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Are you prepared for the big game? Well, that’s what one asks when there’s Super Bowl, Basketball matches or any other game coming up. This is also a common question asked when you are not a spectator but also a player in the game. Intymen Underwear is the ones that intend to add support down there. On the other hand, when it is time to wear less, the label brings forth a collection that sexy, sporty and highly functional.

Intymen Game Jockstrap White

The Intymen Game Jockstrap (shown in the image) looks absolutely stunning and is equally functional as well. The mesh underwear style is popular for its increased breathability and hence, Intymen incorporates a lot of mesh in its offerings. This, in particular, is a men’s jockstrap underwear that keeps everything together providing the best of support and stretch to the manhood with 67.51% Nylon, 20.14% Spandex, and 12.35% Cotton. The thick waistband holds the entire piece in one place while you involve in rigorous activities. The leg bands are attached in the front to the waistband and in the back to the pouch. The butts are left bare but the elastic leg bands make them look rounder.

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