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Are G-String limited to Pleasure? – Know here

Are G-String limited to Pleasure?

The majority of the time when I see men’s g-strings I often think – would they be comfortable or not? Talking to my partner about her experience with the same and also with some of my other friends, I’ve always had mixed feeling for the men’s underwear style UNTIL I chose to try them myself.

Now I know that they ARE meant for pleasure purposes only. But you know what? The pleasures are many and that’s exactly what this blog will lay down for you.

  • 1. For the pleasure of the eyes:

    When you talk about the pleasure, the eyes are the first & the foremost thing that needs the approval. When something pleases the eyes, the process of pleasures starts to work. The pleasing designs are quite important when you really want others to approve of you and that’s exactly what the style does for you.


  • 2. For the pleasure of the touch:

    Have you ever felt that instant love for something when you touched it? The fabric of a g-string can make you feel on top of the world if you choose the right one. When it comes to the touch, the pleasure means that your manhood is at comfort as well after being luxurious. Hence, when you seek a pleasing touch with pleasurable feeling, check the fabric composition.

Pleasure of Touch

  • 3. For the pleasure of the sexy feeling:

    The next in queue after the touch is the feeling of sexiness that automatically steps in when you feel the confidence-boosting with the minimal fabric below the belt. The feeling of sexiness is what pleasures the manhood as well as makes you (as a person) a happy one.

Sexy Feeling

  • 4. For the pleasure of the support:

    Who said anything about g-strings not being supportive? Have you seen the collection of exotic underwear by brands like Pistol Pete, Miami Jock, Cover Male, Daniel Alexander and some more? They are some names which have been offering a combination of support and fancy products together.


  • 5.  For the pleasure of the enhancement:

    Who doesn’t like enhancement down there? If you want a pleasing personality in today’s time, enhancement is one important feature that you need. With techniques like c-ring, pouch enhancing contraptions and more you get to have the pleasure of enhancement down there as well.

Do you still feel that they’re meant for only pleasure?

Get to know your G-Strings better with these

Men are too quick when it comes to shopping for themselves. No wonder they pick anything that comes their way. When it comes to shopping the most basic of their clothing articles i.e., underwear for men, it is that hush-hush situation which makes them reach out to what they wear on the regular basis. For sure they would not go ahead and think about something like men’s g-strings. It certainly won’t be their forte for sure.

Getting to know the sexy underwear style includes everything from sizing your first g-string to getting the best of the feelings from experimenting the newer & hotter designs, is what you need to know.

If you find that tiniest feeling that tells you to go ahead and try the g-strings, this place is for you. Find the pros and cons of the skimpy cum erotic underwear style before you make your decision and hit the buy button.

Advantages of g-strings

1. They are meant for pleasure

Pleasure Gify

Some of you would be aware of the fact that g-strings were brought in the industry from the conventional parent thong underwear for men. While the parent style served to be the supportive one, the latter is meant for pleasure purposes. You can wear them for romantic evenings, fashion shows (if you are a model), or any such place where you don’t need a lot of support.

2. Seamless design

This comes up to be the most practical advantage that one gets in both parent-child styles is that they have a seamless design. A seamless underwear is when the fabric doesn’t pop out of the body-hugging fit. The logic is – with no fabric in the back, there won’t be a problem of lines visible outside the pants.

3. An ideal option for low waist trousers

Low Waist Trouser Gif

With nothing as the seat coverage and a string to hold the waist, another advantage of the pair would make it perfect for you. The g-strings are merely strings or have a very thin waistband that sits low below the waistline, giving you a no-show fit. If you find the string riding up, make sure you pick a bigger size and that problem will be solved.

4. Enhances your manhood as well as the sex appeal

With a pouch being the only broad fabric on the entire piece, the brands make sure that they lift and enhance the visibility of the manhood. The pouch enhancing underwear brings up the visibility and with it the sex appeal as well as the confidence of your personality.

Disadvantages of g-strings

1. Infections – in some cases

If you aren’t very careful, your skimpy style can cause you bacterial infection. That happens when you don’t change your dirty wear, continue to wear it when you’re leaking and so on. So, DO NOT wear dirty g-strings and read the tags that come along with the pair.

2. Minimal support

As mentioned above g-strings are designed intentionally for no support; you must wear the erotic underwear style at specific occasions where you need no support and no coverage at all. Meant for pleasure purposes, g-strings should be kept for special times.

3. Discomfort

Discomfort Gif

Nobody likes fabric riding up in the back. You SHOULD NOT let it bother you. Give it time and pick the right size to avoid such problems.

How do you feel with g-strings? Do let us know in the comments below.

Pep up your underneath with Kyle G-String

Men's G-string Underwear |

The Kyle G-String features a low rise fit that lets the string waistband stay low. The pouch is the next big thing that comes to the sight. Being elongated with the shaft, it is designed to make your junk stay in the trunk with a bigger bulge in the pants. The top of the pouch features solid fabric while the next half is crafted in sheer fabric. Providing the best coverage and support to your assets, it is only the front that is covered whereas; the rest features a conventional men’s g-string design.

Kyle G-String Underwear

The brand name in the center of the pouch top stands out and provides the assurance of the support. Made of 91.47% polyamide and 8.53% spandex, this calls for a unique fabric composition that makes the pair to be moisture wicking and breathable (because of the sheer).

Fancy? The pair has a lot more to offer and you can check it out at

Knock the Socks Off with the G-Strings

Cover Male g-strings |

The classy and sassy men’s underwear brand Cover Male gains an expert crown in crafting cozy underneath apparels. They aim at providing the required comfort and support to the male anatomy. One of their products called as the Cover Male g-strings is what we are going to talk about in this blog. Read on to find out.
Cover Male G-stringsAbove is an image of the Cover Male g-string that features an elegant structure. The construction of this respective men’s underwear features a triangular pouch that is supported by a thin waistband. The pouch covers your manhood while leaving the back for the show. This stylish undergarment does not compromise with the lift or support of the manhood.

This g-strings for men is a fusion of 85% polyamide and 15% spandex that ensures the stretch and comfort. Grab one of these from to show off your finer side.

Underwear Styles : Mix, match and Clash

Men's G-string Underwear |

If you have been looking for an underwear style that can add up some colors to your underneath wardrobe then Daniel Alexander is the right brand for you. One of their products called as the Daniel Alexander Art-Deco Fritz G-String Print has the ability to revolutionize your intimate style quotient.

Daniel Alexander underwear styles G-String Print
The above respective men’s underwear has a pouch which is attached to strings on all the three sides. The rear string passes through the butts and leaves the back for the show. The triangular structure of the pouch is crafted to hold your manhood at the front. The delectable print adds adds a better front profile. With such a short construction, this men’s g-string becomes a must option for the scorching season ahead.

The fabric of this outfit is a fusion of 91% polyester and 9% spandex which ensures the comfort and stretchability down there. Grab one of these from to take your style to new heights.

Kyle Underwear – Most Fashionable Men’s G-Strings

Men's G-string Underwear |

Kyle Underwear is known for its sexiness in crafting men’s underwear. The products by them in their stockpile are just awe-striking. Every piece is crafted keeping in mind the requirements and comfort of the male anatomy. One such product is the Kyle G-String. Read on to find more about it.

Kyle Men's G-Strings Turquoise
The Kyle G-String is one of the numerous products that offer sensational, sexy yet subtle and erotic appeal to the men’s underneath fashion. This men’s g-string highlights a pouch that is made up of sheer fabric. With such skimpy material, you get a barely-there feeling down your belt. With a belt that is thicker than a string and more slender than the wide one, the bundle is still well held up. The back string goes in between the butt cheeks.

92% nylon and 8% spandex is the what that conveys the base of the outfit and provides an extended comfort, breathability, and sex appeal. You can browse more colors that are accessible at

Let your manhood relax with G-String Underwear

Men's G-String Underwear |

Good Devil is one of the sexiest brands of men’s underwear that has a huge assortment of underneath fashion. Mostly they concentrate on the revealing side but do not compromise on the comfort factor as well. The Good Devil Sheer Side G-Strings is one such exotic men’s underwear style that lets your manhood relax. The revealing piece is sure to raise the temperature of your room as well.

Men's G-String

These men’s g-string features a pouch which is attached to a thin string that acts as a waistband. The fabric used here is sheer which raises your sex appeal. The string from the underneath of the pouch passes through the butt crack to join with the waistband at the back. So, the butts are left for the show. The biggest fabric part is the pouch to hold your manhood. With the thin piece of cloth, your genitals get ample amount of comfort and breathability.

The fabric composition of the underneath article is 92% nylon and 8% spandex. Check out the various color options at

Raise the temperature with damn hot G-strings

Men's G-String Underwear |

Think g-string underwear is outrageously revealing and not an apt option for everyday use? Think again. Actually there are a number of reasons that makes this underneath style worth trying. The skimpy underwear for men can effortlessly make the sex appeal shoot through the roof. Feeling the erotic apparel so close to your body is an erotic sensation for the wearer. However, if you are still not comfortable in flaunting your assets, then, try the subtle style of Daniel Alexander New Way G-string.

Men's G-String Underwear

With the same sensual feel, the sexy style of men’s underwear covers the basic essentials. The contouring pouch hugs the package and keeps it together. Not only does the pouch enhance your front profile, it also boosts the self-confidence of the wearer. Other than the front pouch, the underneath article features a string waistband that goes all the way to the back and slips right into the crack. The eye candy color combination can lighten up you every day look. Wearing the lightweight and revealing style of men’s g-string underwear is as good as going commando. Yet, the assets are held in the right place. The fabric composition includes 85% Nylon and 15%Spandex for incredible comfort and reasonable stretch.

Update your closet with the contemporary styles and tempt your taste buds with the Daniel Alexander g-strings.

Jazz up your underwear collection with G-strings

Men's G-String Underwear

Is your wardrobe filled with the conventional styles of underwear? Are you looking for an update that can add some fun to your collection? Then, check out the G-strings for men.  The steamy and sexy style is especially designed for the bold hearts. Whether you are looking something special for the intimate moments or you need a cozy piece for daily use, this underneath article has covered it all for you.

Men's G-String Underwear

Above is an image of the Joe Snyder G-String, which is one of the underwear brands for men. This one is quite hard to ignore due to its sexy cuts. It features a pouch that stands elevated in the front. The waistband holds the entire support for the underwear. The rear of the underwear is exposed to keep your assets free and airy. The combination of such sexy features can raise the temperature of your room effortlessly. The brand name on the waistband gives the surety of the impeccable functionality.

This underwear for men is made of 80% polyamide and 20% spandex, which contributes to the flexibility and comfort. Grab one of these from to galvanize your style.

Grab the Smoking Hot Appeal with Pikante G-String Underwear

Men's G-String Underwear |

Men’s G string underwear are best known for pleasure or romantic purposes. It helps in accentuating your assets in the most revealing way to give you a glamorous sex appeal. Some of these underneath apparel for men also come with countered pouch that can give the desired support to your manhood. The G-strings from Pikante are crafted in such a way that they raise your machismo effortlessly.

Pikante G-String

This respective underwear from pikante is an ultimate sexy underwear that holds your assets in place. With a big pouch at the front, it promises to cover your genitals to the best. It also provides extra space for your manhood to ensure the breathability of your genitals. The strings from your pouch extend through your butt crack and the sides which are held by a silver ring at the back.

Made with 83% polyester and 17% spandex, your manhood gets the luxurious feel of the fabric. This unique combination gives you the desired stretch, comfort and the durability of the product. To slip on these eye-catchy undies, grab one of them from the online stores of