7 Interesting trends in men’s underwear industry

The fact that fashion has a short life applies not only to your outer garment, but to your inner garment as well. The fashion connoisseur speaks a lot about the fad and changes in the fashion industry, but the undergarment industry is an underrated aspect. The choice of men’s underwear is not just restricted to being an apparel that covers your manhood. It has a greater contribution in your everyday life. Thus, staying in sync with the trending things of the industry is important. Listed below are some of the interesting fashion trends in the intimate apparel category for all the fashion-savvy men out there. Trend 1 See-through fabric : The tighty-whitey crafted in classic cotton is an old school style. Even though, cotton remains the king of all fabric, the underneath fashion industry has moved on to sexier options. The undies made up of see-through fabric such as men’s....[Read More]

Jockstraps: 5 inevitable reasons for incorporating it

Men's Jockstrap Underwear | Wyzman.com
Men want the same thing from their underwear as they want from their partner, a little bit of support and a little bit of freedom. Thus, jockstrap underwear qualifies to be a staple in the wardrobe of every man around. Ever since it’s invention in the mid 1870s, this particular style of underneath article is a must-have for every athletic personality. In fact, Mfesports Blog has even named it as the unsung hero of sportswear. Taking you back to its time of inception, according to Wikipedia, men’s jockstrap underwear was eventually designed to protect the genitals of the cyclists in particular. The first ever jockstrap was named The Bike Jockey Straps. The word Jockey refers to riders. This underneath article style gradually became popular among horse rider and other athletics. The initial jockstraps were designed with a supportive pouch in front and straps at the back. The pouch would hold....[Read More]

Show off what lies beneath with PetitQ Lace Underwear

Have you ever slipped into lace underwear before? PetitQ Underwear provides the best opportunity for all men to slip into the luxurious lace fabric and support the manhood. The men’s underwear brand is quite known for its fancy designs and the unique support to the manhood. The PetitQ Floral Lace Hipster Brief is one of the fanciest and most lingerie-styled men’s sheer underwear that is crafted to make you feel absolutely stunning below the belt. With low waist fit on the body, the lace men’s brief underwear is designed with intricate detailing throughout the fabric. The see-through feature of the designer underwear lets you see what you’re holding inside. A perfect pair for your romantic evenings, the (un)covering pair pampers the assets. With a pouch that contours, it helps the assets to stay chafing-free. The fabric composition used in the pair is 82% polyester and 18% spandex that stretches to....[Read More]

Pep up your underneath with Kyle G-String

Do you think the image shown above is hot? Well, the Kyle Underwear is a popular men’s underwear when it comes to providing men options that make their underneath peppy. The brand recently put forward a collection of new arrivals that is perfect for the manhood in every possible way. You’d be able to get the enhancement, support, sex appeal and comfort in the best way possible. The Kyle G-String features a low rise fit that lets the string waistband stay low. The pouch is the next big thing that comes to the sight. Being elongated with the shaft, it is designed to make your junk stay in the trunk with a bigger bulge in the pants. The top of the pouch features solid fabric while the next half is crafted in sheer fabric. Providing the best coverage and support to your assets, it is only the front that is....[Read More]

Play hide & seek with Pistol Pete Brief

Do you seek fun and play while making love to your partner? Every partner looks out for occasions and reasons to pep up their romantic moments and go ahead to doing things that actually would. Buying sexy men’s underwear is a part of doing the same. Pistol Pete Underwear features a new collection that carries a gamut of products that work on the principle of letting you and your partner have fun between the sheets. The Pistol Pete Apollo Brief is one of such products that are perfect to be worn on the days when you may way for work and have plans for the evening with your partner. Featuring enticing combination of sheer/solid fabric panels, the men’s underwear handsomely hides the manhood’s visibility (the literal one) and shows off the rest. With the pouch standing tall, chafing-free, the sheer underwear shows off the butts in the best way possible.....[Read More]

Prioritize comfort with Agacio Slip Thong

Are you new to wearing thongs and looking forward to having a men’s underwear brand that’ll do the work for you? There are a couple of names in the industry that is designed to comfort your and help you adjust with the same. One of the most favorite among them is Agacio Underwear. The label has been in the industry for a while and has been working 24*7 to make the experience of underneath wear more comfortable. The Agacio Slip Thong is one of the newest creations displayed at wyzman.com and is exceptionally masculine. Though Agacio has manufactured many other products that look more manly but this being a sexy underwear is what we call manly. Men in thongs is a common aspect these days but for them who haven’t experienced them once, it is definitely a unique feeling. With a pouch that pushes the manhood forward and keeps up....[Read More]

Blow horn!! Men’s lingerie by Secret Male can’t be ignored

Have you ever longed for lingerie? Whether it was when you were all it while getting romantic or some other time, haven’t you ever wished to try on lingerie? Deep down your heart you know the answer and keeping that in mind, the collection of men’s bikini by Secret Male Underwear was introduced for all men. The Secret Male Slip Bikini is a perfect amalgamation of feminine pampering and masculine support for the manhood that’ll take your breath away. Crafted in part lace part solid fabric, you will slip into the luxury of exotic fabric composition and supported design. The lace underwear fabric forming the waistband revealing tiny weeny skin, the shiny solid fabric of the men’s underwear holds the manhood in place. The pouch is designed to provide a bulge in the pants but a subtle one. Ample coverage in the back with no seam comforts you to the....[Read More]

Knock the Socks Off with the G-Strings

Cover Male g-strings | Wyzman.com
The classy and sassy men’s underwear brand Cover Male gains an expert crown in crafting cozy underneath apparels. They aim at providing the required comfort and support to the male anatomy. One of their products called as the Cover Male g-strings is what we are going to talk about in this blog. Read on to find out. Above is an image of the Cover Male g-string that features an elegant structure. The construction of this respective men’s underwear features a triangular pouch that is supported by a thin waistband. The pouch covers your manhood while leaving the back for the show. This stylish undergarment does not compromise with the lift or support of the manhood. This g-strings for men is a fusion of 85% polyamide and 15% spandex that ensures the stretch and comfort. Grab one of these from Wyzman.com to show off your finer side.

Enhancing Underwear: The fashionably masculine

Cover Male Enhancing Underwear | Wyzman.com
The pouch underwear for men is a fabulous add-on to our regular way of dressing. The enhancing underwear for men helps to accentuate our assets in the best way which results in an alluring personality. One of the products from Cover Male does the job very easily. The below blog is all about the description of the product. Read on to find out. Above is an image of the Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Cheek Boxers which comes with the contraption features. This men's underwear provides a combination of style as well as functionality. The construction of the undergarment features an anatomical pouch in front that helps in boosting your front profile. It holds the anatomy away from the body of the wearer that regulates the body temperature and reduces sweating. The combination of 85% polyamide and 15% spandex ensures the best of stretch and comfort. Grab your piece at Wyzman.com....[Read More]

Why does Justin Bieber always flaunt his Calvin Klein?

Calvin Klein
Justin Bieber is no stranger to stripping down and showing off his underwear, but on certain occasion, we were not really sure about his intention! Apparently, he is quite fond of showing people his underwear, regardless of whether or not they want to see it. According to a report of The Daily Telegraph, he was spotted wearing a bizarre ensemble of a white tank pulled up as a crop top, red tracksuit pants, spectacles and a necklace while on the beach in Brazil. His signature Calvin Klein underwear was visible under his red trackies along with his well-chiseled six-pack abs. Earlier this year, he was seen strolling in Toluca Lake as his low, sagging pants revealed his butt and underwear. His trousers fell below his waistline, putting his backside on full display. Turns out, what is generally considered to be wardrobe malfunction is a style statement for him. The singer seems to be very....[Read More]

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