Show some love to the manhood with Good Devil Lace Bikini

Show some love to the manhood with Good Devil Lace Bikini
If you really think that lace is for women, you should actually stop right here and take a look at the various men’s underwear styles offered for men. It is then you’d come to know that lace underwear for men has been around for quite some time now. At Wyzman, you’d find a lot of pieces that are crafted in lace and are absolutely masculine by the feel. Good Devil Underwear is one brand that offers a wide variety for you to choose from. The Good Devil Lace Bikini is what this blog talks about and is meant to make you feel stunning down there. Made of 95.58% nylon and 4.42% spandex, the men’s bikini underwear provides the best of comfort, breathability (because of the net-like fabric), right stretch and more. The sheer underwear lets you see through to your skin in bits because of the intricate detailing that covers....[Read More]

Raise the bar and the visibility with Pistol Pete Accessory

Raise the bar and the visibility with Pistol Pete Accessory
Do you have any doubt about the fact that Pistol Pete Underwear is one of the sportiest men’s underwear brands available in the industry? With the sexiest of the collection being introduced at Wyzman, the label has gained a lot of popularity with its sexy underwear that is equally meant for the athletic activities. The Pistol Pete Accessory is one of the recent ones that have created quite a buzz in the industry. You can slip into this men’s enhancing underwear and find yourself just in an elevated position because it is all that the pair has. Just a pouch that intends to take your personality high, it is the waistband that gets the credit for holding up all the weight and still manage to look good. The pouch sucks in the manhood while covering it to the best it is the piping on the pouch edge and the waistband....[Read More]

5 New arrival Thongs to definitely try – Now

Try them all
Wyzman recently displayed the collection of new arrivals and the men’s underwear styles available have raises the bar of sexiness as well as visual appeal. These pairs are worth flaunting in front of an audience or probably save them for the most intimate moments with your partner. You just need a reason to show them off and score some points. Hence, we’ve compiled a list of men’s thong underwear that you should definitely try and serves as a personality booster for you. 1. Pistol Pete Thong: Just what you need for the winter months and for the subtle choices, the Pistol Pete thong is all that you need. With the warmth of the nylon and stretch by spandex, the solid masculine color is what you need when the mood asks you to be authoritative. With a broad coverage in the front as well as on the back top, this is....[Read More]

Are G-String limited to Pleasure? – Know here

Are G-String limited to Pleasure?
The majority of the time when I see men’s g-strings I often think - would they be comfortable or not? Talking to my partner about her experience with the same and also with some of my other friends, I’ve always had mixed feeling for the men’s underwear style UNTIL I chose to try them myself. Now I know that they ARE meant for pleasure purposes only. But you know what? The pleasures are many and that’s exactly what this blog will lay down for you. 1. For the pleasure of the eyes: When you talk about the pleasure, the eyes are the first & the foremost thing that needs the approval. When something pleases the eyes, the process of pleasures starts to work. The pleasing designs are quite important when you really want others to approve of you and that’s exactly what the style does for you. 2. For the....[Read More]

Enhancing Underwear – Variants you should know

Gone are the days when looking good was just a dream. Technology and sciences have made available the numerous resources that can make you go from barely-noticed to the most pleasing personalities anywhere. You must be thinking what am I even talking about. Well, I am talking about enhancing underwear for men that can pick your personality from the no-visibility zone and place it somewhere where you’d be absolutely visible. Have you ever tried the men’s underwear style and felt good about it? Some time back I wrote a blog on the various ways with you can gift your manhood visibility. As an extension to that blog, this one would be the different enhancing underwear styles that would help you fit in for the visibility. Contouring pouches If you take a look at the products available on the men’s underwear online store, you’d find that majority of them are made....[Read More]

Buying bikini underwear? – Do’s and Don’ts to consider

Buy bikinis now!!
Do you walk in the park and find those tiny but quite visible hoardings that mention rules and regulation of how to behave while in the park? They are the dos and don’ts that one must abide or will face the consequences. Likewise, every clothing article has some instructions with them, including the men’s underwear too. These dos and don’ts are quite necessary for you to check and follow in order to keep the pieces longer and stronger with you. For men who are accustomed to briefs or boxer brief underwear, bikinis for men are the next stop. And, this style too has its its rules. Thinking about the reasons for which the style is everyone’s favorite, you still should be aware of the pros and cons while you buy it for yourself. After all, they’re worth it. DO'S 1. Buy with confidence - and wear em’ too When you....[Read More]

Feel the Feel Thong for the better feeling

Feel the Feel Thong for the better feeling
What is that one thing that pulls you close to your men’s underwear?? Would it be the comfort level, the breathability or the stunning look that comes on when you wear the same? I guess it’ll be a little bit of every feature. Wouldn’t you agree?? What pulls you closer to men’s thongs? Well, there are numerous features that would but Feel Underwear is one brand that gives you that feeling of being invincible. The Feel Thong available at Wyzman is one of the many examples that you’ll find to prove this statement right. The mesh underwear covered with the respective fabric in & out, you’re up for the day-long breathability that your assets need for the ultimate level of comfort. What adds to the same is the 72.21% nylon 18.56% spandex 9.23% poly blend. With the moisture-wicking features, you get the stretch and comfort complimentary. The sleek design covers....[Read More]

Get to know your G-Strings better with these

Men are too quick when it comes to shopping for themselves. No wonder they pick anything that comes their way. When it comes to shopping the most basic of their clothing articles i.e., underwear for men, it is that hush-hush situation which makes them reach out to what they wear on the regular basis. For sure they would not go ahead and think about something like men’s g-strings. It certainly won’t be their forte for sure. Getting to know the sexy underwear style includes everything from sizing your first g-string to getting the best of the feelings from experimenting the newer & hotter designs, is what you need to know. If you find that tiniest feeling that tells you to go ahead and try the g-strings, this place is for you. Find the pros and cons of the skimpy cum erotic underwear style before you make your decision and hit....[Read More]

To Thong or Not to Thong?

To Thong or Not to Thong
There are always two kinds of people in the world. Android or iOS, dog lovers or cat lovers, morning person or night owls, tea fans or coffee lovers and so many others You would certainly be one from each of them. Likewise, when it comes to men’s thong underwear, men choose sides - whether to thong or not to thong. And, if you are someone who chose the latter category, you would probably have done the same because the basic question about the men’s underwear style has not yet been answered. On the other hand, there’s also a possibility that you would have made a mistake choosing the style and you wouldn’t want to return to the sexy underwear style. Well, no matter what happened, there are chances that you would have made up some myths in your mind. Well, myths are supposed to be busted or else, the outcome....[Read More]

Go bold and royal with Daniel Alexander sheer underwear

Go bold and royal with Daniel Alexander sheer underwear
What is with sheer underwear for men that make you skip a heartbeat? Is it the see-through feature that lets your partner peep through or the regular air flow with no obstruction? If you are thinking of the fabric and its options, Daniel Alexander Underwear has something that would make you fall in love with yourself. The Daniel Alexander Thong is a new arrival at Wyzman and is absolutely stunning to look at and also feel on the assets. The other men’s thong underwear by the brand have been the subtle kinds providing the male anatomy options that would be fashionable and functional whereas; this, in particular, is what comes to blow your mind away. With royal navy see-through fabric covering the sides till the back, it is the solid pouch that leaves room for temptation down there. The low-rise underwear sits comfortably on the waistline and provides you the....[Read More]

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