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Buying bikini underwear? – Do’s and Don’ts to consider

Buy bikinis now!!

Do you walk in the park and find those tiny but quite visible hoardings that mention rules and regulation of how to behave while in the park? They are the dos and don’ts that one must abide or will face the consequences. Likewise, every clothing article has some instructions with them, including the men’s underwear too. These dos and don’ts are quite necessary for you to check and follow in order to keep the pieces longer and stronger with you.

For men who are accustomed to briefs or boxer brief underwear, bikinis for men are the next stop. And, this style too has its its rules.

Thinking about the reasons for which the style is everyone’s favorite, you still should be aware of the pros and cons while you buy it for yourself. After all, they’re worth it.

      • DO’S

        • 1. Buy with confidence – and wear em’ too

          When you know you’ve got the looks, why not flaunt it to get the best from the same? If you go by the cuts & coverage, you have such a wide variety available that you wouldn’t have to settle for the ordinary. Whether you find comfort in the conventional coverage that shows off the sides subtly or something that shows off a lot to you in Brazilian cuts or string waistbands, you can wear them. But, if you lack the confidence, it’ll all be in vain. Confidence comes in with the right choices or coverage. Hence, do choose well.

        • 2. Do measure yourself – at least thrice

          There’s always a reason to do something and repeat it. Measuring yourself is one of them. Do it once and note it down with your underwear on. Then take off your men’s briefs off and measure it once again and note it down. Lastly, once again to reassure yourself the correct size.

        • 3. Do understand the fabrics

          It is essential to understand the variety of fabrics that a bikini is available in. Whether you’re looking for the ballet-kind stretch or the breathability or even the moisture-wicking features in order to raise up the heat, you have it all. Fabrics like cotton, nylon, polyester, polyamide and more with spandex that makes the perfect combination for the stretch, comfort, and style are available online.

        • DON’TS


          • 1. Do not be afraid to wear them

            Bikinis have no thorns implemented in them that will come up and prick in your skin. You don’t have to be skeptical or afraid in donning them. If you’ve made the right choices in the first place, you won’t have to regret later on. Give the new style time and you’ll be okay with it.

          • 2. Do not buy the wrong size

            You don’t even have the idea of how wrong can this decision be for you. Chafing, rashes, abrasions, itchiness, pouch adjustment, and so many other problems can be your everyday situation if you pick the wrong size.

          • 3. Do not compromise on quality

            This again is one of the most commonly made but saddest mistakes in men’s apparel. One gives preference to the money rather than the comfort and quality. If once properly bought, a pair of bikini would be very durable and would last really long.

What’s your idea of wearing these? Do let us know in the comments below.

Why are bikinis everyone’s favorite?

Is bikini underwear your favorite??

Everyone has their preferences and favorites when it comes to men’s underwear. While the majority of men would still choose men’s briefs to be their go-to style, there are always those who would think of something different. The perspectives are changing and men are choosing other styles as well and eyeing on men’s bikinis.

Daniel Alexander Slip Bikini
Talking about favorites, the respective designer underwear style is hot and sexy without a doubt. If you are looking for reasons to actually adopt the pair, this is just the place for you. Mentioned below are the reasons for which bikinis are and should be everyone’s favorites.

  • The close relative of briefs:

    Men who prefer to stay conventional with men’s brief underwear are the ones who would gather all the courage and slip into the bikinis. Because why? Because bikinis are a close relative of briefs and look almost alike. With slightly skimpier cuts on the sides and minimal skin show (not in all the variants), the style matches the same standards as of briefs.

  • Familiarity:

    Men are quite familiar with the respective fashion underwear style because they’ve seen the same as women’s lingerie. They might not have been there when you were in college but just to add the sex appeal in your intimate wear, you would have added the same in your list.

  • Reliability:

    You know that if you are regular apparel style wearer, you might face problems getting accustomed to the size of men’s thong underwear or even g-strings. However, that’s not the case with bikinis. If one style fits you properly with all the comfort, you would be sure that all the others would also fit you well. They are a reliable style that doesn’t change the size.

  • Undying support:

    Being the relative of briefs (with slinky cuts), the garment provides the exceptional support. Often sitting close to the assets, the low rise underwear hugs you in the right spots providing the lift and support to the manhood that you’ve always wanted. The pouch is designed to abstain you from having an adjusting fit where you would move the pouch to contain the manhood for a comfortable fit.

  • Can be worn with anything:

    Yes! You heard it right. With a low waist fit, comfortable appeal, sexy look and all the good features, you can wear the style with anything you want. Whether you pick shorts, formal trousers or the distressed jeans, everything would be complemented with a slim-fit undergarment down there.

  • They aren’t boring anymore:

    With all the trendy designs and cuts, bikinis do not come in the category of boring anymore. You wouldn’t know until you take a look at the men’s underwear online store yourself. With the gamut of designs and fabrics used, you’d be amazed to slip into the pieces. Whether you choose the sheer underwear or something with the string waistband, the choice is all yours how you would want it to be sexier.

    Why is bikini your favorite? Do let us know in the comments below.

Cover your Beach needs with Bikini’s

Bikini Underwear for Men |

Men’s bikini, one of the serious requirements for the beach holidays are available in umpteen designs and prints in many online stores. Many brands have taken a lot of efforts to draw out the sizzling pieces in order to match the taste buds of different personalities. One of the products from the high-end brand, Intymen is what we are going to talk about in this blog.
Intymen Swim Bikini The above men’s underwear called as the Intymen Desert Swim Bikini Print features a trendy printed construction that comprises of a structural pouch to keep the junk in place. This provides a larger room for breathability that keeps the assets dry and ventilated. Keeping the assets covered, this low rise bikini makes it perfect attire for the beach and pool parties.

83% Polyester and 17% Spandex will be the reason behind the comfort and stretchability of the attire down there. Check out the same at the online stores of to steal the show effortlessly.

Low rise Bikini – The Best Bang for your Bucks

Men's Low-Rise Bikini |

Low rise underwear cuts are one of the hottest trends in the city. Many men’s underwear styles come with the above cuts that present an impressive profile. The functional purpose of these cuts is they help us to hide the embarrassment due to the popping waistbands. Apart from that, on the fashionable hold, they assist in flaunting the sexy body as well. One of the underwear products called as the Daniel Alexander Naval Warfare Slip Bikini White offers a classic style coupled with modern cuts. This provides a refined update to your underneath wardrobe. The blog discusses the features of the above attire that makes it a must have.

Daniel Alexander Slip Bikini
The men’s low-rise bikini is a blend of 85% nylon and 15% Spandex that ensures the stretch and the comfort down there. The Nylon material is well known for its absorbing capacity in summers. This feature helps in fanning the sweat to keep the assets airy and ventilated down there. Apart from that, the construction comprises of an anatomical pouch to envelop the assets while offering an adequate coverage down there.

Check out the assortment at to take your style to new heights.

Life’s a Beach with the Agacio Bikini’s

Bikini Underwear for Men |

The underwear brand, Agacio has gained an expert crown in crafting comfortable underneath attires for men. The brand has a numerous no. of products in its stockpile which includes various styles of men’s underwear like boxer briefs, bikinis, thongs and much more. One of their products called as the Agacio Dominant Bikini Brief Black/Turquoise is the product we are going to discuss in this blog. This bikini makes you the center of the attraction effortlessly. Read on to know more about the product.

Agacio Bikini Brief Black/TurquoiseThe above men’s bikini features a structural pouch which is built with a sack-lifting technology. This construction gives a gentle rise to your genitals resulting in an exceptional sex appeal. Coming to the coverage part, it provides a full coverage both at the front and the back without revealing much of your assets. The elastic waistband stays firm on your waist.

The fabric composition of this underneath article incorporates 80.60% Nylon, 16.91% Spandex, and 2.49%Polyester which ensures the flexibility and comfort. Get one of these from the online stores of to grab the classic appeal.

Show Off your Best Assets with the Bikini’s

Good Devil Bikini Underwear |

Good Devil, the sexiest underwear brand has always taken the revealing side in crafting underneath article for men. One such product called as the Sheer Striped Brazilian Bikini is a hot undergarment in their stockpile. The below blog contains the description of the sensuous garment. Read on to find out.
Good Devil Bikini UnderwearAbove is an image of the Sheer Striped Brazilian Bikini which is revealing enough to tantalize the senses. This men’s bikini spares nothing to the imagination as it leaves everything for the show. In terms of construction, it features a broad funnel-like pouch, that lets your genitals feel comfortable and breezy in the big roomy space. The colored piping outlines add glamour to the same. The coverage has been kept minimal to provide a stunning charisma.

This men’s underwear is a fusion of 95% nylon and 5% spandex which ensures the maximum of comfort. Grab one of these from to enhance your sex appeal at its best.

Bikinis- On the corner of hot and sexy

Men's Bikini Underwear |

From a lot of fabric that made men’s bikini look more like men’s brief underwear to today where you’d find a gamut of styles made available, men in bikinis have a long way.

The changes have been made kept in mind the changing times, trends and personalities. Hence, now what you find out there are bikinis that are sexy, hot and quite supportive by nature.

Introduced back in 1913, when the Olympics saw women wearing the two-piece swimsuit, that not only served as a costume but also enhanced their performance. It was made to hug the body properly and with the flexibility imbibed in the style, the leg movement was definitely an advantage.

Talking about the men’s swimwear style, it was in the beginning that the bikinis were compared with men’s brief underwear for they looked more or less alike. However, there are differences and that’s exactly why men who love briefs must dig a hand at the bikinis for the upcoming summer vacation.

1. It is sexier than you thought

If you go by the looks, the gamut of bikini variants is made in such a variety to match the diversified taste buds as well as personalities. If you are too in love with the conventional tighty whiteys, all you got to do is pick the traditional bikinis which are slightly lesser on the coverage side but ooze out sex appeal. After all, why opt for less sexy version?

2. It is available in sexy designs

Who said anything about briefs not being sexy? We are just letting you know that bikinis have their own charm and have the capability to bring down the attention where it should be. With designs not only inspired by the water body and sunshine, you’d be able to find something that is modern, visually pleasing and hot.

3. Support is undoubtedly complementary

Bikinis were made to be the sexier version of briefs. Hope you knew that because that’s exactly what makes them loved by men all over the world. The latter provides undoubtedly a lot of support with the various kinds of the pouch that either snug fit your manhood or elevate it to be an enhancing underwear style. What’s you call?

4. Fabrics will please you inside out

On the path being a revolutionary, you don’t need only male thongs that make you stand out in the crowd. However, with fabric options like mesh or lace in bikinis, there are better chances for you grab the limelight. Isn’t it always pleasing to show off when even covering a bigger area of the body?

Are there any other reasons for which you would always go up to bikinis? Do let our readers know about it in the comments below.

Cover Male Bikini’s: Bikinizoned

Cover Male Bikini Underwear |

Who does not love bikini? Well, I’m sure that I might have to see only countable number of hands up there. Bikini’s which are usually considered to be a swimwear comes also as an underwear option. Cover Male, the underwear brand crafts underneath garments that provide a subtly sensuous look with ample sophistication. One of their products called as The Cover Male Elegance Bikini Brief Navy is what we will be discussing in this blog.

Bikini Brief Underwear

The above men’s underwear has a contoured pouch at the front that envelopes the male anatomy. The designing includes side cuts that allow a bit of skin show to give a notch sexier appeal. Well, apart from the little peep naughtiness, this men’s bikini provides coverage at the right places to keep it sleek, yet stylish. The contrasting combination of the bikini style and supportive pouch of the brief can effortlessly complete your wardrobe.

The fabric combination includes 85% nylon and 15% spandex that ensures the best of comfort and stretchability. Choose one of the elegant pieces from at affordable prices.

Summers- It’s all about the Sun, Sea, and Surf!

Men's Printed Underwear |

The summers are incomplete without the beach and bikinis. The warm climate allows us to relax with our beach chairs. It is also the perfect time to shop for swim wears as they allow you to flaunt your well-chiseled body. The underwear brand Intymen crafts sexy bikini’s for men which adds a pinch of sexiness to your physique. One of their products is the Intymen Floral Swim Bikini Blue which has lovely flowery prints on its rear.

Intymen Floral Swim Bikini

The above men’s underwear has a contouring pouch at the front to hold your manhood. It has enough fabric both at the front and back which makes it perfect for the beach, pool or water parks. The sexy low rise cut allows you to flaunt your toned body. The fabric is a composition of  83% Polyester 17% Spandex which is the sole reason for comfort and stretchability.

Intymen Floral Swim Bikini

Grab one of these electrifying styles from

Sheer : Bare but there!

Men's Sheer Underwear |

The Sheer fabric which acts as a soft feather on the waist is the preferred choice for most men during summers. It gives a feeling of going commando. One of the products, Good Devil Zoom Carnival Bikini is made of the above soft fabric which is the best apparel for summers. This flimsy attire also has the ability to enhance your sex appeal which can bedeck every individual for the special occasion.

Good Devil Carnival Bikini Sheer

The above sheer underwear for men can add some spice to your underwear closet and bedroom as well. It provides a glimpse of something which is hidden. Apart from being sexy, the underwear is functional as well. The pouch at the front keeps your genitals in place. The sexy men’s underwear allows you to reveal your assets and explore your exotic side.

This sensual underneath apparel can easily match up with your tight jeans and trousers. Shop this sexy underwear at to give a preppy touch to your masculinity.