Blow horn!! Men’s lingerie by Secret Male can’t be ignored

Men's Lace Underwear |

Have you ever longed for lingerie? Whether it was when you were all it while getting romantic or some other time, haven’t you ever wished to try on lingerie? Deep down your heart you know the answer and keeping that in mind, the collection of men’s bikini by Secret Male Underwear was introduced for all men.

Secret Male Bikini Underwear

The Secret Male Slip Bikini is a perfect amalgamation of feminine pampering and masculine support for the manhood that’ll take your breath away. Crafted in part lace part solid fabric, you will slip into the luxury of exotic fabric composition and supported design. The lace underwear fabric forming the waistband revealing tiny weeny skin, the shiny solid fabric of the men’s underwear holds the manhood in place. The pouch is designed to provide a bulge in the pants but a subtle one. Ample coverage in the back with no seam comforts you to the best.

With 93% of polyamide and 7% spandex being the fabric ratio, you are free to sport it on a regular basis or at the beach for relaxing purposes. The lace top of the designer underwear looks alluring while the rest tempts the other to know what’s inside.

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