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5 New arrival Thongs to definitely try – Now

Try them all

Wyzman recently displayed the collection of new arrivals and the men’s underwear styles available have raises the bar of sexiness as well as visual appeal. These pairs are worth flaunting in front of an audience or probably save them for the most intimate moments with your partner. You just need a reason to show them off and score some points.

Hence, we’ve compiled a list of men’s thong underwear that you should definitely try and serves as a personality booster for you.

  • 1. Pistol Pete Thong:

    Just what you need for the winter months and for the subtle choices, the Pistol Pete thong is all that you need. With the warmth of the nylon and stretch by spandex, the solid masculine color is what you need when the mood asks you to be authoritative. With a broad coverage in the front as well as on the back top, this is your solution for the sexiness on the regular days.

Pistol Pete Thong

  • 2. Daniel Alexander Thong:

    Coming to the more of the sensual part and the party-like feels, the Daniel Alexander Thong is what makes the best of it. The low rise underwear makes sure that you get that fit for the perfect you with the shimmer fabric being icing on the cake. Moreover, the pouch underwear has a front which gives you the gift of visibility as well. What else can you ask for when you talk about a sexy intimate wear?

Daniel Alexander Thong

  • 3. Feel Thong:

    Feel Underwear might be new, but the products are enough to leave a long-lasting impression. The mesh underwear provides ultimate breathability with the sporty looks to your personality. An ideal piece that you can wear to the gym, office or even to a party, the design will not let you down. The cheeky coverage in the back ensures comfort to the first time wearers as well and to top it off, a blend of nylon, spandex, and polyamide is all you get.

Feel Thong

  • 4. Good Devil Thong:

    Do we really need to say anything about thongs by Good Devil? Being the best seller category among g-strings for men and bikini underwear, the collection of thongs has always been applauded. This pair in specific is the height of being skimpy with your thongs. With sheer pouch and it’s all about the strings that you have. But as they say – the lesser the sexier, this is something you need to make things hot this winter season.

Good Devil Thong

  • 5. Secret Male Thong:

    With the introduction of men’s panties by Secret Male, the men’s underwear industry has witnessed a huge revolution. This pretty floral thong with lace underwear features makes sure you don’t steal your woman’s lingerie again. The stunning looks with the support that the manhood needs, this is a combination of everything that you need in a men’s lingerie.

Secret Male Thong

With these must-try exotic underwear styles, let us know which one pleases your eyes.

Feel the Feel Thong for the better feeling

Feel the Feel Thong for the better feeling

What is that one thing that pulls you close to your men’s underwear?? Would it be the comfort level, the breathability or the stunning look that comes on when you wear the same? I guess it’ll be a little bit of every feature. Wouldn’t you agree?? What pulls you closer to men’s thongs? Well, there are numerous features that would but Feel Underwear is one brand that gives you that feeling of being invincible.

Feel Thong Underwear

The Feel Thong available at Wyzman is one of the many examples that you’ll find to prove this statement right. The mesh underwear covered with the respective fabric in & out, you’re up for the day-long breathability that your assets need for the ultimate level of comfort. What adds to the same is the 72.21% nylon 18.56% spandex 9.23% poly blend. With the moisture-wicking features, you get the stretch and comfort complimentary.

Feel Thong Underwear

The sleek design covers the front while the back of the sexy underwear is as it should be. Whether you want to thong or not to is your decision but this pair definitely needs to be checked out for a better profile and a stunning feeling down there.

Find the color options and other such products at

To Thong or Not to Thong?

To Thong or Not to Thong

There are always two kinds of people in the world. Android or iOS, dog lovers or cat lovers, morning person or night owls, tea fans or coffee lovers and so many others You would certainly be one from each of them. Likewise, when it comes to men’s thong underwear, men choose sides – whether to thong or not to thong.


And, if you are someone who chose the latter category, you would probably have done the same because the basic question about the men’s underwear style has not yet been answered. On the other hand, there’s also a possibility that you would have made a mistake choosing the style and you wouldn’t want to return to the sexy underwear style.

Well, no matter what happened, there are chances that you would have made up some myths in your mind. Well, myths are supposed to be busted or else, the outcome will be bad and equally sad.

  • Thongs CAUSE infection:

    Thongs causing infection and thongs worsening the already-there infection are two different aspects. You should know that no study stated that the style gives you an infection. In fact, it is the dirty habits of wearing the same pair for more than two days is what cause bacterial or fungal infection. Yes, it is suggested that wearing the style during the infection may cause some issues, but make sure you don’t confuse between the two different contexts.
    Adopt cotton fabric and you won’t face the problem of itching or anything else as well.


  • Thongs belong to the young and chiseled physique:

    Now, if you believe this to be true, you should be the one who should spend most of the time in boxers once you cross 40. Shouldn’t you be?? Where do these myths even come from?? They are plainly baseless and illogical. Whether it is the respective style or g-string underwear for men, they are meant for outfits like super skinny jeans, leather pants or probably anything that you love to wear.
    There’s such a wide variety of the barely-there style available at the online store that every physique, every stature, every height will have ample of options to pick up from.

Fat Man

  • Thongs are ONLY meant for pleasing – others:

    Now that made me laugh so hard that my stomach started to hurt when I was reading one of the emails that had come to me. The myths are getting funnier with every step. Why would you wear something to please anyone else first even before you aren’t happy with the same? You should be focusing on your sex appeal and pampering of the assets rather than alluring someone with what you’re wearing down there.
    Thongs make you feel sensual and sexy and it also brings the oomph in the attitude.

Treat Yourself

  • Thongs are uncomfortable:

    Last but not the least is the most common myth that the exotic underwear style is absolutely uncomfortable. Well, like I mentioned above, the style is certainly uncomfortable in the beginning (because of reasons), but eventually, they turn out to be the best and then, there’s no turning back from them. Just make sure you pick a variant that doesn’t pinch your skin or is either very small or larger than your size.

Now, the decision will be yours to thong or not to thong!!

4 Mistakes everyone makes in Thongs for Men

Learn from the mistakes!!

Everyone makes mistakes. Men make mistakes. Whether it about life, career or dressing, mistakes are the commonest things that happen in our lives. Whether it is about the outfits or the men’s underwear, mistakes are made so that you can learn something from them. But, if these mistakes are done in the most basic of your dressing, they can cause you a lot of trouble. That’s why it is recommended that one must get all the possible knowledge about a respective style before experiencing it.

One of the aspects that you can learn from is the mistakes by others. After all, if you have live examples, you’ll be able to understand better before hand. Focusing on one style, this blog would talk about thong underwear. Men in thongs have been criticized, loved, adored and looked down as well, but at the end, everything has its time and place. Hence, the style has made its place in the industry as well as in the hearts of many men.

  • Wrong measurement

    The very first mistake that men have made and are continuing to make is the measuring themselves wrong before they pick the sexy underwear style for themselves. Don’t buy a thong that is too tight or too loose for you. The key for the appropriate selection of the right undergarment is to select the right size. It plays a key role in comfortable movements like sitting, walking, running or other activities. In this particular style, you can always opt for a bigger size rather than a smaller one.

Wrong measurement

  • Adjusting pouches

    How would you feel when you would have to consistently keep adjusting your manhood to stay in the pouch? Pouch adjustments are bad and very bad for your reputation. Think about the time when you’re walking around and you would have to make the adjustment after every few steps. Wouldn’t that be bad for you? So, make sure you choose a pouch underwear style that offers containment for the manhood.

  • Wrong fabric

    Who would want their manhood to suffer in rough fabric? But, there are stores which claim to provide comfortable fabrics but end up giving a fabric blend that causes abrasions on the delicate area. Choosing first, make sure you settle down with cotton rather than opting for a fancy fabric that would more bad than good to you.

  • Wrong occasions

    Thongs are not meant for everywhere. Being a luxury like g-string underwear, they too should be worn for occasions that they are made for. With a plentiful of styles in terms of cuts and coverage, you must choose the right one for the right time. For example, cheeky thongs offer a wider coverage in the back and look sportier hence, you can use them for light workouts or regular office wear. On the other hand, tangas are skimpy and deserve to be worn only on the pleasing days.

Have you committed a mistake with thongs? Or if you have any basic questions about the style, do let us know in the comments below.

Keep your Manhood less Sweaty with Thongs

men's thong Underwear |

Being a sports person, I totally understand that how uncomfortable it feels when the manhood gets sweaty during the sports. You cannot concentrate on the exercises which result in winding up the things and head straight to home. However, Intymen, the men’s underwear brand seems to have understood our issues in a better way. One of their products called as the Intymen sports thong serves as the solution to above-mentioned problems. This blog is all about the description of the same.
Intymen Sport ThongThe above men’s thong comprises of a structural pouch at the front that keeps the junk in place. The minimum fabric at the rear keeps your assets dry and ventilated during the workouts. Talking about breathability, the mesh fabric used in the construction allows the manhood to breathe. It also fans away the sweat down there.

78% nylon and 22% spandex is what that contributes to the best of stretch and comfort down there. Check one of these at the online stores of to embrace its benefits.

Basic Questions on the Modern Men’s Thongs

Basic Questions on the Modern Men's Thongs

Men’s thong, one of the popular underwear style has seen a good rise in the industry. When compared to the initial products that were launched long back, the modern ones have been well versed in terms of cuts, fabrics, designs and much more. They have secretly made a way to every fashionable men’s wardrobe out there.

However, apart from the popularity, the style also has major controversies as well. Some say they ride up while the others say they have comfort issues. The below blog is all about major concerns about the attire that the customers have been facing. Read on to find out.


1. I always have size issues. In spite of buying my regular size, the thongs always stay tight on my waist. It doesn’t leave any space for breathability. What’s happening?

This is one of the most common questions that we bloggers get to answer. Well, returning back to your query, usually skimpy attires like thongs have a short construction, which can be tighter in regular sizes. In such cases, opt for the next size which can solve the issue. If you do not believe then, practically, you can try it yourself. Grab a cheaper thong of the next size, you’ll find that they are more comfortable when compared to the former ones.

Apart from that, measurements take different turns in different countries hence, ensure to take a look at the size chart of the online stores before you place an order for the article.

Size Issue

2. The thongs always rides up in my butt crack when I bend down. It needs a constant adjustment when I come back to the original position. Why does this happen?

This happens when the undergarments are smaller in size. Opting for the next size can help you in such cases. You can say “This is my regular size, why would I go for the next one.” Because, thongs are skimpy in structure so, they can be tighter even after opting the exact regular size. Therefore, go for the next size which would stay firm on the waist while eliminating the ride problems.

If you still face the same, then you could also try the men’s cheeky thong underwear that covers a little bit of the back while leaving the butt cheeks for the show. They also allow a rounder and plumper view of the butts.

Daniel Alexander Emotion Slip Thong Red

3. I was scrolling through one of the online stores where the products were very revealing. It gave me an impression that the products were only meant for date nights. Is it true? Are they not functional?

This is a true fact that the above mentioned men’s underwear are one of the must attires for the hot nights because of short structure, revealing fabric, cuts, and coverage which add to the sexiness of the attire. Hence, people prefer it for the special occasions. However, it is not true that they are not functional.  You can don them for the below-mentioned purposes as well.

a) No underwear lines embarrassments.
b) No popping waistbands.

Cover Male Slip Thong Black

c) Some of them include a structural and a strong pouch like the Agacio Thongs, that keeps things in place. In fact, you can don them to work as well.
d) Sports thongs are also available in some of the stores that provide a strong foundation for the exercises.

Intymen Sport Thong Red

Sometimes, it depends on the store as well. Some brands craft products that are sexy and revealing because they concentrate only on date night attires while the others concentrate on other factors as well. Stores like has a huge assortment of products where you can find different styles of the same.

4.  What is the difference between thongs and g-strings? Both of them look the same

G-strings are branched out from thongs. So, it can be said that g’s are a  sub group of the t’s. Although, both of them look the same but, there are differences in the construction.

a) The former has a lot more fabric than the latter (both at the front and back).
b) The g-strings have a T-shaped rear (string) while the thong might or might not have a broader fabric piece that goes in between the butt crack.
c) Thongs can be worn for any occasions like sports, everyday, parties, or any while g-strings for men are skimpier which are meant for one sole purpose that is, sexual intimacy.

Above were some of the common questions by the consumers. If you guys also have queries regarding the same, please post your comments on the section below.

Thongs: The Underwear Style for an Impressive Personality

Men's Thong Underwear |

Presenting an impressive front profile is equally important when it comes to dressing up for any occasion. Many men’s underwear brands have come up with innovative ideas to deliver the required bulge below the belt. Cover Male, one of the labels gains an expert crown in this fields. Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong is one of their products that we are going to discuss in this blog. Read on to find out.
Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong
The above men’s thong features a pouch at the front that protects the male anatomy while the rear has a thin fabric that slides in between the butt cheeks. The pouch is designed to provide an enhancing contraption that keeps the manhood in an elevated position. This posture presents an impressive front profile down there. Apart from the sex appeal, the low-rise fit of the attire helps to flaunt your well-toned physique. This sculpts a better you.

The fabric is a fusion of 86% polyamide and 14% spandex that provides the best of comfort and flexibility down there. This attire is available in other varied colors namely turquoise, yellow and white, at the online stores of

How Thongs Sculpts a Better You?

Men's Thong Underwear |

Thongs, the men’s underwear style has taken a new phase in sculpting a better physique. The attire focuses more on presenting an impressive front profile. Many brands have come forward with a unique construction to provide the best sex appeal down there. The underwear label Daddy is no exception here. One of their products called as the Daddy Slip Thong Black is what we are going to discuss in this blog. Read on to know more about the product.

Daddy Slip Thong Black

The above men’s thongs feature a structural pouch at the front that covers the masculinity, yet unveils a significant piece of your mystery. It provides a cozy fit to the male life structure while providing a bit of elevation to the package down there. The rear has a little fabric that takes a triangular shape. This allows you to flaunt your butt cheeks. The low rise fit helps in flaunting your well-toned body.

The fabric composition comprises 85% nylon and 15% spandex which ensures the best of stretch and comfort down there. Grab the pieces from the online stores of to seize the sexual magnetism.

Prioritize comfort with Agacio Slip Thong

Men's Thong Underwear |

Are you new to wearing thongs and looking forward to having a men’s underwear brand that’ll do the work for you? There are a couple of names in the industry that is designed to comfort your and help you adjust with the same. One of the most favorite among them is Agacio Underwear. The label has been in the industry for a while and has been working 24*7 to make the experience of underneath wear more comfortable.

Agacio Thong Underwear

The Agacio Slip Thong is one of the newest creations displayed at and is exceptionally masculine. Though Agacio has manufactured many other products that look more manly but this being a sexy underwear is what we call manly. Men in thongs is a common aspect these days but for them who haven’t experienced them once, it is definitely a unique feeling. With a pouch that pushes the manhood forward and keeps up the enhancement factor, the broad elastic waistband and almost negligible back are the key features.

Venturing into fabrics like polyamide with a delectable amount of spandex, Agacio knows the secret to keeping a manhood happy. Slip into the slip thong and do let us know your comments below.

Thongs : From Sporty to Sexy

Daddy Thong Underwear |

The underwear brand Daddy has gained the expert crown in crafting sexy yet functional undergarments for men. One of their products is the Daddy Slip Thong Blue which is what we are going to discuss in this blog. Scroll on to know the description of the product.
Daddy Men's ThongsAbove is an image of the Daddy Slip Thong Blue which particularly engineered to support the manhood with minimal coverage. The structural pouch of this men’s underwear is crafted to support your manhood. Don these for your regular workouts and get surprised with the support that will be provided to your assets.  At the rear, the fabric is less for some showy performance. A small peek hole at the front allows this underneath apparel to be part of intimate affairs as well.
This men’s thong is a blend of 85% nylon and 15% spandex which ensures the stretch and comfort. Grab one of these electrifying pieces from