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Don an Exotic Look with the G-strings of Miami Jock

Miami Jock Sexual Activity G-String Red |

Miami Jock is a brand for all the fashion fanatics who has the passion and curiosity for sensuality and exotic looks. The undies of the brand can match the taste and preference of every adventurous personality. Popular for it’s crazy and revealing styles, the exorbitant label offers an assortment of bold and daring underneath articles. Miami Jock Sexual Activity G-String Red is one of the most alluring products of the brand that can direct your wild fantasies. Whether you are looking for support, voluptuousness or sex appeal, the hot streaming g-strings of Miami Jock provides you everything.

Miami Jock Sexual Activity G-String Red

The pouch option encircles the entire package and is supported by the thin waistband. With an open rear and string like structure, the men’s underwear do the needful in keeping the entire junk together. It lifts the manhood and holds them in place. The underneath article is crafted in a blend of fabric that includes 83% polyester and 17% spandex. The body hugging fit, extremely glamorous cuts and contoured pouch will make it difficult for your partner to get her eyes off you.

Check out the collection of Miami Jock along with other exotic brands at Wyzman and find the right size and style of undies.

Reveal it all with Daddy G-String

Daddy G-String Black |

Daddy Underwear might be the new men’s underwear industry but the label has been making quite a news among the modern men. The brand was recently added on Wyzman and the products are being not only loved by the population, they’re becoming a fetish for the many men. Every piece is crafted keeping in mind the temptations and needs of the male anatomy.

Daddy G-String Black

The Daddy G-String is one of the many products that offer sensational, sexy and erotic appeal to the below the belt fashion. Featuring an all net-like pouch, the sheer underwear is a barely-there apparel that doesn’t cover anything and reveals your inner animal to the forefront. With a waistband that is thicker than a string and thinner than the broad one, the package is still well held up whereas; the rear string is invisible once it takes its place between the butt cheeks.

91.7% nylon and 8.3% spandex is what carries the base of apparel and provides ample comfort, stretch, breathability and sex appeal. You can choose from the monochromatic black or white colors available at Check out the other products as well by the brand.

How to Size Your First G-String Underwear?

How to Size Your First G-String Underwear | Wyzman

You’ll find a lot of material online in regard to how to buy men’s underwear, what aspects you must look for when you plan to shop and a lot more. One of the most important aspect that you’ll find in every piece of article or blog that’s about male thongs or men’s g-string underwear is the mention about the correct size. However, very few of them talk about how one should actually measure their body to get the right fit.

This blog would lay out the steps with which you can easily measure yourself and sport the sexy, skimpy and erotic g-strings.

1.Wrap around the measuring tape: The first step that you must take is to shed all your clothes and pick up a measuring tape. Wrap it around your waist where most of your underwear waistbands actually rest. It must be the widest area of the lower body so that the size comes out to be right.

2.Note it down and recheck: It is essential for you to be doubly sure about your measurement so that no scope is missed out. Hence, note down the first measurement and repeat the first step again. This has to come same or else you would have to take a third measurement as well.

3.Now compare the size with the one mentioned on the product page: When you’re done with measuring, go on and choose your product on the online store. Compare your measurement with the one provided on the page. Being the first timer, it will be better for you to go for a size bigger than the normal size. It will help you adjust with the rear string that generally rides up in the butt crack (if the size is wrong).

4.Look for the various pouch options: With a patch-like fabric in the front and the only fabric in the apparel style, you must pay attention to it. Whether you want an enhancing pouch or an open one that reveals the bare skin, the decision will be yours. You’ll also find sheer underwear and the ones with inbuilt c-rings that add to the visibility of the same.

5.Don’t buy in bulk: This being your first time, prefer to keep the number of products less because in case you make a mistake in the size, you won’t be left with any other option rather than regretting. You can always go to once you’re sure about the size.

With these steps, the measuring and buying process is made easier for you.