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Stay on Cloud Nine with Agacio Bikini Underwear

Agacio Dominant Bikini Brief Navy/Grey |

The name Agacio is derived from a Latin word “Agassio” which means good. As the name suggest, the brand is aimed at offering nothing, but the best to the fashion oriented male population. The brand is designed by man and is aimed at catering to the needs and wants of every style-conscious male population.

Agacio Dominant Bikini Brief Navy/Grey

This write up in particular discusses about Agacio Dominant Bikini Brief Navy/Grey. The subtle sophistication of men’s underwear can glamorize your masculinity without revealing your assets. The pouch of the bikini brief underwear is built with a sack lifting technology that lifts the manhood. It is designed to make your package look bigger. It, thus, contours the crotch area to give a fuller and rounder profile. The fabric includes a mixture of 80.60% Nylon, 16.91% Spandex and 2.49%Polyester. The moisture wicking and color retention property of nylon ensures comfort as well as durability. While the right proportion of spandex provides limited stretch. The underneath article can add a flare of sophistication in your everyday closet.

The online store of offers range of Agacio at easy and affordable prices. Check out the inventory and find your piece in varied color combinations.

Bikini Underwear for the Upcoming Beach Season

Joe Snyder Bikini Purple |

Why cramp your style with the traditional boxers and briefs when you can get the same support along with ample sensuality? The assortment of Joe Snyder offer a range of exotic and eye-catchy bikini underwear for men that can enhance your manly image. The modern cuts and skimpy designs can convert every modern men into a irresistible hunk.

Joe Snyder Bikini Purple

The blog talks about the Joe Snyder Bikini Purple and the features that make it special and different form others. The daring purple shade of men’s underwear was rare at one point of time. The eye-candy piece with vibrant color reveals most of your skin, exposing your masculine physique. The attention grabbing bikini features an anatomical pouch that keeps the manhood at an elevated position. By placing the manhood at a comfortable as well as elevated position, the underwear for men makes sure that you don’t face the problem of abrasion and chafing. At the back, the underneath article full coverage. While a double strap keeps the pieces together and holds everything in place. The underwear is crafted in a high-quality fabric blend that includes 80% polyamide and 20% spandex.

Keep a low profile with Joe Snyder. Shop from and get your piece at reasonable prices.

Flag Underwear- Fun Way to be Patriotic

Cover Male Canada Flag Bikini Brief |

Have you seen the collection of flag underwear at Wyzman? Well, the entire inventory is about sporting different country’s flag prints in their men’s underwear. Not only this, the range also has men’s swimwear pieces that make a perfect beachwear. Cover Male recently launched an array of products with flag prints that are new thing to talk about.

Cover Male Flag Bikini Brief Print

Choosing one of them, the Cover Male Canada Flag Bikini Brief is what this blog would throw light on. With the cuts of men’s bikini underwear and a delectably modern print, the outcome is a sure shot worth taking a look at. The shiny texture is a signature mark of the products by Cover Male and even this bikini brief features the same. Red solid sides with the maple leaves on both the sides of the center seam in the front as well as an enlarged version in the back is how the pair looks like. No visible broad waistband keeps it soft on the body but the elastic thin piping on the edges work in order to keep everything together.

The contouring pouch elongates the masculinity giving it the visibility that it needs in the pants. With polyester and spandex as the fabric composition, you can wear it as fashion underwear as well as swimwear. What counts is how confident you are while sporting the look.

Check out the other Cover Male Flag Underwear here.

Slip In the Comfort of Kyle Underwear

Kyle Slip Bikini Turquoise |

The bikini underwear of Kyle are mostly subtle and simple. However, the temptation is caused by the cuts and conspicuous color combinations. The skivvies of the label allows you to show off your skin as well as the style, but in an elegant way. The Kyle Slip Bikini Turquoise is one such product of the label that embodies sex appeal, functionality as well as a discernible design.

Kyle Slip Bikini Turquoise

The sophisticated high rise cut of the underneath apparel can sensationalize your partner. The contemporary style of men’s underwear leaves the sides for the show and covers the rest. The soft textured fabric at the back stretches a bit more to cover major portion of your butt cheeks. The attractive piece is quite pleasing with a tiny looking pouch and cheeky rear coverage. Powerful by look as well as function, the underneath article easily puts forward the intention of the wearer. The bikini underwear is crafted in nylon that provides moisture resistent properties to the manhood. While the blend of spandex provides limited flexibility. Both the material is mixed in the proportion of 85% and 15% respectively.

Wyzman offers the widest range varied underwear styles for men. The discounted prices adds to the appeal of the assortment. Checkout the inventory and spice up your wardrobe.

Feel Special with the Playful Colors of Good Devil Bikini

Good Devil Zoom Bikini Orange |

The collection of the exotic brands, Good Devil, features all the eye-catchy colors and playful designs of men’s underwear. The brand promises to add fun factor in your life with ample comfort. The ultra-sexy pair of Good Devil Zoom Bikini Orange can help you show off your best asset. The vibrant color, cozy fabric and supportive option can effortlessly transform you into someone with irresistible charisma.

Good Devil Zoom Bikini Orange

The contoured pouch of the bikini underwear for men zooms into the right place. The cool sophisticated style of the underneath article covers the bare essentials of the wearer, still allows a lot of skin show. The vibrant color can take your style to the next level. The low rise cut looks great and the cozy fabric feels awesome. The bikini cut at the back covers the conventional cheeks, but provides coverage at the right place. Made with 85% nylon and 15% spandex, the undies hold up for a long time. The online underwear store of, Wyzman, offers the piece in varied colors pink, blue, lime and others. The colors can blend with any type of skin tone. So, you can effortlessly flaunt your sex appeal.

Check out the huge assortment of the online store and give a colorful update to your personality.

Tempt you Partner with Cover Male Bikini

Cover Male Exclusiveness Bikini Brief

With Cover Male, you cannot be very certain what the next segment of men’s underwear styles will hold. Whether you’ll get a subtle pair of bikini underwear for men or a sheer underwear that probably lays out everything on the table. Something happened with the recently introduced pieces. While male thongs are the bestsellers, but this product looks tastier when you look at it once than the thongs.

Cover Male Exclusiveness Bikini Brief White

The Cover Male Exclusiveness Bikini Brief is what it is called but for us, it is one of the fanciest pieces that keeps a sumptuous balance of sexiness and sophistication is what lays in front of you with the exotic underwear. Featuring an innovative design, this is sure to catch your attention at once. With a solid seat (in a different color), the sides are too show off nothing and the same color stretches to the front. Boring?? Well, the sensation begins when you find out that the top of the pouch is made with delectable see-through fabric. Not just an insert but a triangular piece that shows off a lot.

Absolutely masculine to the eyes, 86.19% Nylon 13.81% Spandex adds to the icing on the cake. Whether you wear it everyday or for special times, you’re gonna rock the look.

Find out more about it at

Keep it Covered with Exotic styles of Honcho Underwear

Honcho Bikini Brief White |

The classic pair of Honcho Underwear allows the wearer to don a sensual look without compromising much with your coverage. Thus, you can sport an appealing personality by staying in your comfort zone. You need not go for the outrageously revealing men’s bikini if you can enjoy the same sex appeal in a subtle way. The white and grey combination of Honcho Bikini Brief White can complement the masculinity of every individual.

Honcho Bikini Brief White

The underwear for men of the high end brand Honcho features a tiny pouch that provides a snug fit to the manhood of the wearer. Thus, keeping it absolutely in the right place. The body hugging fit covers the asset in the front as well as at the back. The online store of Wyzman offers this style two colors namely black and navy blue. Choose the one that matches your skin tone.

The fabric composition includes 93% polyamide and 7% spandex. Check out the entire inventory of and get a sporty as well as sexy look at reasonable prices.

Add a Flare of Sophistication with the Provocative Bikinis

Agacio Slip Bikini Red |

Agacio is an ideal brand when the idea is to keep the style subtle, but sex appeal maximum. The men’s underwear of the label is known for the elegance in its construction. Keeping the sophistication at par, Agacio has ventured into all aspects of underneath fashion. Whether you choose the basic styles of briefs and boxers or the contemporary men’s bikinis, thongs or g-strings for male.

Agacio Slip Bikini Red

Agacio Slip Bikini Red is one such item in the assortment of the brand that can complete the wardrobe of every man. The sack lifting technology of the brand provides incomparable support to the manhood and keeps it in an elevated position. Not only this, the fabric at the back offers seat coverage unlike most of the outrageously revealing bikinis. The fabric composition of 93% viscose and 7% spandex makes it cherished and a must have for every man.

You can find this piece in colors namely grey, black, blue and others at So, shop from the varied underwear styles of the assortment and give yourself an edgy look with ample support as well as sophistication.

Let the sunshine in with Lace Underwear

Joe Snyder Lace Bikini White |

The sexy revealing style of lace underwear is not just for women any more. This delicate luxury is becoming increasingly popular among men, especially when it comes to underneath apparel. Joe Snyder, one of the leading underwear manufacturer, has taken this flex in the underneath fashion industry for men as an opportunity. The brand offers a range of sensual lace underwear for men.

Joe Snyder Lace Bikini White

Joe Snyder Lace Bikini White is one of the most edgiest and trendy style of bikini underwear for men. The fabric composition of 80% polyamide and 20% spandex provides the conventional comfort and stretch, but the lace finishing adds to the sensuality. Contoured pouch keeps the male anatomy up and away from the body, thus, facilitating your bulge. The lightweight material allows the airflow, thus, providing best-ever ventilation to your manhood. The low fit facilitates a lot of skin show, but covers the back completely.

Celebrate the festive season with Joe Snyder. Visit the online store of and get into the festive mood with the exotic men’s underwear in the collection of the site.

Flaunt your Skin with the Sensual Cuts of Daniel Alexander

Daniel Alexander Fascinating Journey Slip Bikini Turquoise |

Daniel Alexander, a reputed underwear brand, presents a gamut of men’s bikini in varied colors, cuts and styles. The erotic underneath articles of the brand are designed keeping in mind the taste, preference and personality of every modern man. The versatile pieces can adorn your looks, no matter the occasion and event.

Daniel Alexander Bikini

Daniel Alexander Fascinating Journey Slip Bikini Turquoise is one of the most alluring pieces in the inventory. The enticing underneath article facilitates a lot of skin show, but keeps the basic essentials completely covered at the back as well as in the front. The sexy waistband of the underwear sits below the waistline and allows you to flaunt your well-chiseled physique. Moreover, the contoured pouch keeps the male anatomy in place and adds to its breathability.

The blend of 85% nylon and 15% spandex ensures long lasting quality. You can procure the product in other colors at the online store of Wyzman.

Problems related to your privates are one of the major issues for personal hygiene for men. A perfect style of men’s underwear can give answer a lot of grooming problems. So, checkout the collection at and shop from the wide array of Daniel Alexander.