Basic Questions on the Modern Men’s Thongs

Basic Questions on the Modern Men's Thongs

Men’s thong, one of the popular underwear style has seen a good rise in the industry. When compared to the initial products that were launched long back, the modern ones have been well versed in terms of cuts, fabrics, designs and much more. They have secretly made a way to every fashionable men’s wardrobe out there.

However, apart from the popularity, the style also has major controversies as well. Some say they ride up while the others say they have comfort issues. The below blog is all about major concerns about the attire that the customers have been facing. Read on to find out.


1. I always have size issues. In spite of buying my regular size, the thongs always stay tight on my waist. It doesn’t leave any space for breathability. What’s happening?

This is one of the most common questions that we bloggers get to answer. Well, returning back to your query, usually skimpy attires like thongs have a short construction, which can be tighter in regular sizes. In such cases, opt for the next size which can solve the issue. If you do not believe then, practically, you can try it yourself. Grab a cheaper thong of the next size, you’ll find that they are more comfortable when compared to the former ones.

Apart from that, measurements take different turns in different countries hence, ensure to take a look at the size chart of the online stores before you place an order for the article.

Size Issue

2. The thongs always rides up in my butt crack when I bend down. It needs a constant adjustment when I come back to the original position. Why does this happen?

This happens when the undergarments are smaller in size. Opting for the next size can help you in such cases. You can say “This is my regular size, why would I go for the next one.” Because, thongs are skimpy in structure so, they can be tighter even after opting the exact regular size. Therefore, go for the next size which would stay firm on the waist while eliminating the ride problems.

If you still face the same, then you could also try the men’s cheeky thong underwear that covers a little bit of the back while leaving the butt cheeks for the show. They also allow a rounder and plumper view of the butts.

Daniel Alexander Emotion Slip Thong Red

3. I was scrolling through one of the online stores where the products were very revealing. It gave me an impression that the products were only meant for date nights. Is it true? Are they not functional?

This is a true fact that the above mentioned men’s underwear are one of the must attires for the hot nights because of short structure, revealing fabric, cuts, and coverage which add to the sexiness of the attire. Hence, people prefer it for the special occasions. However, it is not true that they are not functional.  You can don them for the below-mentioned purposes as well.

a) No underwear lines embarrassments.
b) No popping waistbands.

Cover Male Slip Thong Black

c) Some of them include a structural and a strong pouch like the Agacio Thongs, that keeps things in place. In fact, you can don them to work as well.
d) Sports thongs are also available in some of the stores that provide a strong foundation for the exercises.

Intymen Sport Thong Red

Sometimes, it depends on the store as well. Some brands craft products that are sexy and revealing because they concentrate only on date night attires while the others concentrate on other factors as well. Stores like has a huge assortment of products where you can find different styles of the same.

4.  What is the difference between thongs and g-strings? Both of them look the same

G-strings are branched out from thongs. So, it can be said that g’s are a  sub group of the t’s. Although, both of them look the same but, there are differences in the construction.

a) The former has a lot more fabric than the latter (both at the front and back).
b) The g-strings have a T-shaped rear (string) while the thong might or might not have a broader fabric piece that goes in between the butt crack.
c) Thongs can be worn for any occasions like sports, everyday, parties, or any while g-strings for men are skimpier which are meant for one sole purpose that is, sexual intimacy.

Above were some of the common questions by the consumers. If you guys also have queries regarding the same, please post your comments on the section below.

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