7 Interesting trends in men’s underwear industry

The fact that fashion has a short life applies not only to your outer garment, but to your inner garment as well. The fashion connoisseur speaks a lot about the fad and changes in the fashion industry, but the undergarment industry is an underrated aspect. The choice of men’s underwear is not just restricted to being an apparel that covers your manhood. It has a greater contribution in your everyday life. Thus, staying in sync with the trending things of the industry is important.

Listed below are some of the interesting fashion trends in the intimate apparel category for all the fashion-savvy men out there.

  • Trend 1 See-through fabric :

    Intymen Sheer Underwear
    The tighty-whitey crafted in classic cotton is an old school style. Even though, cotton remains the king of all fabric, the underneath fashion industry has moved on to sexier options. The undies made up of see-through fabric such as men’s sheer underwear is one of the trendiest things these days. What makes these style popular is their cheesy pattern. The transparent and flimsy fabric covers the body of the wearer, still manages to reveal a lot of skin. The teasing glimpse of the manhood has made it a must-have for the sensuous personality.

  • Trend 2 Feminine touch in masculine styles:

    Men's Lace Underwear
    The sexy lingerie is not just a staple in the wardrobe of ladies, it has even entered the closet of fashion-savvy men. The unique constructions and the innovative styles of men’s panties are the best way to pamper your manhood. The conventional cuts coupled with the tender and feminine touch of lace has taken the industry by storm. Even the ultra sexy cuts of thong underwear which was earlier popular among the ladies are stealing the show in the intimate apparel section for men.

  • Trend 3 Frontal enhancement:

    Men's Pouch Enhancing Underwear
    Unlike the flat-fronted traditional undies, the skivvies these days are designed with the enhancing contraption in the front. The pouch of the underneath articles are made in such a way that it holds on to the package firmly, but provides enough space for the manhood to breathe freely. Elevating the position of the anatomy, the pouch enhancing underwear for men provides a notch sexier frontal view. The accentuating property is becoming so prevalent that even the usual styles are designed with the same technology.

  • Trend 4 Sassy colors:

    Men's Printed Underwear
    The classic shades like black, white and grey are here to stay, but very slowly and steadily, some of the unused colors are making a mark in the industry. The fact that men are becoming increasingly conscious about their personal style and the current trend has intrigued them to raise their limits. Their choice is not just confined to the basic colors, but they are open to using the rare bright and bedazzling colors. You’ll now find a wide spectrum of shades such as purple, red, yellow and even pink.

  • Trend 5 Body-defining fit:

    Men's Underwear The baggy and loose fit underwear were undoubtedly breezy and cozy. However, with regards to the problems such as riding up, less support, and even rashes led to the introduction of undergarment with a body-hugging fit. The undies featuring a form-fitting style that hugs your manhood and defines your personality is very much ‘in’ these days. So, are you still obsessed with your over-sized undies? It’s high time to get rid of it.

  • Trend 6 Fabric options:

    As mentioned above, cotton is not the only option these days. There is a wider range of fabric blend available for you to choose from. Polyester, polyamide, viscose, nylon, other microfiber blends and, of course, cotton is the perfect option for the heat of summer. While for the fall, the undies crafted in silk, wool and thermal wear are considered as an apt option. Even in men’s swimwear category, you can choose from options such as polyester, nylon, and others.

  • Trend 7 Unique prints and patterns:

    Daniel Alexander Thong UnderwearThe assortment of the modern styles is not just limited to sassy colors. You will even find undies with the geometric patterns and eye-catchy camo prints and other alluring prints are selling like hot cakes these days. These skivvies make a great base layer under your apparel. Regardless of the kind of personality you have, these enticing patterns will definitely trigger your taste bud.

I hope these points were helpful? Follow these trend and keep yourself up to date with the current time.

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