you may way for work and have plans for the evening with your partner. Featuring enticing combination of sheer/solid fabric panels, the men’s underwear handsomely hides the manhood’s visibility (the literal one) and shows off the rest. With the pouch standing tall, chafing-free, the sheer underwear shows off the butts in the best way possible. With solid fabric lining on edges, it is the butts that are revealed for the better.

The piping on the edges is a signature Pistol Pete feature incorporated in every product available at the store. It helps keep the fabric from wearing out easily and also from the same bunching in one place. Try them out now!

The Classic Appeal of Agacio Briefs

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The men’s underwear brand, Agacio, delivers an underwear collection that is known to provide the best of fashion and functionality as well. Some of the products in their stockpile have won the hearts of many men. The product that we’ll be taking into account in this blog is Agacio Warm Brief.

Brief Underwear

The above men’s underwear is a fusion of 80% nylon and 20% elastane to give you extensive comfort and stretch. Additionally, the mesh material used in the construction allows a heavenly breath to your genitals. Moving to the construction, this men’s brief features a structural pouch at the front to keep your junks together. The cuts are conventional which has a thick piping outline around the pouch as well as on the legs. Dragging the spotlight to the coverage, the brief underwear provides bountiful coverage at the front and the rear as well.

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Briefs: It did what? Wanna Know?

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Men’s Briefs are still preferred by many, despite the emerging styles in the men’s underwear section. The reason behind them is that they are very comfortable. However, have you ever tried the same briefs in a stylish way? Cover Male, the popular underwear brand has come up with the same style in better and enhanced way that provides a better comfort than the classic briefs. The Cover Male Protract Brief White is the product that we will be talking about in this blog.

Men's Brief Underwear

The fun twist by the brand on the underneath apparel can fulfill the underwear fetish of every man. This crafty article blends LYCRA and spandex with sheer, which is a see-through fabric. This unique outfit can drive your partner crazy by allowing partial visibility of your assets. Apart from that, the fabric gives allows free breath-ability to your genitals unlike your regular ones. This breezy material gives a feeling of going commando.

The fusion of 85% nylon and 15% spandex offers maximum comfort along with required stretch. The comfort piping and thin elastic waistband provides full support and lift to the entire package. Grab one of these at and pep up your underwear collection.

Enjoy the Fun Twist of Sheer Underwear

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The evolution in the fashion trend always strives to make the experience of the wearer a comfortable one. However, the modern trends in underneath fashion industry have made style and sex appeal an equally important. Cover Male is one such brand that can effortlessly fulfill all the needs and requirement of an individual. The brand can be considered as a symbol of athleticism and masculinity for the fashion conscious male population.

Cover Male Protract Brief White

For all those love the sleekness and sheerness down there, the label presents the exotic style of Cover Male Protract Brief White. The fun twist of the underneath apparel can fulfill the underwear fetish of every man. The tricky piece integrates LYCRA spandex with a sheer see-through accent. The unique sheer underwear can tease and tempt your partner by providing partial visibility of some part of your assets and covering the rest. The low rise waist profile can help you don a bang on trend look. The combination of 85% nylon and 15% spandex offers ultimate comfort along with limited stretch. The comfort piping and thin elastic waistband provides full support and lift to the entire package.

The luxurious fabric blend, reasonable stretch as well as slimmer fit of the men’s underwear looks and feels great under clothes. offers the piece at reasonable prices.

Go Unconventional with Intymen Briefs

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You must have heard a lot about the tighty whiteys being so conventional and also the after effects of the same. However, men who are in love with men’s brief underwear are head over heels for the men’s underwear style. With the constant emergence of technologies and newer fabrics, they are no more called as tighty whiteys.

Intymen Stripe Sheer Brief Royal Blue

One of the most popular innovations that make the conventional style not-so-conventional is sheer underwear. The Intymen Stripe Sheer Brief is one-of-a-kind by the brand that equally functional and sexy. Featuring a delectable combination of solid and sheer stripes throughout the pair, there’s not a lot left to the imagination. Coming from a brand that showcases athletic pieces for the male population, this product is more sensual in comparison to the others available at Wyzman. With a bold waistband, the contouring pouch lets the masculinity hang low in a way that it prevents from chafing.

With a defining fit below the belt, the next feature that makes it an ideal pair is the fabric composition. Made of 75.94% nylon and 24.06% spandex, you get to feel absolutely comfortable and a lot flexible than you think it would be. Every product by Intymen has a larger amount of spandex compared to other brands for a stretch.

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Strip Off with Intymen Briefs

Intymen Stripe Sheer Brief

The image on the top might come across as an old men’s underwear by the popular brand Intymen, but the pair is still one of the most loved by its wearers. The collection of men’s brief underwear by the label is one of the bestseller assortments among others available, but this product is loved for some other reasons. What can they be, you might ask?

Well, the Intymen Stripe Sheer Brief is what this blog talks about and what makes it so special.

Intymen Stripe Sheer Brief Royal Blue

The biggest reason that men love in this pair is the sheer underwear feature. The see-through property of the sexy underwear style is what appealed the male population. Probably one of the first pieces by the sporty brand that has such a feature. With a combination of solid/sheer design throughout the piece, it lets the others also see what you’re holding in there.

With a waistband that holds a strong grip on the manhood, the contouring pouch with a center seam lets you stay at comfort without any movement. Coming down to the next feature that makes it an ideal pair is the fabric composition. Made of 5.94% Nylon – 24.06% Spandex, you get to feel absolutely comfortable and a lot flexible than you think it would be.

Available in two handsome colors is what makes the third and the last feature that is loved by men. Royal blue and violet are two extremely wonderful colors. Check them out at

Warm Up your Winter with Calvin Klein Underwear

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Calvin Klein has been pioneers of innovation and creativity in the field of men’s underwear. With years of experience, the iconic brand can provide everything that a man needs in terms of underneath fashion. This is one brand that needs no introduction, the name speaks for itself. With best-ever comfort, style and color, the underwear can complete the ensemble, regardless of the occasion and event, especially the assortment of briefs of the brand is one of it’s kind.

Calvin Klein Hip Brief Royal Blue

The bight blue color of Calvin Klein Hip Brief Royal Blue pops out of the image. The low cut of the underneath article can match every sort of current trend, yet it provides full coverage at the front as well as at the back. The center contoured pouch is efficient enough to hold and lift the manhood of the wearer. Available at the online store of Wyzman in two other colors, namely white and black, the sassy briefs can match the requirement every personality and taste. The underwear is crafted in a fabric that includes 86% nylon and 14% spandex.

The bright color of men’s brief can help you bet your Monday blues. At the same time, it can help you dazzle your partner at the date night. So, checkout the collection of Wyzman and get your piece now.