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Are G-String limited to Pleasure? – Know here

Are G-String limited to Pleasure?

The majority of the time when I see men’s g-strings I often think – would they be comfortable or not? Talking to my partner about her experience with the same and also with some of my other friends, I’ve always had mixed feeling for the men’s underwear style UNTIL I chose to try them myself.

Now I know that they ARE meant for pleasure purposes only. But you know what? The pleasures are many and that’s exactly what this blog will lay down for you.

  • 1. For the pleasure of the eyes:

    When you talk about the pleasure, the eyes are the first & the foremost thing that needs the approval. When something pleases the eyes, the process of pleasures starts to work. The pleasing designs are quite important when you really want others to approve of you and that’s exactly what the style does for you.


  • 2. For the pleasure of the touch:

    Have you ever felt that instant love for something when you touched it? The fabric of a g-string can make you feel on top of the world if you choose the right one. When it comes to the touch, the pleasure means that your manhood is at comfort as well after being luxurious. Hence, when you seek a pleasing touch with pleasurable feeling, check the fabric composition.

Pleasure of Touch

  • 3. For the pleasure of the sexy feeling:

    The next in queue after the touch is the feeling of sexiness that automatically steps in when you feel the confidence-boosting with the minimal fabric below the belt. The feeling of sexiness is what pleasures the manhood as well as makes you (as a person) a happy one.

Sexy Feeling

  • 4. For the pleasure of the support:

    Who said anything about g-strings not being supportive? Have you seen the collection of exotic underwear by brands like Pistol Pete, Miami Jock, Cover Male, Daniel Alexander and some more? They are some names which have been offering a combination of support and fancy products together.


  • 5.  For the pleasure of the enhancement:

    Who doesn’t like enhancement down there? If you want a pleasing personality in today’s time, enhancement is one important feature that you need. With techniques like c-ring, pouch enhancing contraptions and more you get to have the pleasure of enhancement down there as well.

Do you still feel that they’re meant for only pleasure?

Get to know your G-Strings better with these

Men are too quick when it comes to shopping for themselves. No wonder they pick anything that comes their way. When it comes to shopping the most basic of their clothing articles i.e., underwear for men, it is that hush-hush situation which makes them reach out to what they wear on the regular basis. For sure they would not go ahead and think about something like men’s g-strings. It certainly won’t be their forte for sure.

Getting to know the sexy underwear style includes everything from sizing your first g-string to getting the best of the feelings from experimenting the newer & hotter designs, is what you need to know.

If you find that tiniest feeling that tells you to go ahead and try the g-strings, this place is for you. Find the pros and cons of the skimpy cum erotic underwear style before you make your decision and hit the buy button.

Advantages of g-strings

1. They are meant for pleasure

Pleasure Gify

Some of you would be aware of the fact that g-strings were brought in the industry from the conventional parent thong underwear for men. While the parent style served to be the supportive one, the latter is meant for pleasure purposes. You can wear them for romantic evenings, fashion shows (if you are a model), or any such place where you don’t need a lot of support.

2. Seamless design

This comes up to be the most practical advantage that one gets in both parent-child styles is that they have a seamless design. A seamless underwear is when the fabric doesn’t pop out of the body-hugging fit. The logic is – with no fabric in the back, there won’t be a problem of lines visible outside the pants.

3. An ideal option for low waist trousers

Low Waist Trouser Gif

With nothing as the seat coverage and a string to hold the waist, another advantage of the pair would make it perfect for you. The g-strings are merely strings or have a very thin waistband that sits low below the waistline, giving you a no-show fit. If you find the string riding up, make sure you pick a bigger size and that problem will be solved.

4. Enhances your manhood as well as the sex appeal

With a pouch being the only broad fabric on the entire piece, the brands make sure that they lift and enhance the visibility of the manhood. The pouch enhancing underwear brings up the visibility and with it the sex appeal as well as the confidence of your personality.

Disadvantages of g-strings

1. Infections – in some cases

If you aren’t very careful, your skimpy style can cause you bacterial infection. That happens when you don’t change your dirty wear, continue to wear it when you’re leaking and so on. So, DO NOT wear dirty g-strings and read the tags that come along with the pair.

2. Minimal support

As mentioned above g-strings are designed intentionally for no support; you must wear the erotic underwear style at specific occasions where you need no support and no coverage at all. Meant for pleasure purposes, g-strings should be kept for special times.

3. Discomfort

Discomfort Gif

Nobody likes fabric riding up in the back. You SHOULD NOT let it bother you. Give it time and pick the right size to avoid such problems.

How do you feel with g-strings? Do let us know in the comments below.

Think Outside the Box with Enhancement Underwear

Men's Enhancing Underwear |

Men’s enhancing underwear has been a trending topic ever since it has been brought in the underwear industry. The improvisations provided these are just awe – striking as they present an impressive profile below the belt. However, how do they do the job so perfectly? This blog is all about the working of the same. We will be considering the Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong in specific for a better understanding.
Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong The construction of the above men’s underwear incorporates a structural pouch that raises the anatomy in an elevated position.  This results in a perfect bulge below the results that hint at an enhanced sex appeal. This can also be beneficial for both purposes – work and date nights as, the underwear gives you a better confidence by sculpting a voluptuous personality.The that, the low rise fit and conventional thong coverage complete the structure of the underwear.

85% Polyamide 15% Spandex is what that contributes to the comfort and stretchability down there. Grab the pieces from the online stores of at affordable prices.

Enhancement Underwear: The Perfect Personality Booster

Enhancement Underwear: The Perfect Personality Booster

Enhancement underwear has been on the go for a very long time now. The pieces are purchased every now and then which has increased the online market rate effortlessly. Have you ever wondered that why people are going crazy about them? To answer the above question it is important to understand the concept or the definition of the above attire.

The Men’s Enhancement underwear helps in improvising the overall personality of the wearer. It upholds the bare essentials and keeps them an elevated position avoiding the dangling feeling down there. In some cases, it pushes the male anatomy out, which creates a visible bulge below the belt.  This boosts the personality while making the individual more confident about himself.

Apart from the functionality of the underneath attire, what benefits does the attire provide? Read on to find out.

1.Presents an impressive front profile

As discussed above, the enhancement attires provides a visible boost below the belt. It is normal nature of human beings, that when we feel good inside with the confidence bursting like a volcano then, it is visible on the face as well. When you know that your manhood is comfortable down there then automatically you start feeling free and comfortable, both physically and mentally.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Cheeky Boxer Brief

2.Be the eye candy in a crowded atmosphere

Who doesn’t like donning attires that present little more visibility under the pants? While attending a party or donning your favorite pair of outfits, wouldn’t you love to have some attention?  If you are one of the above personalities then, the above respective attire is an appropriate option for you. It is available on all the styles right from the sexy thongs to the conventional briefs. You can grab the one according to your comfort.

Stylish Man

3.Supports you manhood without promoting any movement down there

When you have something that constantly falls in between your legs or comes in between while walking, how do you feel? It is one of the most uneasy feelings in the world which sometimes hurt the privates as well. Well, enhancement underwear is a solution to this problem. These are specifically engineered to put your manhood in a comfortable position. It stays in one place without promoting movement down there.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Brazilian Bikini

Below are the types of the enhancing underwear that are available at the market.

1.Padded underwear

The padded underwear is crafted to flatter curves at the right position. The pads incorporated in the underneath articles highlights your masculinity without hitting hard on your pocket.

Go Softwear Padded Trunk

2.Push up Underwear

The push-up technology is available for both, front and back. The pouch of these undergarments incorporates a U-shaped strap that keeps the junk in place. The strap pushes the package in the upward direction to present a natural looking enhancement. This abrasion reduces sweating problems such as chafing, rashes, and others.

3.Pouch Underwear

Men’s pouch underwear is a style that is specifically designed with an anatomical pouch to accentuate the front profile without compromising support and comfort. The form-fitting pouch keeps everything place without provoking much movement down there.

Intymen Burnout Pouch Brief

4.Butt Enhancing Underwear

The Butt Enhancing underwear is crafted to deliver the perfect shape of the butt. The pads incorporated in them adds a boost giving a tighter, more lifted and a sexy look to your butts.

Above are some of the perks and types of enhancing underwear for men. With such delightful benefits, no one would want to miss them to grab a dashing personality. Grab one of these from the online stores of to spice up your regular way of dressing.

If you feel that some benefits have been missed out then, you are most welcome to leave your comments on the section below.

The Right Pouch for You is Here!

men's enhancement underwear |

How can a pouch of an underwear deliver an impressive personality-  One of the common questions that we bloggers get to answer. The pouch presents an impressive profile below the belt that makes you the center of attraction. Some underwear brands like Cover Male offers the best enhancement and attraction down there. One of their products called as Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thongs is what we will be discussing in this blog. Read on to know more.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong
The construction of the above men’s underwear features a contouring pouch that lifts and projects the manhood in an appealing way. This also ensures the perfect bulge under the formal pants. This can also be useful if you are planning a date for the evening. Apart from the that, the low rise fit and conventional thong coverage complete the underwear structure.

The fabric composition of the above male enhancement underwear is a fusion of  85% Polyamide 15% Spandex that offers the required comfort and stretchability down there. Grab the pieces from the online stores of at affordable prices.

Is Lace Underwear the Legit New Trend?

Lace underwear for men |

Have you ever tried the Lace underwear for men? If not, then probably you should try one, as the perks offered by these remains unmatched by the other materials. The dual purpose attire allows you to flaunt your masculinity and also keep your assets sweat free down there. One such outfit called as Joe Snyder Bulge Boxer Lace is what we are going to discuss about in this blog. Read on to know more about the product.

Joe Snyder Boxer Lace
The men’s underwear features a structural construction that incorporates a pouch at the front. The pouch takes the shape of the genitals to keep them in place while the conventional coverage completes the underwear.  The lace fabric stays like a feather on the waist that allows a heavenly breath to the assets to keep them dry and ventilated down there. Apart from that, the revealing nature can also add some spice to the intimate affairs.

To offer the best of stretch and comfort down there, the underwear includes a fabric blend of 80% Polyamide, 20% Spandex that keeps things in place. Check out the pieces at the online stores of to keep your summers cool and nights hot.

7 Interesting trends in men’s underwear industry

The fact that fashion has a short life applies not only to your outer garment, but to your inner garment as well. The fashion connoisseur speaks a lot about the fad and changes in the fashion industry, but the undergarment industry is an underrated aspect. The choice of men’s underwear is not just restricted to being an apparel that covers your manhood. It has a greater contribution in your everyday life. Thus, staying in sync with the trending things of the industry is important.

Listed below are some of the interesting fashion trends in the intimate apparel category for all the fashion-savvy men out there.

  • Trend 1 See-through fabric :

    Intymen Sheer Underwear
    The tighty-whitey crafted in classic cotton is an old school style. Even though, cotton remains the king of all fabric, the underneath fashion industry has moved on to sexier options. The undies made up of see-through fabric such as men’s sheer underwear is one of the trendiest things these days. What makes these style popular is their cheesy pattern. The transparent and flimsy fabric covers the body of the wearer, still manages to reveal a lot of skin. The teasing glimpse of the manhood has made it a must-have for the sensuous personality.

  • Trend 2 Feminine touch in masculine styles:

    Men's Lace Underwear
    The sexy lingerie is not just a staple in the wardrobe of ladies, it has even entered the closet of fashion-savvy men. The unique constructions and the innovative styles of men’s panties are the best way to pamper your manhood. The conventional cuts coupled with the tender and feminine touch of lace has taken the industry by storm. Even the ultra sexy cuts of thong underwear which was earlier popular among the ladies are stealing the show in the intimate apparel section for men.

  • Trend 3 Frontal enhancement:

    Men's Pouch Enhancing Underwear
    Unlike the flat-fronted traditional undies, the skivvies these days are designed with the enhancing contraption in the front. The pouch of the underneath articles are made in such a way that it holds on to the package firmly, but provides enough space for the manhood to breathe freely. Elevating the position of the anatomy, the pouch enhancing underwear for men provides a notch sexier frontal view. The accentuating property is becoming so prevalent that even the usual styles are designed with the same technology.

  • Trend 4 Sassy colors:

    Men's Printed Underwear
    The classic shades like black, white and grey are here to stay, but very slowly and steadily, some of the unused colors are making a mark in the industry. The fact that men are becoming increasingly conscious about their personal style and the current trend has intrigued them to raise their limits. Their choice is not just confined to the basic colors, but they are open to using the rare bright and bedazzling colors. You’ll now find a wide spectrum of shades such as purple, red, yellow and even pink.

  • Trend 5 Body-defining fit:

    Men's Underwear The baggy and loose fit underwear were undoubtedly breezy and cozy. However, with regards to the problems such as riding up, less support, and even rashes led to the introduction of undergarment with a body-hugging fit. The undies featuring a form-fitting style that hugs your manhood and defines your personality is very much ‘in’ these days. So, are you still obsessed with your over-sized undies? It’s high time to get rid of it.

  • Trend 6 Fabric options:

    As mentioned above, cotton is not the only option these days. There is a wider range of fabric blend available for you to choose from. Polyester, polyamide, viscose, nylon, other microfiber blends and, of course, cotton is the perfect option for the heat of summer. While for the fall, the undies crafted in silk, wool and thermal wear are considered as an apt option. Even in men’s swimwear category, you can choose from options such as polyester, nylon, and others.

  • Trend 7 Unique prints and patterns:

    Daniel Alexander Thong UnderwearThe assortment of the modern styles is not just limited to sassy colors. You will even find undies with the geometric patterns and eye-catchy camo prints and other alluring prints are selling like hot cakes these days. These skivvies make a great base layer under your apparel. Regardless of the kind of personality you have, these enticing patterns will definitely trigger your taste bud.

I hope these points were helpful? Follow these trend and keep yourself up to date with the current time.

Pep up your underneath with Kyle G-String

Men's G-string Underwear |

The Kyle G-String features a low rise fit that lets the string waistband stay low. The pouch is the next big thing that comes to the sight. Being elongated with the shaft, it is designed to make your junk stay in the trunk with a bigger bulge in the pants. The top of the pouch features solid fabric while the next half is crafted in sheer fabric. Providing the best coverage and support to your assets, it is only the front that is covered whereas; the rest features a conventional men’s g-string design.

Kyle G-String Underwear

The brand name in the center of the pouch top stands out and provides the assurance of the support. Made of 91.47% polyamide and 8.53% spandex, this calls for a unique fabric composition that makes the pair to be moisture wicking and breathable (because of the sheer).

Fancy? The pair has a lot more to offer and you can check it out at

Knock the Socks Off with the G-Strings

Cover Male g-strings |

The classy and sassy men’s underwear brand Cover Male gains an expert crown in crafting cozy underneath apparels. They aim at providing the required comfort and support to the male anatomy. One of their products called as the Cover Male g-strings is what we are going to talk about in this blog. Read on to find out.
Cover Male G-stringsAbove is an image of the Cover Male g-string that features an elegant structure. The construction of this respective men’s underwear features a triangular pouch that is supported by a thin waistband. The pouch covers your manhood while leaving the back for the show. This stylish undergarment does not compromise with the lift or support of the manhood.

This g-strings for men is a fusion of 85% polyamide and 15% spandex that ensures the stretch and comfort. Grab one of these from to show off your finer side.

What’s with the Daniel Alexander’s G-strings?

Daniel Alexander G-String Underwear |

Daniel Alexander, the underwear brand is known for their innovativeness in crafting sexy men’s underwear. They gain an expert crown in crafting G-strings, which is one of the underwear styles. They are much more tempting and tantalizing than other styles which can spice up the intimate affairs effortlessly. One of the products called as the Daniel Alexander Fun G-String is what we are going to discuss in this blog.

G-String underwear

The above is an image of the Daniel Alexander Fun G-String which portrays a hot and sexy look. The construction includes a  triangular pouch that is crafted to hold your genitals down there.  The rear string starts from underneath of the pouch at joins at the back. The back is left to show like most of the conventional pairs.

This funky men’s g-string is a fusion of 85% nylon and 15% spandex that ensures the best of comfort and flexibility of the underneath article. Check them out at to take your style to new heights.