5 Underwear Fabrics We Recommend this Summer

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With summers around the corner,its time to update your underneath wardrobe. There are a lot of fabrics that is incorporated in the manufacture of the underwear article, but some of them cannot be used for the scorching season. Below listed are the types of fabrics that are a must option for the season. Read on to find out.

1. Cotton
Cotton is one of the most commonly used fabrics in underwear. It is cozy and breathable, highly absorbable and durable which makes it a preferable material by all the men.

Example –  Otzi Cotton Jockstrap
Otzi Jockstrap Underwear●Fabric composition- 95% cotton, 5% spandex.
●Occasions- Summers, sports, workouts and gyms.
●Construction- It features a structural pouch at the front to hold your manhood. Two leg bands go under your butts to hold and support. While this underneath article covers most of the fabrics at the front, leaving your rear exposed for the show.

The microfiber construction of nylon makes it a soft material that keeps the wearer dry. It is wind and water resistant which makes it ideal for sports as well.

Example – Cover Male Protract Brief
Cover Male Brief●Fabric composition- 85% nylon, 15% spandex.
●Occasions- Summers and as an intimate wear.
●Construction- The comfort piping and thin elastic waistband provides full support and lift to the entire package.

3. Mesh and sheer
The mesh fabric has small pores that allow air to pass through the underwear. This function of this respective material keeps the wearer dry and breezy through out.

Example – Intymen Sport Thong
Intymen Thong Underwear●Fabric composition- 78% nylon, 12% spandex.
●Occasions- Sports, gym, workouts and summers.
●Construction- It offers a mesh supportive pouch to hold your genitals. This men’s thong provides full coverage in the front, but the cut at the rear allows you to flaunt your skin.

Laces, which were earlier considered to be feminine have made an entry to the men’s underneath fashion as well. This breezy cloth allows enough air to pass through that keeps you dry and ventilated down there.

Example – Good Devil Tri Lace G-string
Good Devil G-String●Fabric composition- 92% nylon, 8% spandex.
●Occasions- Summers and intimate affairs
●Construction- It provides a pouch at the front to envelope your manhood, three strings from the sides of the pouch goes to the rear side and goes in between the butt crack to join the underneath of the pouch in the front.
In the softness department, you would find it difficult to find men’s underwear fabric that is softer than modal. It is the best choice if you feel that nylon doesn’t fit your absorption needs.
Example – Obviously MEI Metallic Low Rise Bikini Brief
Bikini Brief Underwear●Fabric composition- 90%modal, 10% lycra
●Occasions- summers, gym and intimate affairs
●Construction- It features a contoured pouch at the front to cover your assets. It also provides full coverage at the back which is a perfect option for those who prefer minimum exposure.

Above are some of the fabrics that are incorporated in the manufacture of men’s underwear that you can prefer for the scorching season. Say hello to summer by grabbing one of these from Wyzman.com.

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