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Flaunt your Skin with the Sensual Cuts of Daniel Alexander

Daniel Alexander Fascinating Journey Slip Bikini Turquoise |

Daniel Alexander, a reputed underwear brand, presents a gamut of men’s bikini in varied colors, cuts and styles. The erotic underneath articles of the brand are designed keeping in mind the taste, preference and personality of every modern man. The versatile pieces can adorn your looks, no matter the occasion and event.

Daniel Alexander Bikini

Daniel Alexander Fascinating Journey Slip Bikini Turquoise is one of the most alluring pieces in the inventory. The enticing underneath article facilitates a lot of skin show, but keeps the basic essentials completely covered at the back as well as in the front. The sexy waistband of the underwear sits below the waistline and allows you to flaunt your well-chiseled physique. Moreover, the contoured pouch keeps the male anatomy in place and adds to its breathability.

The blend of 85% nylon and 15% spandex ensures long lasting quality. You can procure the product in other colors at the online store of Wyzman.

Problems related to your privates are one of the major issues for personal hygiene for men. A perfect style of men’s underwear can give answer a lot of grooming problems. So, checkout the collection at and shop from the wide array of Daniel Alexander.

Feel Special with the Bikini Underwear of Edipous

Edipous Comfortable Bikini Brief White |

Edipous, an underneath fashion brand for men, has made its way to the top drawer of all the style-conscious men in a very short span of time. The masculine patterns, sophisticated color combination and the anatomical pouch are some of the reasons that make this brand special. The underwear in the assortment of the label features the contemporary Greek-inspired designs that can effortlessly complete your wardrobe.

Edipous Confortable Bikini Brief White

Edipous Comfortable Bikini Brief White is one of the most elegant men’s bikinis of the brand that can make you fall in love with it. The luxurious fabric finishing and appealing style is a must have in the top drawer of your closet. The indulgent fabric is a mixture of 93% viscose and 7% spandex that provides best-ever comfort and limited stretch. The roomy pouch can pamper your manhood by keeping it in center and front. Providing a snug-fit to the entire package, the pouch can ideally take care of your masculinity. The functional and appealing underneath apparel can help you celebrate the festive season to the fullest.

At Wyzman, you get this number in two other colors namely, royal blue and grey. Delve into the plethora of stylish men’s underwear and help yourself get nothing, but the best.

Feel Lavish with the Luxurious Bikini of Daniel Alexander

aniel Alexander Movement slip Bikini Print |

When it comes to sensuality and comfort, Daniel Alexander has left no stone unturned. The modern and luxurious men’s underwear designed by the exotic brand can provide a fashion-forward option with a lot of comforts. The bikini for men in the assortment of the brand is one of the best selling item. The unique design and incredible print of Daniel Alexander Movement Slip Bikini Print is one piece that speaks out the reasons for the popularity of the brand.

Daniel Alexander Movement slip Bikini Print

The underneath article provides both style and functionality at the same time to the wearer. The v-shaped pouch holds the manhood and keeps it in center. At the same time, the fabric at the back covers one-third portion of your butt cheek, leaving the rest for the show. The string waistband lies below the waistline, thus, adding to the sensuality. The revealing high-rise cut of the bikini for men can effortlessly take your style to new heights. The extraordinary print of the underneath apparel can dazzle your partner at the date night adding a flare of fun in your everyday life. The blend of 91% polyester and 9% elastane provides comfort as well as flexibility for easy movement.

Check out the inventory of and slip into the appealing underneath article at reasonable prices.

Enjoy the Delicate Luxury of Daddy Underwear

Daddy Slip Thong Black |

You can’t convince every man to wear men’s thong unless and until it is as appealing and masculine as the thongs of Daddy. Keeping the innovative approach and unique designs unaltered, the brand has come up with Daddy Slip Thong Black.

Daddy Slip Thong Black

The underneath articles feature a pouch that covers the manhood and keeps it away from the body. This can even reduce the problem of excessive sweating keeping the manhood dry. This ultimately reduces the skin related problems such as chafing, rashes and others. At the same time, the gentle elevation enhances the visibility of the front profile. The rear side of the underwear is very similar to men’s jockstrap underwear featuring a strap that hugs the conventional cheeks. The ample skin show is not for the faint of hearts. However, the combination of white and black with red can adorn every personality. Made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, this underwear for men is ideal for every season and occasion.

You can find a range of men’s underwear styles at Wyzman at best-ever prices. Explore the inventory and get your-kind-of underwear.

Adorn your Looks with the Playful Styles of Daddy Underwear

Daddy Slip Thong Blue |

Men’s thong are an ideal option for the support in the front and air at the back. The crazy comfortable underwear style can make you feel hot regardless of the season and weather. Ditching tight briefs for the skimpy styles of thongs is really liberating for some men. What adds to the comfort is the minimal coverage. Wearing a men’s thong feels like wearing nothing at all. Especially, the assortment of Daddy underwear is not just exotic, but versatile enough to suit every taste and personality.

Daddy Slip Thong Blue

The incredibly stylish Daddy Slip Thong Blue features a blend of masculine pattern with the feminine style of thongs. Aside from the liberating feeling, this underneath article provides extraordinary functionality to the wearer. The pouch of the underwear is supported by a double strap waistband that lies on your waistline. At the back, a string lies just in the crack between the two conventional cheeks. With maximum skin show, this style of men’s underwear is an ideal way to stay on-trend with maximum sensuality.

Shop for this and many more at the online store of and get your checklist ready for upcoming Christmas.

Slip into the Daddy Thong for Good

Daddy Slip Thong Black |

With Daddy Underwear catching up fire among men for the luxurious appeal, erotic designs and sexy styles, the men’s underwear is surely worth the watch. At Wyzman, you’ll find the brand putting forward a collection that is for occasions where sex appeal is a must. One of the products from the collection that we are going to look at in this blog is the Daddy Slip Thong.

Daddy Slip Thong Black

Men’s thong underwear at the online store range all the way from conventional cuts and subtle prints to erotic pouch options as well as cut-out designs. This product in specific features a crossover design in the front with one layer covering the pouch and the next layer overlapping the first one. The layers edges have thick piping to prevent wear and tear of the fabric. The piping extends to make the waistband as well as the other that passes below the manhood also works for extra support. The rear top has an intersection of strings and a thin piece of fabric that passes the butt flaps.

85% nylon and 15% spandex is popularly used by the variety of brands for its exceptionally comfortable feeling and stretch. Daddy also aims at providing the ultimate level of comfort to the male anatomy for their every day as well as on days when it is needed the most.

Check it out at

Reveal it all with Daddy G-String

Daddy G-String Black |

Daddy Underwear might be the new men’s underwear industry but the label has been making quite a news among the modern men. The brand was recently added on Wyzman and the products are being not only loved by the population, they’re becoming a fetish for the many men. Every piece is crafted keeping in mind the temptations and needs of the male anatomy.

Daddy G-String Black

The Daddy G-String is one of the many products that offer sensational, sexy and erotic appeal to the below the belt fashion. Featuring an all net-like pouch, the sheer underwear is a barely-there apparel that doesn’t cover anything and reveals your inner animal to the forefront. With a waistband that is thicker than a string and thinner than the broad one, the package is still well held up whereas; the rear string is invisible once it takes its place between the butt cheeks.

91.7% nylon and 8.3% spandex is what carries the base of apparel and provides ample comfort, stretch, breathability and sex appeal. You can choose from the monochromatic black or white colors available at Check out the other products as well by the brand.

Be Sporty and Sexy with Honcho Thong

Honcho Slip Thong Turquoise |

Honcho Underwear came as a breath of fresh air in the men’s underwear industry. The label’s introduction at Wyzman featured styles including boxer trunks, thong underwear and bikini brief for men. The collection of men’s thong underwear at the online store is for a variety of personalities. The product that this blog talks about is the Honcho Slip Thong.

Honcho Slip Thong Turquoise

Appealing by looks and supportive by function, the respective thong by Honcho is crafted out of mesh. The mesh pouch lets your manhood breathe free promoting chances of you using it for sporty activities. Featuring a roomy pouch, a broad waistband that holds the entire piece together, and a conventional rear that covers the butt crack beautifully. The contouring pouch also has a center seam that adds more space for the manhood.

77.60% polyamide and 22.40% spandex makes the pair durable, moisture wicking and stretchable. The breathable and comfortable aspect comes from the mesh pouch. Made for guys and their regular tasks, this is a must-have product fro its masculine appeal and vibrant shades.

Check it out at

Answers to Your Common Grooming Problems

Happy Healing!

If you are a guy and are worried about your looks or probably concerned about the blackheads or the moles on your face, this is the right place for you. Being aware of your personal hygiene and grooming is a habit that’ll do only good to your personality and nothing bad. Every person has a question related to their skin, hygiene and intimate health, and that’s exactly this blog will be looking at.

This is the blog where you’ll find many more questions that are related to your and personal grooming. They are indexed below.

1.) How do I get rid of acne?

The most commonly asked question by the majority of men is that what are the probable solutions to acne and oily skin. This problem is faced by both men and women but men are more affected because their daily routine doesn’t allow them to take a lot of care of their skin.

Acne, as it is referred by all is a skin problem that occurs because of the oil in the body. You’d notice that men with dry skin rarely face acne issues. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash is what is recommended by dermatologists. However, there are home remedies too that help.

2.) How to get rid of blackheads?

Another common problem known as comedones or blackheads by everyone is a result of skin oil with dead skin. They are otherwise not problematic but they form a hardened outer covering on the skin pore and as it grows, so does the pore. Ugly? It surely is!

You can definitely work on reducing the oil content in your body by doing a lot of things including using foam wash for your face that controls the oil content and definitely washing your face twice every day without failure. Use a gentle scrub that cleans your pores to remove the excessive oil and gives you a clear skin (sans black formations on the nose and chin).

3.) How to prevent drying of skin?

Where oily skin has created a ruckus for many, dry skin is no better for the others. Oily skin causes acne and other ailments but dry skin can cause a lot more trouble than that. For men who are athletic by nature and are on their feet for longer hours, dryness is the main problem. How does that happen? Well, when you are active you sweat and once the sweat is dried, it leaves the skin even drier. The more increases when the dryness occurs in the private areas. The manhood can suffer a lot because of the itchy and flaky skin.

Keeping yourself hydrated is one thing you can do in order to avoid the situation. Right pair of men’s underwear is definitely one of the solutions to the problems. Wearing a style such as thong underwear or something that let’s air pass through yet keeps it moisturized. However, there are many other solutions to avoid dryness that you can read here.

4.) How to avoid patchy beard?

This is one issue that is not properly answered when asked about. While some men are blessed to have a fuller and dense beard that looks absolutely stunning. They can get it trimmed the way they want to because it’ll grow back. However, there are men who face the problem of no-beard or patchy-beard. In this case, you’d find small patches of beard on the face while the rest is more like a field after the harvest- all clean.

Men with this problem have to start looking well into their diet and what they eat first. Eventually, multivitamins and doctor’s help will be able to fix this problem for you. Make sure you consult a dermatologist before you end up worsening the situation.

Do you have any other grooming issues that we can solve? Do let us know in the comments below.

Celebrate the Festive Season with Joe Snyder

Joe Snyder String Bikini Red |

Joe Snyder has been a fan favorite brand for years. The brand is known for the exclusive styles, daring designs and eye-catchy color combinations. Men’s bikini is one of the most handsome and sexiest pair of underwear offered in the entire collection. However, as Christmas is just around the corner, the underneath article shown in the image will catch your attention instantly. Joe Snyder String Bikini Red is one option that can effortlessly get you in the spirit of the festive season. The combination of red and white color will absolutely adorn your looks.

Joe Snyder String Bikini Red

The low rise fit and the contoured pouch of the underwear resembles a thong, but it completely covers your butt cheek. The bikini cut covers the basic essential of the wearer, leaving rest for the show. The sensual bikini cut can make your Christmas magical and stress-free. The skimpy underneath apparel is crafted in lightweight fabric that includes a blend of 80% polyamide and 20% spandex. The revealing cuts allow airflow, thus, adding to the breathability of your manhood. At Wyzman, this string bikini is available in blue color as well.

So, shop from collection of men’s underwear at the site and get into the festive mood with the exotic bikinis of Joe Snyder.