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Enhance your Sex Appeal with Good Devil Thong

Good Devil Roleplaying Slip Thong |

When it comes to intimate fashion, the ordinary doesn’t fit the need because it is what makes your feel regular. Regular is only regular and not meant for occasions that need something more than just support. It is then when the collection of men’s thongs is what’s needed for the masculinity. In addition, when it is the Good Devil thongs, the sex appeal doubles.

Good Devil Roleplaying Slip thong Green Jade

The Good Devil Roleplaying Slip Thong is something that counts to be both sophisticated (not literally) as well as erotic at the same time. With a lot of fabric covering the lower portion of the assets as well as the sides and the top of the back, the front top features something worth taking a look at. The cut-out below the waistband lets you see the top of the shaft while the lower covering stays like a cradle. The overlap design has a thick piping that is also seen on the waistband as well as the leg bands.

The pouch provides support (not the absolute support but just what’s needed) with a lot of sex appeal added to it. The seat is left bare but the top area has a broad fabric to make a sturdy grip on the waistline.

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Cling to the Kinky Side of your Personality with Intymen

Intymen Fill-It Mesh Thong |

The high-end men’s underwear styles of Intymen caters to the personal taste of every individual. The designs of the brand can accentuate your masculinity. However, if you want to trigger the kink and wild side of your personality, then Intymen Fill-It Mesh Thong is an ideal option for you. You need not jeopardize your manliness, in order to try something as skimpy and revealing as men’s thong underwear.

Intymen Fill-It Mesh Thong Grey

The mesh fabric of the underneath article is not at all transparent and keeps everything covered. However, the open weave wicks away the moisture and allows you to stay dry. The chic shaping contoured pouch keeps the entire package together. The hang free pocket of the underwear is made of ultra soft microfiber that feels smooth against the manhood. The lift and support that it provides make you look confident as well as commanding. The rear allows a lot of skin show, thus, giving a bait for your partner. The underneath article is made of microfiber that ensures durability as well as quality. While the pinch of spandex provides limited stretch.

Checkout the various men’s underwear styles at Wyzman and discover your underneath fashion.

Keep it Sleek, yet Stylish with Cover Male Pouch Thong

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong Red |

Cover Male is one of the most versatile brands that has got little something for everyone. Whether you are looking for the basic supportive option, erotic eye-catchy styles or for enhancing contraption, the brand has covered it all for you.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong Red

The Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong Red is one of the most versatile options of the assortment. The thong for men is an ideal option for all those who wants to feel the comfort of the body defining fit. The snug fit size hugs the body of the wearer. The underneath article covers the male genital, but a thin fabric slides between the butts. Thus, the coverage is minimal at the back. The low-rise fit and lightweight construction add to the male anatomy. Along with sex appeal, men’s underwear provides functionality to the wearer. The enhancing contraption of the thong will improve your profile. The contoured pouch keeps the manhood in front and in an elevated position.

Made of 86% polyamide and 14% spandex, the underneath article provides ultimate comfort as well as flexibility. Tempt your partner with functional and sexy undies of Cover Male. The pouch enhancing underwear is available in other varied colors namely turquoise, yellow and white, at the online store of Wyzman. Shop from the site and get your style at affordable prices.

Please you Manhood with Otzi Thong

Otzi Beautiful Paradise Slip Thong

If you have been looking for something that offers ample support down there without losing the sex appeal, Otzi is definitely the men’s underwear brand for you. Offering exceptional comfort below the belt and raising the bars of designer underwear offered at Wyzman. The bestseller assortments include male thongs, bikini underwear and more.

Otzi Beautiful paradise Slip Thong Jade Green/Coral

Focusing on the product displayed in the image which is called as the Otzi Beautiful Paradise Slip Thong, this blog would lay down its features.

To start with how it feels, what do you think a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex would feel like? Well, it is an absolutely amazing feeling have such a combination underneath with all the comfort, stretch, breathability and more. Spandex in such a lower amount is just right because the sides do not even fabric.

Coming to the features, a different colored pouch, different shades on the sides and a completely different back is what you get. Colorful panels look stunning at once and eventually you’ll feel energized with the variety underneath. The piping on the edges keep it from riding up whereas; the waistband is strong and comfortable on the body.

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Buck the Trend with the Unique Styles of Daddy Underwear

Daddy Slip Thong White |

The assortment of Daddy Underwear is specifically designed for those men who likes to keep the underneath fashion subtle, yet on-trend. Each and every piece in the collection of the brand is aimed at providing support, comfort as well as exotic look. The chic and classy designs of men’s thong of the brand can spice things up on special occasion. Unlike the usual styles, Daddy Slip Thong White can even be donned under your suit in professional environment.

Daddy Slip Thong White

The subtle style of the undies features a supportive pouch that keeps the manhood in shape all day long. On the other hand, the thong cut can add to your sensuality. Hence, instead of going by the trend and trying out something that is uncomfortable, go something that suit your comfort level and is exotic at the same time. The men’s underwear is crafted in fabric that includes 77.6% nylon and 22.4% spandex. You can procure the same style in black and white color at the online store of Wyzman.

Shop from the site at reasonable prices and raise your standard with the Daddy Underwear.

Enhance your Personality with Cover Male Thong

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong Sheer White |

The enhancing underwear of Cover Male is a practical style geared for both support as well as enhancement of the manhood. The Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong Sheer White is a complete package in itself for all the style conscious men. The contoured pouch of the undies enhances the anatomy and keeps it at a position where it creates visible bulge under the pant. Like any other men’s thong, the undies offers absolutely no coverage at the back. Adding to the sensuality, the see-through fabric of the sheer underwear leaves everything for the show.

 Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong Sheer White Cover Male CM202 Pouch Enhancing Thong Sheer White Cover Male CM202 Pouch Enhancing Thong Sheer White Cover Male CM202 Pouch Enhancing Thong Sheer White Cover Male CM202 Pouch Enhancing Thong Sheer White

The snug fit pouch lifts the crotch area keeping the manhood away from the body. Hence, the airy style of this sheer thong underwear for men is a functional option, in order to get rid of skin related problems such as chafing and rashes. Moreover, the soft mesh fabric feels soft against the privates and is ideal when you are supposed to wear the same pair of underwear for long hours. The extremely low rise fit is perfect both for work and pleasure. The fabric composition includes 92% polyamide and 8% spandex, for maximum comfort and limited flexibility.

Show off your masculinity with the sheer underwear of Cover Male. Explore the collection of men’s underwear at Wyzman and get your kind-of-style.

Raise your Standard with the Sporty Styles of Daddy Underwear

Daddy Slip Thong Black |

Men’s underwear has evolved a lot with the passage of time. Undies for men were just aimed at providing basic support and protection to the manhood. However, the contemporary styles of underneath articles like men’s thong can even raise your fashion sense to new heights. The quirky and sassy assortment of Daddy Underwear features all the characteristic that you would look for in your underneath article.

Daddy Slip Thong Black

The thongs of the brand can effortlessly take your sex appeal up a notch without compromising the support and comfort. The Daddy Slip Thong Black is such piece in the assortment that can leave your partner perplexed. The revealing low cuts and the uniquely constructed pouch option is a must have for all the men you likes to keep it sensual. The pouch covers the front profile completely, however, a thin fabric runs in the crack of the butt, thus, leaving the conventional cheeks for the show.

The fabric includes nylon blended with spandex in the proportion of 85% and 15% respectively.

The online store of Wyzman offers this thong in other colors like white, red and others. So, keep it simple and sensual with Daddy underwear. Explore the inventory of the site and get your piece at reasonable price.

Keep it Subtle, yet Sensual with Thongs of Daddy

Daddy Slip Thong Black |

If you that the sheer underwear is too revealing for you, then, you can try the thongs of one of the exotic brand Daddy. The brand is a proficient underneath fashion designer for men. Each and every piece in the assortment features sensuality and sex appeal at par while keeping the thing simple down there.  The Daddy Slip Thong Black is crafted in a flimsy fabric that is made up of 85% nylon and 15% spandex. The contoured pouch of the underwear covers the manhood, but the see-through fabric discloses major part of your secret.

Daddy Slip Thong Black

Like the usual design of men’s thong, this underneath article barely covers anything at the back. You can even procure this underwear in white color at The pouch provides a snug-fit to the male anatomy and keeps it in the center, providing a bit of elevation to the package.

Check out the wide inventory of Wyzman and shop for the festive season of Christmas at reasonable prices. Get the exotic styles of men’s exotic underwear and be on-trend regardless of the event.

Grab all the Attention with Sheer Thong Underwear

Cover Male Passionate Slipt Thong Black |

With an increase in the demand of the exotic underwear by the modern men, Cover Male has come up with an assortment of underneath articles. The see-through styles of underwear features sensuality as well as functionality at par.

Cover Male Passionate Slipt Thong Black

The revealing pouch of the Cover Male Passionate Slipt Thong Black can leave you with a nail-biting experience. The fabric of the underwear is made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex that offers maximum comfort and stretch. The underneath article covers the front profile and the conventional cheek at the back completely, but the transparent material in the pouch makes it as exotic as most of the sheer underwear.

In short, this style is an overall combination of sexiness and comfort. The snug-fit pouch hugs the manhood and keeps it up and in center. Wyzman offers this underwear style in other colors namely . Amaze your partner with the exotic men’s underwear. Explore the inventory of the site and don a head turner look for the date night.

Enjoy the Delicate Luxury of Daddy Underwear

Daddy Slip Thong Black |

You can’t convince every man to wear men’s thong unless and until it is as appealing and masculine as the thongs of Daddy. Keeping the innovative approach and unique designs unaltered, the brand has come up with Daddy Slip Thong Black.

Daddy Slip Thong Black

The underneath articles feature a pouch that covers the manhood and keeps it away from the body. This can even reduce the problem of excessive sweating keeping the manhood dry. This ultimately reduces the skin related problems such as chafing, rashes and others. At the same time, the gentle elevation enhances the visibility of the front profile. The rear side of the underwear is very similar to men’s jockstrap underwear featuring a strap that hugs the conventional cheeks. The ample skin show is not for the faint of hearts. However, the combination of white and black with red can adorn every personality. Made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, this underwear for men is ideal for every season and occasion.

You can find a range of men’s underwear styles at Wyzman at best-ever prices. Explore the inventory and get your-kind-of underwear.