Add Sex Appeal below the belt with Cover Male G-String

Cover Male G-String |

Doesn’t it look like the brand Cover Male has been working quite hard to provide the male population with some of the most exotic underwear styles? With the conventional styles, the brand provides the sex appeal with the conventional support down there. At Be-Brief, the label provides a gamut of men’s underwear styles that are loved by men and their partners for the right reasons. With the other bestseller assortments, men’s g-string underwear by the brand is worth taking a look at.

Cover Male G-String White

The Cover Male G-String is one of the newest entries at the online store and is making quite a news because of the unique design. Featuring a funnel-like pouch which is attached to strings, it is held on all the sides properly to make sure that the manhood is covered, supported and lifted well. While one string makes the waistband, two hold on to the pouch from the middle, the last one goes between the butts to take it all together. That’s not it! When you flip the pair, the back makes an exotic design and looks like men’s jockstrap underwear with strings going under the butts.

With 85.29% Polyamide and 14.71% Spandex, you get the best of stretch, comfort and feeling down there. You can check out the color variants at If you are someone who is looking for ways to sport the skimpy style, find out ways to adjust with the style here.

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